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Mrs Tesoriere, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Hill would like to welcome you to our class page. We are looking forward to sharing all our fun and learning with you via this page, we will also add any useful information you may need to know. 


PE sessions:  Tuesdays and Thursdays

Buddy Time and Golden Time: Fridays


Keep an eye out for individual updates on the seesaw app. 

Last Week in Owl Class

Dear Owls, don't forget to send me any work you do over this week.  I would love to hear all about your wishes.  I thought you might like th opportuity to share the powerpont I shared with you last week with members of your family who were not able to make it to the zoom meeting.  So click on it and enjoy, once again, the memories we shared in Owl Class. 

Buddy Goodbyes 

We rounded up the year beautifully this week by having a little get together with our buddies.  We were hoping for a little sunshine after all these weeks of glorious weather but it wasn't meant to be.  We didn't let a lot of rain dampen our time with our buddies and we made use of all the shelters available to us.  

Some of us wore T-shirts marking these extraordinary times and we even got to sing happy birthday to the birthday boy.

We had time to have a little catch up and exchanged adventures we have have experienced during Lockdown.

We talked about our school project where we are going to create a beautiful art piece out of the Covid experience. We had to think of images, shapes, patterns or symbols with colours that make us happy. We talked to each other about this and then painted our own individual tiles.

These are our beautiful tiles, they are so colourful and just full of beauty.

Week Beginning 13th July 2020

Well Owls, this is the last week I will be posting work for you, I can't believe how the time has flown.  It is now time that you start to get ready for all the new adventures you will have in Robin Class.  You have been such a brilliant class and I have loved teaching you and watching all the progress you have made both during school and throughout the lockdown.  This week has been one of my favourite weeks because we got to see each other both on our zoom meeting and in person at our buddy farewell day.  

My wish was that we had spent the whole year together, but unfortunately it wasn't possible.  I then thought I wonder what Owls would wish for so this week our work is based around the story of The Three Wishes.  It is a very funny story and I know it will make you laugh.  I really can't wait to see your photos and clips of you and your work.  Take Care, have a lovely weekend and last week of school.  

Week beginning 6th July 2020

Hello to all the lovely Owls and their families.  I am very much looking forward to this week as we have two chances of meeting up, once on Wednesday the 8th with our class zoom and again on Thursday the 9th with the buddy visits.  This week, we are still learning about growing and changes, but not with animals but with plants instead.  There are science experiments, art work and lots of other activities.  I am really looking forward to catching up with you in person this week.  


Thank you to everyone that has left a pebble, we know have 6, quite a few short of our 27 and certainly not enough to make our Owl Class path so please keep them coming, it will be a lovely thing to achieve!

This week's Challenge - Friends Facts 

This week's challenge is aimed for children a little older but with the help of your grown ups you should be able to do it.  You have to contact your friends to see if you can find people who have done certain things named on the board and then you can colour in the box corresponding box.  Remember ;you can only contact people with your parents' permission and only people you know.  Remember you still have to follow the governments guidelines about social distancing.  


Week Beginning 29.6.20 - Animals 

This week we are learning about animals, in particular life cycles, life on  a farm.  The maths is based on White Rose lessons, this week based on the Hungry Caterpillar.  There are still phonic lessons and Bug Club reading to do and dont forget to try out the last of our senses science experiments.  We are looking at our sense of smell.  I have only had one pebble left at school from last weeks work found on the ideas page, please can you all paint one and leave it at the school entrance. 


This week's challenge - Glasthomebury 

We thought for this week's challenge, we could mark the fact that our famous local festival has been cancelled and we could hold our own at home.  You could build a tent, decorate your garden with posters and bunting, make your own pyramid stage, try out circus skills, try food from around the world and listen to your favourite music.   Please send us photos of your very own Glasthomebury 2020 

22.6.20 - Growing up and Changes 

This week we are going to be learning about going through changes and growing up.  Sometimes changes can feel a little scary, but that is ok because sometimes being a little nervous helps us to cope better with changes.  We are going to learn about the sense of touch this week.  Speedy joined in with being healthy and took part in a game of football this week.  

