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We read the poem, It was the night before Christmas' and compared the description of St Nicholas to our very own Father Christmas and they matched very well.

Our buddies kindly made us a book that they read to us. It was such thoughtful well written books- we will treasure them!

We then played buddy games outside.

We watched the theatre show and interacted by singing and using our individually made props.

Finished Christmas decorations

We made a selection of different decorations and props for the theatre show.  The theatre show asked us to make bunting, sheep puppets and flags .  

Christmas Dinner 

We had a delicious Christmas dinner and it was such a lovely catch up time to be able to talk to our friends and pull Christmas characters. 


We have all made our own Christingles ready for collective worship with Clarissa.  

We used the red tape to represent the blood of Jesus

We had cocktail sticks with raisins on to represent the seasons

we place the candle in to finish the Christingle

We all helped to make salt dough for our decorations. We had to double the quantities and we were able to tell Mrs Tesoriere what the answer was.

We took it in turns to stir the dough and then Mrs Tesoriere divided it up so we all had some to work with.

We had to knead the dough

We used rolling pins to roll out the dough.

Mrs Tesoriere, Mrs Curtis and Miss coles helped us to cut around our hands.

Making our ow crowns

We have been practising our wrapping skills

We have made our own stickpeople after reading the Stick Man

We explained to the rest of the class how our traps worked

We made different traps to capture Bradley

Bradley is a bad boy that tries to trap Santa, we have decided to trap Bradley first. we talked about our ideas.

A little taster ready for the link and the DVD

Still image for this video

We took Christmas Selfies

Look at our wonderful Christmas jumpers

We have had twins for Christmas Jumper Day

We have all enjoyed taking part in Christmas yoga

Christmas Celebrations 

We have been very busy getting ready for Christmas.  We have been making cards, decorations, paperchains and learning our lines and songs for our nativity .

Thank you to the parents that have provided super costumes for our nativity. Don't we look amazing!

We are so pleased that we are actually going to get to perform a nativity play this year. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed doing it!

We would like to say a big thank you to some of our buddies for being our narrators this year.

Christmas Special Person 

This term when it is our turn to be the day's special person we are bringing in a Christmas decoration to talk about.  Our classmates can then ask us questions about it to find out more.  It is very interesting to learn that although we are all celebrating Christmas we all have our own unique ways of doing it.