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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'

Visions and Values



Our vision is for the school to be a vibrant learning community, where children are confident in themselves and their ability to learn.  The innovative curriculum and inspiring environment stimulate the imagination, promoting creativity, a spirit of enquiry and a love of learning.


Parents and staff work in partnership to ensure that each child acquires the knowledge and skills to develop their unique talents and aspirations whilst achieving the highest possible standards.


In a culture of mutual respect and understanding, pupils develop strong self-esteem and learn to be thoughtful responsible citizens of the local and global community.


Values  ~ We believe that:

  • All children are entitled to the best education we can provide.
  • School should be a happy place in which children experience success, feel valued as people and challenged as learners.
  • All children should be treated with respect and that children learn respect, tolerance and responsibility by being given it.
  • Working closely with parents as co-educators brings significant benefits to every child, their family and the whole school community


We aim:

  • To achieve high standards by having high expectations for all pupils by encouraging children to strive for excellence.
  • To inspire a love of learning, and motivate all to achieve their personal best.
  • To ensure that Christian values contribute to the positive ethos of the school and promote the spiritual, moral and cultural development of all learners.
  • To ensure that pupils acquire the skills and tools for life, and teach them to be thoughtful, responsible citizens in the local and global community.
  • To provide a creative, exciting and relevant curriculum, which encourages children to enjoy learning, be curious about their world and open to new experiences.
  • To provide a safe and attractive environment which is well organised and welcoming.
  • To promote an ‘I can do it’ atmosphere in which children are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and develop confidence, independence and self belief.
  • To respond to each child as an individual with unique qualities, strengths and capabilities.

  • To celebrate success, recognise achievement and ensure that school is a positive experience for every child.
  • To involve parents in the education of their child and welcome their participation in the life of the school.