15.5.20- Healthy Minds and Bodies 

Well, I can't believe another week has gone by.  Thank you for all your positive messages about the work that I  am setting and a very big thank you to you parents for all the brilliant teaching you are doing- I know it isn't always easy juggling everything!  I am so very pleased with the work you children are doing it is lovely to see.  This week I am continuing the learning about looking after ourselves.  We have covered washing, cleaning our teeth now we are going to be learning about taking care of our bodies and minds.  The sense we are leaning about is the sense of taste!  I hope you enjoy this week's learning and please keep sending me all your good work I love seeing it.  I will leave you with one of your photos that made me smile involving last week's learning! 

Week Beginning 8.5.20

This week we will be learning more about keeping ourselves clean.  We will be concentrating on cleaning out teeth.  This is a very important thing to do especially now that the dentists are closed, now you must make sure you clean your teeth at least twice a day.  We will also be concentrating on another sense- last week it was hearing, this week it is sight.  

This Week's Challenge 

For our challenge this week we are going to travel all the way to New York, where we will visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Explore the art by clicking on the red or yellow dots on the map. There are pictures, videos, information and suggestions for things to do. Try out the time machine to discover art from around the world at different times in history - just jump in the time machine, choose when and where to go and press the red button! 

You can also visit areas of the museum with these 360 videos.

Share your discoveries on the blog with your friends. We would love to see your favourites, and any of the activities you choose to do.

This is a little film for you to watch about how a tortoise like Speedy, a hedgehog and an owl like us know how to be friends while keeping a distance. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Still image for this video

Week Beginning 1st June 2020

I hope you have all had a lovely half term break in the glorious sunshine.  For the next few weeks we are going to be leaning about ourselves and other animals.  As part of this, we will be learning about growing, changes, self care and our senses.  This wee k we will be learning about the importance of keeping clean and the first of our 5 senses the sense of hearing.  

Half Term Week

I am sure you are having a lovely time at home enjoying the sun.  If however, you are getting a little bored you could always look back at any learning you might have missed.  Especially if you have got your paddling pools out there is some science investigations based around water .  I have tried them out with mu family this week, see if you can.  

This week's Challenge and Half Term 

I always knew the Owls are a very kind class but, this week they have demonstrated just how kind they are.  They have been completing tasks such as watering plants, hoovering for their parents, drawing pictures for loved ones, giving flowers and socially distancing heart, baking food for people, taking food for people we care about and making a film for our buddies.  There are many more acts of kindness that have be shown even saying kind and supportive words- sometimes that is all it takes to make someone's day.  Some of the staff at Bishop Henderson have done their bit too and we have collected food to take to the food bank.  When I have gathered it altogether, after this half term I will take a photo and share it with you.  Thank you Owls and your families for all your acts of kindness big and small, they are very much welcomed and you should be very proud.  

It is now half term and with all your acts of kindness and hard work I think you deserve a rest so I won't be posting any work for this week but I will check SeeSaw just in case you need to send me a message and I will check Bug Club in case you need new books- it is always nice to read in the holidays.  Take care, stay safe and I will be in contact Friday, when I post some more work.  

This week's Challenge 

To help mark this week's Mental Health Week, we are focusing on the theme of  kindness.  It is very important to think about our well being and that of others and, one excellent way of doing that is through doing something kind for someone.  Not only does it make that person feel happy but, it also makes the person completing the act of kindness happy.  It can be a little thing such as giving someone a smile to performing a little task or helping someone in need. I have posted a video on SeeSaw about an act of kindness that I have experienced recently.  I would love to hear about any acts of kindness you have done this week.  you could even attempt the 7 day kindness challenge.  

Week beginning 18.5.20

This is a completely different version of Stone Soup and a more modern version.  Watch the link and see what you think.  

This week's challenge 

Florence Nightingale is a significant role model in history. She is famously known for being a nurse and for helping wounded soldiers in the war. She changed people’s opinions of nurses and made hospitals better at caring for others. It would be her 200th birthday on the Tuesday 12th May. Seeing as we are supporting the NHS at this time, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate her birthday and learn more about her.

Have a look at the link below. This a 360 degree tour of the house that Florence Nightingale once lived in. See if you can notice the differences between our houses and hers.

