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Happy Easter to Everyone! 

We have been fascinated by the stories attached to each day of the Easter celebrations.  We have leant that, as with Christmas and other festivals we have learnt about, different people have different ways and traditions with how to celebrate. Our parents have told Mrs Tesoriere how interested we have been and how we have shared our learning with our families at home.  

We created stained glass windows with tissue paper to celebrate Easter

We made our own stress ball Easter bunnies

We made prints of the cross using masking tape and bright brush strokes across the page from left to right. when the paint was dry we removed the masking tape to reveal the cross.

As scientists we explored the changing state of chocolate.  We know that when chocolate is cool it is a solid, when we heat it it melts and becomes a liquid and once cooled  again it returned to a solid.

We used this knowledge to make Easter nests.

we crumbled cereals into melted chocolate...

... we mixed it together ...

...we spooned the mixture into cake cases ...

we topped them off with some chocolate eggs ...

...lastly we ate them...

We have made our own Easter cards to take home to our families.

We used materials to design and make our own Easter crowns.

Easter is a time for new things to grow.  We have been busy planting in the owl class garden.  We have planted herbs such as mint, lavender, rosemary, pineapple sage, and others...

We placed soil into a pot.

We took the beautiful smelling herbs out of their pots.

We planted the herbs very carefully into the pots.

Not only do plants need light, soil and protection they also need water.

They are now in their new home of our sensory garden...

Mrs Billing and Miss Coles enjoyed Easter activities with us during House Meetings. Mrs Tesoriere was very sorry to have missed the fun!

We have been working on developing our skills as authors in class and so we were so pleased to have a visit from a friend of our school Jo Curd who also happens to be an author. She read her story to us all about perseverance and we got to meet the illustrator Martin who is from Jamaica.