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2021 - 2022 Academic Year

Miss Green, Mrs Chalk and Mrs Hawkins welcome you to Swallow Class



  • PE is on Thursday Morning 
  • Spelling test is on Monday
  • Please could bookbags be brought into school daily 
  • Swimming is on Tuesday mornings  


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πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum JubileeπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

Today we had a great day  celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee. We started off the day by creating our very own Union Jack flags using a finger painting technique. After, we learnt all about The Queen and the celebrations that will be happening next week. We even did a Quiz all about the Jubilee and lots of children got all the questions correct! 

At lunchtime we joined the other classes in KS2 for our Jubilee picnic. We had lots of fun sitting outside and eating our lunch with the other classes and teachers! 

Y4 trip to Holcombe Old Church 


The Y4 students went to visit the Holecombe Old Church today. They had a great time learning all about different species of bats and where they nest. They learnt that there were some bats even nesting in the church.  We were even lucky enough to see one of the bats flying around.


In maths we have been looking at fractions and in particular, equivalent fractions. Today we had a go at creating our very own fractions wall in groups. 

Our Visit to the Roman Baths


As part of enquiry work, we were lucky enough to be able to visit the Roman Baths. We were fascinated by the artefacts displayed and we enjoyed learning all about the baths. The children were excellent on the trip and were a real credit to Bishop Henderson.

Afterwards, we even got to eat our lunch and play in the park!



This term we are becoming Historians in our enquiry and learning all about the Romans. Today we created our very own timelines so we see just how long ago the Romans were around!



Here are some members of Swallow Class working in the rainbow room and talking all about well-being. In the session they focused in self-esteem and thought about all the things that could improve their own. 

Clay Sculptures 


This term we have been lucky enough to work with Nick the Potter. Not only have we worked on This collaborative on a whole school project but we have had a go at making our very ow clay faces. First of all, we started off by having a lesson on sculpting skills and learning then different techniques used and then we got to have a go at making our very own!

Have a look at our very own clay faces!



Here we are having lots fun in our drama session with Mrs Dowling. Swallow Class had lots of fun working as a class and in small groups.

World Book Day 2022

Swallow Class had a great day dressing up as our favourite book characters. Have a look at our fab costumes!


Hope and Humanity by Swallow Class

For the RCS art competition

Hope and Humanity Art Competition


Bishop Henderson are entering an art competition held by the Royal Commonwealth Society. They have asked for art to be based around the theme 'Hope and Humanity'. Swallow Class have decided to create their own art pieces. First we talked about what the topic means and then we planned our art work. We look forward to seeing everybody's finished art and the competition. 

πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΌ Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone in Swallow Class πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸΌ

Christmas Cards


Swallow Class have been busy getting creative and making some great Christmas cards. We used our thumb and index finger it make the snowmen and drew the arms and accessories ourselves. Here are just a few of the finished results! ⛄️ 


Christmas Dinner 


Swallow Class had lots of fun eating their Christmas dinner on Thursday. The children enjoyed a yummy roast dinner and enjoyed pulling crackers with each other! 

Christingle Service 

On Wednesday, Mrs Scott led a Christingle service where she told us all about what it represents. We got to make our very own Christingles too! 

Musical Instruments 

Swallows got to use their knowledge  of everything they have learnt during their enquiry to make their own musical instruments. 

We had to design our instruments and then got to make them . We had a great time doing this and had lots of fun!

What is the difference between noise and sound?


During our enquiry this term we have become scientists! We are looking at the question 'what is the difference between noise and sound?' So far we have experimented making sounds with instruments; discussed high and low pitch and  looked at the what the sound waves look like for loud, quiet, low and high sounds. 

Wolf on the Rampage at Local School



The children came into school wondering to find that the hall had been closed off. We all wondered what had happened but then we had a newspaper delivery. The news article told us that yesterday evening, a wolf had been spotted at our school! We were all shocked at this news and decided to go out look for clues that the wolf had been at school. We had lots of fun becoming detectives and collecting evidence!



Swallow Class have made a great start to their maths lessons this year . On Monday, we had lots of fun using the Base 10 equipment to create as many numbers as possible. The children worked well in pairs and it was great to see how many numbers they could make!

Peace Garden Opening 


On Friday, we had the opening of brand new peace garden. Mrs Scott invited some special guests for the occasion such as governors, PTA and the parish council. We are very grateful for these and everyone else’s contributions to the garden. It was an exciting event and the whole school were invited to see the opening along with our special guests. Mrs Scott gave a speech to thank everyone and then the ribbon was cut and the garden was officially declared open! 

We also had the schools 50th Birthday to celebrate. In order to do this , we buried a time capsule filled with lots of items from all the classes. Some of the items included the Bishop Henderson tea towel and our special mug . Swallow Class had previously prepared a letter to the children of the future together and we painted an extra Swallow Class pebble to go inside. Alexandra and Lenny went to the front to place these items in the capsule on our behalf.


Once the capsule was buried we all got to go in the brand new peace garden and place our pebbles in . 

Peace Garden Pebbles 


We are very lucky to have a new peace garden built by the pond. It has been designed to be an area we can go to which is quiet and calming. It also has a water feature in the middle of the seating area which also helps us to feel calm.

Each child in the school designed their very own pebble for the garden so that it looks colourful and inviting. We decided to paint ours in light colours and we added some nice,  positive phrases on them. Swallows worked really hard and we were really  impressed with the end result.



Welcome back Swallow Class


We have had a great first week back at school and it has been lovely getting to know everybody in our new class. We have spent the first week doing lots of lovely activities such as ‘all about me’  posters, jigsaw pieces and times table bingo. We also talked about our school and the things that make it special. Have a look at our wonderful display all about Bishop Henderson and what makes it special.  


During our English lesson, we  wrote some fantastic poems all about the summer. The children were great and had some fantastic ideas.