Once you have explored her home, here is a booklet of activities you could complete. There are some interesting facts and lots of different tasks in here. You do not have to do them all just complete your favourite activities! 

See if you can find out what Florence had as a pet:

Please post any activities you do on the blog so that we can share what we have all learned.

Week Beginning 11th May 

I hope  everyone is well and feel relaxed and happy after the bank holiday weekend and all the VE Day celebrations that took place.  I have prepared some more activities for you to take a look at.  They are still based around a traditional story, Stone Soup.  This is a less well known traditional tale but it is told all around the world.  There aren't many activities on Twinkl and none on Espresso but they are still worth looking at for other activities.   I have also included some science experiments for you to try.  Have fun and enjoy your learning.  

Celebrate VE Day together

This is an invitation to you and your families, if you are unable to read the details the venue is your won home and only with the people you live with and the time is midday.  

Hope you are able to join us! 

Week Beginning 4.5.20

This week's work is based around the traditional tale of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  There are different activities for you to try.  I hope you have fun doing it.  Remember to read your Bug Club books and I will add more when you are running low - I have already had to do that for someone!  Don't forget the daily phonic lessons as they will really help you when you are in year 1.  There are other activities that you may enjoy on on the top right hand corner click on the padlock, click on Espresso and then put in the password etc I gave you on seesaw last week.  I can't publish it on here as it is only allowed to be shared with our school, as we pay a subscription.  

Also look out for this week's challenge as it will be based on VE Day celebrations. 

Hope you and your families are all well and remember we will all be together again !

Week Beginning 27.4.20

I hope everyone continues to be safe and well.  I have prepared some more ideas for learning for you.  If you want to you can use them to make a timetable that suits you or you can just pick an activity to do when you want to do it.  Remember to try to read every day and to keep practising you sounds and tricky words.  If you haven't got a printer don't worry you don't have to print out the sheets you can either screen shot them and draw on them or you can copy them onto your own paper.  

I hope you enjoy the activities I have suggested and I hope to see you all very soon.  

Daily phonic lessons

As you are aware phonics is  a very important part of the curriculum for Reception and Year 1 and with this in mind the Department of Education, along with letters and sounds, are producing Daily lessons.  These lessons are starting tomorrow and might be an interesting watch.  It suggests the children needed paper and writing materials for the lesson to practise some simple spellings.  

Challenge of the Week: 

As this week will be International Dance Day, we wanted to do something special to make you all smile and dance.  Below you will find a video of familiar faces doing their own Wake & Shake.  If you would like to, you could follow our version or you could have a go at making your own.  You could pick your own song, that makes you happy,  or use the same song as us 'Sunday Best'.  If you would like to, you could post a picture of your best move to the blog or seesaw so that we can see.  Please make sure you have your parents' permission before doing so.  


As the photos are gong to be shared, please follow some safeguarding rules:


  • Please make sure you're not accidentally revealing personally identifiable information, such as your name or clues to where you live.
  • Think about your clothes- you should be fully dressed, so no swimming costumes or underwear showing!
  • Choose one of the shared places in your home like your garden or sitting room rather than private places such as your bedroom or  bathroom.
  • Check what is in the background of your picture and make sure there is nothing there that you wouldn't want anyone to see, for example personal photos.


We hope that you have fun with this challenge and enjoy our wake & shake.

Wake and Shake

Still image for this video

Speedy's Day

Still image for this video
Hello Owls,
This is Speedy, I have recently moved into Mrs Tesoriere's house as I was feeling a little lonely at school. I have been very busy in her garden and have some new items to my menu- daisies and buttercups... yum yum delicious! I have to be careful around Hamish and Diego as I am not sure if they fancy having me for a friend or for their lunch! Anyway, I would love you to write me a little letter to tell me what you have been doing lately, as I miss you so much. Take Care love Speedy xx

3  Little Pigs 

Hello lovely Owls, see below for some ideas for learning this week.  Have fun and don't forget to send me any photos you have.  I am very pleased to have received some answers for the Longleat quiz- well done all of you that took part.  

