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The below information is designed to ensure that parents can obtain advance information of a closure, while at the same time ensuring that the children reach home safely if they leave school before 3.10pm.

The arrangements are as follows:


1.  On mornings, following heavy overnight snow, information regarding the closure of schools in Somerset is normally broadcast on a number of local frequencies and web sites. Please check the school website first before checking the radio stations and BBC listed below :


Radio Bristol & 94.9FM & 104.6FM (6.55am – 9:00am)

Somerset Sound 95.5FM & 1566MW (6.55 - 9.00am)

Orchard FM 102.6 FM or 97.1 FM search – School closures – Somerset


2.   Members of staff who live in the village have agreed to act as "Information Centre’s" in the event of extreme weather conditions. They will always be told immediately if a decision to close the school has been taken and should be contacted if you are unsure if the school will be able to open following a heavy overnight snowfall or other severe weather.


Please wait until 8:00 am before making a phone call to the below members of staff:


Mrs Tasker    (01373) 812 704

Mrs Chalk     (01373) 813 307


3. Every effort will be made to inform individual families if the school is forced to close during the normal school day, and it will be helpful if your children know where they should go if you are planning to be away from home at any time during a day when snow is forecast.


Thank you,

Mrs Scott