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Springwatch Challenge


Springwatch is broadcast from across the UK and will be on your televisions from Tuesday 26th May to Friday 12th June. The programme is on at 8pm (Tuesday - Friday) on BBC Two. Their wildlife cameras are rolling 24 hours a day over this three week period and you can catch all of the highlights through the website:


This week, we are joining in with Springwatch to look at wildlife through our windows. There are lots of video clips of wildlife to watch:


Mr. Reynolds has taken these beautiful photographs (below) in his back garden and made a collage. This week, your challenge is to watch wildlife through your window and in your gardens to make your very own collage. You can draw/paint your pictures or take photographs and put them together like Mr. Reynolds. You might even have your own creative way of putting a wildlife collage together. We look forward to seeing your creations.


Have fun, Kestrels.