Easter Visit 


I am aware that we would normally be on our Easter Holiday break now and that you would probably, be spending time with your families going away or on day trips.  As we are unable to do that this year, I thought I would try and bring exciting places to you.  The first one is Longleat – you may have been there before but it is still an interesting tour of the safari.  I have attached some questions- see if you can answer them during the tour or after.  Send your answers to me via see saw and I will tell you how many you got right.  Good luck blush

Easter Work 

I have thought of a couple of activities you might enjoy doing at home over the Easter holidays.  I hope you all have a good Easter and that the Easter bunny visits you.

Mrs Scott's NHS Easter Challenge. 

You are invited to make an Easter picture to say thank you to all of our doctors and nurses and our National Health Service.  We will send these on to our local NHS.


The picture can be drawn or painted. It should be bright and colourful and include:

An Easter egg

A drawing of you 

A message saying something along the lines of - 

Thank you to all of our nurses and doctors 

Thank for looking after everyone

Thank you to everyone in the NHS


Please take a photo of the picture and put it on your class blog.

Ask one of your parents to email the picture to with your name and class.

Put your picture in one of your windows.

From Mrs Scott

I have made mine and i have posted it on our class blog- I look forward to seeing yours too! 

Accessing learning from home


All children have a home exercise book. This contains our school handwriting policy, spellings,  and log in credentials. Owl Class children can access  maths activities through CBeebies  Number Blocks.


We wish everyone good health at this difficult time and hope that the content we put on here can help in some way. 


Twinkl Accounts

Twinkl is an educational website offering resources for all subjects and all year groups. Twinkl are offering a free membership to everyone which parents are able to create. This allows you to access work sheets and presentations, should you wish to use them.  Details of how to create an account are below:

Maths Games 

Try these interactive maths games  

and this one helps with number bonds and is with our superheroes theme

Go Noodle

Please have a look at Go Noodle website . Owl Class are brilliant at Bananas, Bananas, Meatballs and the syllable dance.  We have also been learning about Mindfullness  with Rainbow Breathing and Balloon Breathing - this might come in handy for us all as time goes on.  Keep an eye out for our class blog we are currently working on it and you should be issued with your child's log in very soon.  I have also posted a phonic activity you might like on the Seesaw App.  Stay Safe and I will be back in contact very soon heart


Please take advantage of the login for Espresso, we pay a subscription fee at school and they are very kindly allowing us to give a password so that our parents can access it.  They have also asked us to ask you to only use it for your child.

P.E with Joe is a great way of keeping active during this time at home

Please check the Seesaw App for any updates.  

World Book Day 

A huge thank you to all the parents that supported us in our celebrations of World Book Day.  The children seemed to have such fun making their models and were so very proud of them.  The results were brilliant just take a look at all the talent we have in our class.  

We had models of Smiley Shark to Peely Wally to The Tiger Who Came to Tea. See which characters you can spot.

People Who Give a Service - Vets

Izzy the vet came to visit us to tell us all about her job.  We thought of questions to ask her and she explained about all the different animals she has looked after from elephants to birds.  She told us how we have to be very careful when we have pet dogs because a lot of her work is looking after dogs that have swallowed things they shouldn’t have.  She showed us posters of the different animals she has looked after and she brought some cuddle toys to demonstrate different treatments.  We looked at different x-rays and listened to our hearts with a stethoscope.  She said we were very good at listening and we were very enthusiastic with our learning.    

People Who Give Service- Parents 

Mrs Bullock used to work in our school but she left to have a baby and now she is moving to Scotland to be with her husband, who works in the army.  She brought her baby Imogen in to say goodbye to us and to give us an opportunity to ask any questions about Imogen and what it is like to be a mum.  Mrs Bullock told us it was very hard work and she was very tired but that she thinks it is the best job.  She told us that Amelia is being a very helpful big sister and that Imogen is a very happy baby who likes to sleep a lot.  She told us that she is teething, just like Joe in the book we have been reading-Dogger.  

Radstock Museum 

We were very interested to learn about the mines after we leant about our logo and our houses being named after local pits.  We spotted lamps similar to ours and learnt they are called Davey lamps.  We also learnt about an 8 year old boy sitting in the mine in pitch darkness opening the doors for the miners and carts.   We learnt about the important job that the canaries played in keeping the miners safe.  We couldn’t believe how scary it felt and we had a lot more space than the miners would have had.  We were surprised that the miners wouldn’t have worn anything on their feet and that 12 year old boys would have pulled the coal in a cart using a guss and crook.  

