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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'

2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Miss Green, Mrs Chalk and Mrs Hawkins welcome you to Swallow Class!


  • PE is on Thursday. Please could the children wear their PE kits to school.
  • Spelling test is on Monday
  • Book bags will be kept in school over night on Monday so we can give out new books and homework for the week



We know that at the moment, things are very different for everyone. We have talked a lot about what we might be feeling and how we can build resilience and look after ourselves. We talked about some techniques we can use when  we feel angry, upset, worried or anxious. The first thing we made was our very own breathing buddies. We found that sometimes  you breathe faster when you are worried about something. Our Breathing Buddy helps us to take a few big breaths and restore calm. Our Breathing Buddies were decorated to look like animals with streamers at the end so we could see our breath.

Emotions Wheel

We recognised that with all the change going on around us at the moment, we may feel overwhelmed at times. Swallow Class made their very own coping wheel which will help us to instantly feel better. 


Glitter Jars

Finally, we talked about how sometimes our thoughts and emotions can get stirred up and it can make it hard to think clearly. We made glitter jars which are used to help us and settle our feelings. 

Red Nose Day


We got wear mufti today to raise money for Red Nose Day. It was great to see everyone all dressed up in their favourite clothes. We spent the day doing some Red Nose Day activities such as designing our very own red nose. We also learnt about why we have Red Nose Day and when the first ever one was. 

Thank You Cards


We decided that we wanted to make a thank you card for the people that have helped us with our home learning. We thought of some lovely thank yo designs and had lots of fun creating them Have a look at our creations below.



We are so glad to be back in  Swallow Class and it's been so nice to be reunited with our friends. Swallow Class found the classroom decorated with balloons and bunting ready for their return. 

 We started the day doing some mindfulness colouring and catching up with what everyone had done  during lockdown. We then wrote about what we did during lockdown and drew our favourite memories. Finally, we spent the afternoon playing some circle time games outside. 


Christmas Dressing Up Day


To celebrate the last day of term, we dressed up as Christmas characters. It was great fun and the children looked absolutely fantastic! We also spent the day doing lots of Christmas activities!

Here are some of the fab costumes Swallow Class wore!




Break The Rules Day


On Friday, 27th November, we had an extra special day at school. It was 'break the rules' day. We got to wear our own clothes, have our hair styled differently, wear make up and even dye our hair! We also got to break the rules by sitting wherever we wanted for the day! It was lots of fun andSwallow Class looked fantastic! What a great day!

Planting Bulbs


Over the past few weeks, we have been very outside planting some bulbs around the school. We decided to plants our at the front of the school so we can watch them grow during spring. We had lots of fun planting and can't wait until spring!




On Thursday 19th November, Swallow Class got the exciting news that we were going on a trip to the USA. We had to get our new passports and embark on our journey. We got to visit lots of different places in the USA such as  Florida, LA and Nashville. Whilst we were there, we found out information about the places and recorded them in our special passports. We had lots of fun learning all about these new places. We are happy to say we arrived back in Swallow Class safely and with no delays!

North America

We have now started our brand new geography topic all about the continent North America. So far, we have used our skills to identify where North America is located and what countries make up the continent. 

We have learnt all about the climate and the different biomes in North America. Swallow Class have also had fun discovering the differences in human and physical features. We looked at some that were located in North America such as The Grand Canyon and Disney Land! We look forward to making posters all about these attractions.


 Children in Need 2020


On Friday 13th November, Swallow Class celebrated Children in Need. We started the day by completing some Children in Need codebreakers in maths. We also watched Joe Wicks finish his 24 hour PE lesson and joined in where we could. 


During guided reading, we learnt all about the history of Children in Need. We found out when it originally started and even discovered that Pudsey Bear has changed appearance a few times!


To finish the morning, we drew and coloured our very own Pudsey Bear to decorate our classroom with. 

Maths - Addition and Subtraction 


We had lots of fun today in maths. In our pairs, we played a game where we had to use our newly learnt maths skills to find out which player had the highest number. The children demonstrated great skill and played really nicely with their peers.

Self Portraits


Hello Yellow Day


On Friday 9th October, it was Hello Yellow day. We all wore something yellow and we completed lots of activities where we talked all about our mental health and discussed how we can be kind to everybody. We talked about all the different ways we can help someone if they are upset and make sure nobody feels alone. We also talked about how we can sometimes focus too much on all the negative stuff rather than the positive so we completed activities where we thought about lots of positive ways we could describe ourselves.

We also spent the day telling jokes to each other and listening to some positive, upbeat music.

Number Lines in Maths


Today we took our learning outside to help us with our understanding of number lines. The children had lots of fun having to place themselves on our human number line!

Strange Stone Age Delivery 


Today Swallow Class had a special delivery. We received a letter from an archeologist asking us to a  very important job for us. Attached to the letter was a package with a rather unusual scent.

The letter asked us to investigate what people from the stone age actually ate. To our horror,  it meant we had to investigate their poo! We each became archeologists and got given our poo sample to dissect and investigate. We put on our protective gloves and looked through our samples. We found wheat, corn, old fish bones, grass, stones and seeds and concluded these were the types of foods that they would've eaten. 

It was fantastic fun which we all enjoyed!

Savage Stone Age


This term, we are learning all about Prehistoric Britain and looking at The Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. So far we have looked at timelines and discovered jus t how long ago The Stone Age period was! We have also looked at what animals would have been around and were particularly impressed with the mega bears!

We learnt about the cave painting and had a go at drawing some ourselves. We made the classroom as dark as we could so it was as similar as possible to stone age times.


We have also linked this to our English topic and are currently reading  a book called Stone Age Boy. The children have loved learning the book off by heart and creating actions to go with it. We are excited to be completing some writing related to the book very soon!


Welcome Back!


Hello Swallow Class. We have had a fab week back and have really enjoyed welcoming you into Year 3. We have seen really great behaviour and lots of enthusiastic learning! Myself, Mrs Chalk and Mrs Hawkins are looking forward to having a great year with everyone!