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Week 1 - 6.1.21

Hi Swallow Class  


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and you are safe and well. I really wish we could be in school together and I was really looking forward to seeing you all again!

As you know school is closed so to help us with our home learning, we will be using a website called Oak Academy. This is a great website  set up by the government in response the COVID- 19 Pandemic. It is full of different lessons for you to complete each day. You will also find worksheets and quizzes there for you to complete as well as a video to guide you through the lesson.

If you follow this link it will take you to the schedule of work for the rest of this week. Please make sure that you click on the correct day on the right hand side of the page.


Alternatively, I have also broken the work down into each day below.


I would love the see what you get up to so please feel free to send any work via the SeeSaw app. If you have any questions or queries about any of the work please also contact me via SeeSaw.





English:  - In this lesson, you will revise the rules for accurately punctuating speech, when speech comes at the start of a sentence. You will revise the correct terminology and the positive effect that speech punctuation has on a reader's ability to read a piece of writing. You will then practise writing your own speech sentences with correct punctuation.


Maths: This lesson will involve creating and using arrays in order to visualise multiplications and accurately answer questions. 

If you would like to print the worksheet, you can access it here. If not, you can view it online and write the answers on a piece of paper.




This is a music lesson where you are going to find the pulse in songs and explore rhythm.




In this lesson, you will recap what a simple sentence is and define what a compound sentence is. You will learn what the three coordinating conjunctions are and when to use each one appropriately. You will also practise writing compound sentences using all three coordinating conjunctions. For this lesson, you will need an exercise book or some paper and a pencil.



This lesson will explore how and why multiplications can be completed in any order.

If you would like to print the worksheet, you can access it here. If not, you can view it online and write the answers on a piece of paper.




In today's lesson, you will be learning about the water on planet Earth and where it is stored. We will also be learning about the Water Cycle.

You can then complete the quiz online.




In this lesson, you will explore subordinate clauses and complex sentences.



This lesson will relate arrays and bar models as ways of visualising multiplication questions and solving calculations



In this lesson, the learning objective is to learn about what makes a balanced lifestyle. Within this lesson, you will compare and contrast two very different lifestyles. The two main characters will take part in a race which they have prepared for very differently. Who will win?