A Victorian Schoolroom and Lesson 

We dressed up as Victorian children and had lessons like the children would have.  We found out that it was very strict.  Children had to sit up straight or they had to wear a wooden frame, they couldn’t fidget or they would have their fingers put in wooden holes and their hands tied behind their backs.  They even wore a Dunce's hat if they answered questions wrongly and they would have to stand in the corner.  If they were badly behaved the teacher would use the cane to hit the boys on their bottoms or the back of the legs and the girls across their hands.  Mrs Curtis pretended she had been a naughty boy- she felt very sorry for herself!

Visiting a Victorian House 

We learnt about how people lived in the Victorian times.  We learnt that they didn’t have electricity and so life was so much harder.  We were amazed that the Dads used to have to have a bath in such a small tin bath.  We were also amused to find out that people used to use recycled newspaper instead of toilet paper.  We also thought it was interesting that people had to beat their rugs.   We were also intrigued about not being able to switch on a light

Shopping in a Victorian Shop

We visited the local Victorian shop to learn about how they used to shop.  We learnt that there were some differences such as people didn’t help themselves they were served, the money looked very different and had Queen Victoria’s head instead of Queen Elizabeth the second’s.  We also learnt about the medicine in jugs aand vinegar in the kegs.  Bread and cakes were delivered by horse and cart and on bicycles.  The soap smelt disgusting but there were some things that were the same such as Bovril, Cadbury’s chocolate and familiar biscuits.   We even found a plate that was from Coleford to celebrate Queen Victoria's jubilee.  

Fun in the Park 

After the volunteers in the museum told us how very well-behaved and polite we were, Mrs Tesoriere told us we could go to the park to play and eat our picnics.  We had a great time chatting and playing with our friends .

Final Treat 

As a final treat we shared hot chocolate and biscuits when we returned to our classroom- what a wonderful day!

People Who Help Us 

We are learning about Superheroes, real life superheroes and people who serve us.  We have been learning that even Superheroes get it wrong sometimes or they find something difficult but what makes them super is that they persevere and never give up.  We had some people visit us today and we had to ask them questions to gather clues so that we could guess what their jobs were.  Mrs Tesoriere was so proud of how clever we were with thinking of questions.  We found out they all helped people in one way or another.  

These are just some of the questions we thought to ask (they could only answer yes or no)

A- Do you wear a uniform?

S- Do you wear a special badge?

J- Do you wear beautiful clothes?

T- Do you use a hose?

B- Do you use a hammer?

R - Do you use a ladder?

A- Do you drive a vehicle for your job?

M- Do you help people?

O- Do you use brushes?

B- Do you paint walls?

K- Do you use medicines? 




Asking questions to find out what jobs these people do

...our visitors returned with clues, they were lawyers, a nurse and a web designer.

Investigating Parachutes 

We have been looking at different toys in the air.  We have made paper aeroplanes, kites and now parachutes.  Our buddies came with us to help us to make and investigate parachutes. 

Visiting Holly Trinity Church 

We have been learning about places that are special to us.  We have been talking about how it is important to respect and care for other people's special places.  As part of this learning, we took a visit to Holly Trinity Church with Clarissa, where she informed us about the important features of a church.  We understood that this is a very special place for Christians.  

Christening at Holy Trinity Church 

While we visited Holy Trinity Church Clarissa told us about all the reasons why the church is special to Christians, we learnt that people use the church to pray, sing, worship, reflect, learn and celebrate ceremonies such as weddings and christenings. Clarissa showed us what would happen during a Christening.  We had parents of the baby and 3 godparents .  We learnt about the ceremony and the  symbolism  associated with them.  

Chinese New Year 

We have been learning about another festival, this time it is Chinese New Year.  We have learnt about the zodiac story and the story of Nian, the monster.  We then completed lots of different activities.  

Making Banners together

Making dragon puppets

practising pencil control making dragon masks

We made envelopes for people we care about and put little messages in instead of money

We decorated our classroom with red lanterns

We made noise makers to frighten away the scary Nian

We have been looking at objects from China

A tea party with friends ...

