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Mrs Harrington, Miss Radcliffe and Mrs Tasker welcome you to

Woodpecker Class

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  • Swimming lessons are on Tuesdays.
  • PE is on Wednesdays (sometimes extra on Monday afternoons). Children can leave their PE kits at school.
  • Homework is sent out on Fridays. Please return it on the following Thursday.
  • Spelling tests are on Fridays.

Beegu is back!


We had a huge surprise in the play ground today! As we went for a run around the track, some Woodpeckers caught site of an unusual object. As we got closer, we discovered a silver, space ship looking object on the field! It is not usually there.

We all gathered around the spaceship and made a plan of what we should do. We shared our predictions. We realised that it must have landed between break and snack as no one witnessed it at play time. We discovered a letter underneath the spaceship. We now know that Beegu the alien has returned to our school. Her spaceship crashed on Earth again and she only want to return to us for help because we were so helpful last time. 

Suddenly, we noticed something yellow at the top of the playground. Everyone ran to look at it. Unfortunately, it was just a yellow PE cone.

We protected the spaceship with the tyres outside.

Mrs Harrington ran inside with Aubrey and Billy so that she could carry the spaceship inside. We wanted to put it somewhere safe. It was very heavy and everyone helped to protect Mrs Harrington.

We eventually got back inside and placed the spaceship safely in our classroom. We spoke to the spaceship to tell Beegu that it is safe to come out if she wants to. We don’t know where she is so we made posters and put them up all around school. For now, we have put take around the classroom to protect the ship and will keep an eye out for her.

The ‘Peace Garden’ Grand Opening

This Friday was the grand opening of the school’s Peace Garden. We prepared our pebbles and our class letter to the future children of our school for this occasion. Special guests were invited to this event, such as governors, the parish council and businesses who donated us the materials.

We walked down to the playground as a class carrying our pebbles. Mrs Scott prepared a speech to thank everyone who made it possible to have our new garden. We gave all of these wonderful people a big round of applause. The ribbon was cut to officially open the garden for us. 

The next part of the ceremony was to place our items in the time capsule we are burying. This is in aid of our school turning 50 years old. We hope that the children here in 50 years time will open our capsule and learn about what life was like in our time. Mrs Shepard placed a picture of the wooded heart made by the whole school, a mask, our school mug and our school tea towel in the container.

It was then each class’ turn to put their items in the capsule. Every class put a letter in which spoke about what life is like for us plus they had questions for the future pupils to think about. Then we could choose another item to place in. We decided to place a Bishop Henderson pencil in there to show them what we use to write. Teelah and Toby were our representatives for our items. 

After all the classes contributed their items, we placed our pebbles in the garden. 

Bringing our friendship biscuits to life

The Woodpeckers wrote recipes on how to make a friendship biscuit. As they did so well with their writing, we actually had a go at creating our friendship biscuits to go with our recipes. We used a standard rich tea biscuit and decorated them with icing. The children then got to choose 3 different types of sprinkles. They could choose chocolate, rainbow stars, big sprinkles, little sprinkles, hearts, balls and more stars! The chocolate and rainbow star sprinkles were the most popular.

Then for the best bit - eating them!

Pebbles for the school ‘Peace Garden ‘

You might have heard that we have a new area in our school playground. It has been created as a calm and peaceful area to sit in and it’s right next to the pond. To make the area look colourful and inviting, Mrs Scott provided us with some pebbles to decorate using paints. Firstly, we painted our pebbles all over in a pastel colour of our choice. 

Our theme for our peace pebbles was rainbows. Each woodpecker selected seven colours and created their very own rainbow. 

What makes a good friend?

Over the past 2 weeks, we have been focusing on what community means. In particular, we have been talking about how to be a good friend in our community. Firstly, we have read several stories in the classroom talking about what makes a good friend and what to do if someone is upset. Beegu has been a favourite book of ours. 

We then wrote recipes on how to create a friendship biscuit which contains all the things we would like in a best friends. The Woodpeckers were creative with their thinking to link personal attributes and personality to common steps when making biscuits. For example, instead of ‘mixing flour in a bowl’, we said ‘mixing hugs in a bowl.’



We wrote our recipes out neatly which are displayed around the school. 

Our first week as Woodpeckers


We enjoyed our first week back. On the first day, we said our hellos and wrote about our summer holidays. We also made our jigsaw puzzles and made a birthday card each. Now, whenever it is someone’s birthday, they will get a card from their class.

We enjoyed our first PE lessons and did some lovely art activities. We made butterfly wings which will be displayed around the classroom with a photo of us attached. You might see them dangling down from the ceiling from our window.