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We're Going on a Bear Hunt ... 

We had a great week, looking at the story of We're going on a Bear Hunt.  We went on one of our own and came across   ....  a GIANT bear! I strongly recommend that you watch this link.  It is Michael Rosen telling his own story and NO ONE can tell a story quite like him- if you don't believe me watch it and see.

Children's wellbeing and mental health week 

We have been completing a lot of work about being aware of looking after ourselves.  We have talked about the importance of getting a good night's sleep,   looking after our personal hygiene, a healthy and balanced diet, exercise, talking about our feelings, staying safe and listening to our bodies.  

We read the book and acted the story out. We like the part with the swirling, whirling snow storm.

As mathematician, we have been learning about shape and measure, capacity...

...we measure and matched worms! ...

... we can name shapes and their properties ...

Special Visitor 

Mrs Tesoriere had a big surprise for us.  She had arranged for her little granddaughter Olivia to come and visit us.  We were so pleased to see her as we have heard so much about her.  Mrs Tesoriere was so proud of how we behaved towards Olivia and Yasmin.  we were very welcoming and we played games with her.  She liked us playing hide and seek and with our giant marble run.  

We spread blended tomatoes onto brown bread rolls and some of us used some Italian herbs.

We added delicious topping of our own choice and designed them so they looked a little like teddy bears.

We took it in turns to grate cheese.

Most of us thought the pizzas were delicious but the olives received a mixed review.

Being close to nature is a great way to look after your mental health and wellbeing. We took a trip to the pond and we were so quiet and still we got to se and hear the frogs.

We watched a cartoon about what we should do if we see something on a device that makes us feel funny. Mrs Tesoriere also told us not to click on something we don't recognise if it pops up. We learnt Before you click click click, you've got to think think think and tell a trusted grown up!

Art Competition 

Our school has entered an art competition, each class has made 1 or a few entries.  It was for the common wealth games and was based on the theme Hope and Humanity. We took a vote to see which art we would like to base our art on.  

We listened to how we should vote fairly.

Our secret vote

The results of the vote - It was a very close result!

Entries for competition. Reach for the Moon and Stars

Chinese New Year 

Tuesday was the lunar new year and so we spent a week learning about the traditions, stories and celebrations related to this  special time of year for so many people.  We learnt how to wish people a happy new year and used this to answeer the register...

Gong Hey Fat Choi 

One of us asked this question ... It turned into a very sensible debate

Tradition says that Nian the dragon monster was scared of the colour red and noises so we made noise makers

We made lucky red envelopes and wrote notes to people who are special to us

We decorated our classroom with lanterns

We made banner to wish people happy new year

We used chopsticks to eat noodles - it is not easy and our teachers were very impressed

We had a special visitor come to school, it was a Chinese dragon puppet. We played music and then he danced. We all had a turn to make the dragon dance

Our buddies came to join us for buddy time. We made dragon puppets together.