Chinese New Year with our Buddies 

We shared our learning of Chinese New Year with our buddies.  We told them about the monster Nian and how his story is linked with why fireworks, red lanterns and red envelopes are all used in the new year celebrations.  We watched a short animation based on the story of Nian and then worked with our buddies to create art work together.   

Sponsored Silence 

Thank you for all of your support in raising money for our sponsored silence to buy cushions and resources for our reading corners.  The children in Owl Class managed to raise an amazing amount of money.  We had a little practise on the Monday afternoon, Mrs Tesoriere had a sand timer and showed us how hard it would be to be quiet for a minute.  We then made predictions about how long we thought we could be quiet for.  We mostly predicted about 3 to 10 minutes and a few of us predicted 100 minutes.  We all manged to be quiet for over 10 minutes and a few of us actually managed to be quiet for a whole hour!  

Molly and Harvey 

James and his dog Molly came to visit us and to tell us all about the important job they do.  Not only does Molly find people if they are lost but she also comforts people who are in need of it.   James told us that Molly travels all over the world.  When she works in countries that are very hot she has to wear boots to protect her feet.  He also told us that all her training is based around games of hide and seek.  She responds very well to treats and she loves cuddles and in particular she loves cuddles with children.  We saw films of her running, jumping out of cars and into huge pools.  We have to say we absolutely fell in love with Molly.  

Harvey and Molly in our classroom 

Victoria introduced us to Harvey, he is going to be our school therapy dog.  He is soft and gentle and we can't wait to spend time with him.  We thought of some questions to ask Victoria and James when they came to visit us.  We found out that: Molly can jump as high as a car and Harvey can jump a little; Molly and Harvey can both run faster than us; they can fetch as far as we can throw; they both like to catch balls but Harvey likes to carry his favourite teddy; Molly can count very high; Molly loves dog treats and Harvey loves cheese and their favourite places are Molly- where ever there are children and Harvey going for walks by Holcombe old church.   

 Christmas Party with our buddies

We have had such a lovely time today, celebrating Christmas, we had house morning, where we watched Arthur Christmas and completed Christmas colouring whilst singing carols and then we had a session in the hall dancing to the disco-Diversity have nothing on us!  

In the afternoon we got to celebrate our Christmas birthdays and then us buddies had a party together.  The older buddies had designed games for us to play, which we took turns to play.  We then played with the parachute to create a snow storm and to end it all we played musical animals.  

How much mire fun could you have celebrating Christmas with special friends? 

We loved the snow storm- look at our faces ...

We played a version of Mr Bear Likes Honey, called All the Reindeer love bells

We played Christmas Duck, Duck, Goose ...

We played Christmas Pictionary...

We played a game of Christmas Footsteps ...

Buddy Christmas Stories

We think we have the kindest buddies ever, they have been authors and wrote Christmas stories for us.  They then read us the stories - they were amazing.  We are very proud of our buddies.  

We have been learning the days of the week song

Still image for this video

Christmas Lunch 

We had a lovely sociable time with our class mates, eating Christmas lunch around the tables.  We had roast turkey with all the trimmings and a good chance to have fun chatting to our friends.  We even got to pull crackers- which was an experience for some of us! 

Carol Service at Holy Trinity Church 
We had a wonderful morning singing carols and watching a Christmas service performed by Year 3 and Year 4 children.  It was based on acrostic poem about Christmas and everything was based on traditions and facts associated with Christmas.  

Mrs Tesoriere was so proud of our behaviour and of how respectful we were- not to mention our singing.  


Election Day 

We have been learning about voting as it is election day.  We decided to construct our own election; voting on what we would like to do as a treat in the last day of term.  The options were: Making Christmas decorations; Standing out in the rain; having a Christmas party with our buddies.  Mrs Tesoriere told us that we were only allowed to vote once so we had to carefully think about what we wanted and it is a secret vote.  We had to write a cross on a post-it-note and then post it in the pot for the treat we wanted.  We then counted the voted together and asked our special person to check there wasn't any cheating.  

Our Nativity - Everyone Loves a Baby!

