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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'

2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Miss Green, Mrs Chalk, Mrs Billing and Miss Cooke welcome you to Swallow Class!

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  • PE is on Monday afternoon 
  • Spelling test is on Thursday afternoon

Rescue Dogs 

On Tuesday we had some furry friends visit us a school. We met Molly who was a rescue dog. We learnt that she could travel to other countries to help look for people. She is also a member of the ambulance crew back home in England. We watched a video of her in the ambulance attending an emergency. She is used to help cheer up patients and offer hugs to anybody who might need it!


We also met our new school therapy dog Harvey. He loves to listen to people read and giving them hugs if they are upset! We are looking forward to seeing Harvey around the school!



Christmas Crafts

We have had a fantastic morning making Christmas cards this morning. The children worked very hard and they have turned out great!

Christmas Carol Service

Well done to Swallow and Kingfisher class for their fantastic carol service. We told the Christmas story through an acrostic poem. The children performed and sang beautifully at the church and were a credit to Bishop Henderson. We are very proud of them!


Christmas Dinner

Swallow Class had lots of fun eating our Christmas dinner together. We enjoyed pulling our crackers and telling the jokes to each other!

Christmas Jumper Day


On Friday 13th December, Bishop Henderson took part in Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for Save the Children Charity. We loved seeing everyone looking festive and their different styles of jumpers! 

As part of the day we coloured and designed our own Christmas jumpers which were very impressive!

Thank you to everyone who bought in their generous donations!


General Election 2019


With the general election occurring on the 12th December 2019, we decided to find out some information about what was happening. We discussed the different candidates and parties and learnt about manifestos. We also learnt what actually happened when you vote, the age you can vote and what times you can vote. 

We decided we wanted the experience of voting so we held our very own election! We read the main parties manifestos and came to the conclusion of who we would vote for. We each got given a ballot paper and got to vote for our favourite.

Swallow Class were so inspired by this experience that we wanted to hold our own election. We had 4 parties and we helped the party leaders create their manifesto. We had some great ideas for example we wanted to end plastic pollution and use our Eco School Council members to help us, we offered more food banks, more safety for animals and free bus travel for poorer families. 

We had lots of fun campaigning and eventually voting for our favourite party. Congratulations to the Galaxy Party and their leader Myleigh for winning the election!


We have been busy practising for our Christmas Carol service this week. The children have been saying their lines very clearly and loudly. We can't wait for you to watch on the 17th and 18th December!

Plastic is NOT Fantastic!


As part of our topic this term, we have been concentrating on plastic pollution. We have talked about single use plastic and discussed vocabulary such as biodegradable, debris, catastrophic and environment. 

We looked at how things are recycled and what can be recycled. We learnt about the different types of plastic that could and couldn't be recycled. We then tried to think of alternatives we could use to reduce the amount of plastic.

We were so passionate about the issue that we decided to write letters to Boris Johnson to persuade him to use less plastic and help clean the oceans. We worked so hard on these letters and we are very proud. We are so excited to hear a response!


Water Focus Week


During the week beginning the 11th November, we held a whole school focus week. The theme this term was water. We we very excited as we had already been learning about the ocean in our topic. We read a story called 'Duffy's Lucky Escape' about a sea turtle who accidentally ate some plastic that he found in the ocean. We were concerned about Duffy but luckily he survived. 

We wrote a diary pretending we were Duffy and it might have felt to be in an unclean ocean. The children worked very hard and produced some fantastic work!


After this, Swallow Class conducted a water filtration experiment. We had 5 materials and we tested how effective each one was at filtering the water through and how clean it was. We experimented with tissue paper, A4 paper, carpet, fabric and felt. We predicted which materials we thought would work best before the experiment. 

We found that the fabric produced the cleanest water and the A4 paper produced the dirtiest water. We then wrote up a science report explaining our results.




Ted's Big Day Out


On the 18th October 2019, we were raising money for the Ted's Big Day Out Charity to help the RUH in Bath. We bought our teddies in to school and they helped us with our work. We had lots of different shape and sized teddies and we all enjoyed having them here. They even came with us to our house meetings and played with us during golden time. 

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Hello Yellow


To raise awareness for the Young Minds charity. We got to wear yellow hair accessories, socks and t-shirts. We also did some fantastic work all about our emotions. We talked about someone who had made us happy and how we can help someone who may be feeling sad. 



Arts Week

We had a fantastic time during arts week! We started the week off with an assembly from our special visitor Anjali Sahi. We watched her perform some traditional Indian dances. Later in the week, we were lucky enough to have a workshop with her. During this, we did some Indian dancing for ourselves, dressed up and did some traditional Indian printing. 

As part of arts week we have also been learning about Claude Monet and his work. Specifically, we have been looking at his pieces: Water Lilies (1916) and Water Lily Pond (1899). 

We have been recreating his pieces through different mediums. We used watercolours, paints, pastels and pencils. We also creating our own lily pads using paper plates and tissue paper. 

We hope you enjoy looking at our amazing art work!

Emotions Workshop 

This week, we were lucky enough to be visited by Mrs De Leeuw and Liz in Swallow Class. They came to talk to us all about our emotions. We talked about emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear and disgust. We talked about the effects these emotions may have on our bodies and what we can do to help ourselves when we feel one of these. 

We then completed some work on these feelings and at the end of the session Liz read us a wonderful story. 


First Week Back

Welcome back to Swallow Class! We have had a fantastic first few days together getting to know each other. We have also found out that our new topic is about plastic pollution in the ocean and we looked at what belongs in the ocean and what doesn't.

Some children made a swallow out of the grass cuttings at playtime! Very impressive!
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