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Administering Medication in School

The school is able to administer prescribed medication only to pupils during the school day.  Parents will need to complete the relevant form which can be found above or obtained from the school office.


Parents are responsible for ensuring the appropriate medication is handed to the school office with the completed form.  It is essential that the required dosage and time the medication is due to be taken is completed accurately.


The school will nominate a member of staff (usually the class teacher or teaching assistant) to administer the medication with a second member of staff as witness that the medication has been given correctly.  Before administering the medication, both staff will check:

  • The child's name matches that on the medication and form.
  • The time is correct.
  • The dosage is correct.
  • The expiry date of the medication.
  • Any special instructions.

Both staff members will then sign to say the child has received the medication.