A huge well done to all the children in Owl Class for their amazing nativity.  Every child took part, every child got on stage and every child said something- quite an achievement for 27 four and five year olds!  We have been practising using louder voices so that the audience could hear and practised moving our mouths widely so that we were able to speak clearly.  Our dancing was great and we knew all the words and actions to the songs.  

We would like to say a big thank you to all the adults who provided costumes, to everyone who came to watch us and to Mr Bevis who did a brilliant job in introducing us and praising us for our achievements.  

Owl Class Inspire Morning 

A huge thank you to you all the adults who attended our inspire morning and for taking part d for helping to make it so successful.  We had such great fun and the children described it as amazing, awesome, fantastic and brilliant.  

It was based on showing how we cover the seven areas of the EYFS through fun activities and using books as a stimulus.  

Sam's Snowflake 


This activity concentrated on moving and handling.  The children were asked to use modelling materials to design and make a snowflake for Sam. 

Dear Santa 

For this activity the children were asked to see which paper would be the best for Santa to use when wrapping presents.  The children had to see if the  paper would protect the parcel inside and if it would keep the contents a secret.  The children decided that tracing paper was definitely the worst.  

Paper Chains 

In class, the children have been enjoying making patterns- especially repeating patterns.  The children had an opportunity to show the adults how clever they are by making paper chains to decorate for Christmas.  

Christmas Characters 

We explored different materials and using our imagination  and creativity when we made models of Christmas characters.  We looked at books like Sssh it's Christmas - for Father Christmas,  The Snowman- for snowmen, That's Not My Angel- for angels and The Littlest Christmas Tree- for Christmas trees, amongst other books.  

Jolly Christmas Postman 

We were thinking about how hard the Jolly Postman had been working and how he deserved a little treat to say thank you.  This made us think about our relationships so we made biscuits we had one ourselves and gave one to someone we care about.  The following day we talked about what we had done to make the biscuits we tasted them to say how they tasted and then we said who we were going to give to.  This covers the area of communication and language focusing on tenses.  

Eric the Reindeer

We decorated gift tags and baubles with our fingerprints and turned them into reindeer.  

The Nativity 

We have been looking at lots of different nativity books - we would recommend The Guinea-Pig Nativity.  We then used kids doodle to create our own nativity scenes.  We also reviewed a couple of other Christmas Apps.  Santa's Photo-both seemed to be a popular app.  

The Santa Trap 

Bradley is a very naughty boy and wants to put Santa in a trap, we decided that we would try to trap him before he manages to trap Santa.  This was something new to us so it helped us with his self confidence.  


Buddy Reading 

Our buddies in Kestrel Class are preparing to be children's authors and are going to write a story for children.  As part of their research they came to our class and shared some of our favourite stories with us and asked us some questions about the types of books we like and why.  

Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli Paintings 


We have been reading the story of Mr Pod and Mr Piccalilli.  We have been answering the question 'What makes a good friend?' and we have been discovering how friends can enjoy different things but still be good friends as well as completing lots of different activities based around the story.  We have been exploring Nick Sharratt's illustrations and creating our own for Mr Pod and his cat Todd and Mr Piccalilli and his cat Millie.  

Days of the Week

We have been learning about the days of the week.  We have learnt a song, how to sign the days of the week, to recognise the days and to order them. 


We worked our socks off today and made some money to buy some resources for the buddies to share.  We wrote health and safety checklists, receipts for money paid  and helped our teachers to write risk assessments and guidelines on how to clean cars.  Despite there being a chill in the air we persevered and did a very good job, with lots of satisfied customers.  The best thing was we raised just over £130.  

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported us by getting their vehicle cleaned.  

Class Visit to Victoria Park, Bath

We had a great visit to Victoria Park in Bath. The fun started before we had even left the school grounds because for many of us it was the first time travelling on a coach.  Once we had mastered the, not so small, feat of ensuring all the seat belts were fastened safely we started our adventure.  The visit was divided into two parts but the whole day was covering the school values of fun, friendship and learning.  In the morning we walked around the park, focusing on the Botanical Gardens and again looking at the beauty of our world and how it is important that we all take a part in caring for it.  Followed by working on our friendship skills and our ability to have fun whilst approaching new experiences in the adventure park area.  

Caring for and respecting our beautiful world

We experienced fun and friendship in the play park area...