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Weekly Challenge - WB: 06.07.20


Picnic Challenge


You have been invited to take part in the Bishop Henderson School Picnic Challenge. Open the document below to find out more:

Weekly Challenge - WB: 29.06.20


Friend Fact Find Challenge


The challenge this week is an interactive fact-find. The activities in the boxes (on the worksheet below) are all things that you might have done during the lockdown at home. Your task is to ask your friends if they have done any of these things. You need to find a different friend for each box. See how many boxes you can fill. Ask your parents to help you and contact your friends using the blog, phone or messages. It is VERY important that you ask your parents’ permission before you contact your friends and follow their instructions to make sure you are safe.

Weekly Challenge - WB: 22.06.20


Glast'home'bury Challenge


We thought, for this week's challenge, we could mark the fact that our world famous local festival has been cancelled and we could hold our own at home. You could build a tent, decorate your garden with posters and bunting, make your own Pyramid Stage, try out circus skills, try food from around the world and listen to your favourite music. Please send us photos of your very own Glast'home'bury 2020.

Weekly Challenge - WB: 15.06.20


Design A Sports Kit Challenge


In the UK, many people enjoy watching and playing sport. However, we have not been able to watch our favourite teams or kick a ball around with our friends for over ten weeks! This week sees the return of the Premier League in football, where teams will now be allowed to play against each other in an empty stadium. This will hopefully lead to other sports including netball, rugby and tennis returning to normal in the coming weeks as well.


As sport in the UK is returning, we thought that it would be a good idea to celebrate.


Your challenge this week is to design your own kit for your favourite team. Maybe Manchester United would look better playing in purple and orange stripes? We have templates below for football kits, rugby kits and netball kits. If you don’t have a printer there is no need to panic. You can draw your kit on a blank piece of paper instead. When creating your own kit, don’t forget to add some sponsors – you could add these to the front and on the sleeves of your kit.


You might like to also have a go at making a flag to wave around when your favourite team are playing on tv.


Please post any activities that you complete on the blog so that we can all see your fantastic designs.

Weekly Challenge - WB: 08.06.20


Springwatch Challenge


Springwatch is broadcast from across the UK and will be on your televisions from Tuesday 26th May to Friday 12th June. The programme is on at 8pm (Tuesday - Friday) on BBC Two. Their wildlife cameras are rolling 24 hours a day over this three week period and you can catch all of the highlights through the website:


This week, we are joining in with Springwatch to look at wildlife through our windows. There are lots of video clips of wildlife to watch:


Mr. Reynolds has taken these beautiful photographs (below) in his back garden and made a collage. This week, your challenge is to watch wildlife through your window and in your gardens to make your very own collage. You can draw/paint your pictures or take photographs and put them together like Mr. Reynolds. You might even have your own creative way of putting a wildlife collage together. We look forward to seeing your creations.


Have fun, Kingfishers! smiley

Weekly Challenge - WB: 01.06.20


Metropolitan Museum of Art Challenge


For our challenge this week we are going to travel all the way to New York, where we will visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Explore the art by clicking on the red or yellow dots on the map. There are pictures, videos, information and suggestions for things to do. Try out the time machine to discover art from around the world at different times in history - just jump in the time machine, choose when and where to go and press the red button! 

You can also visit areas of the museum with these 360 videos.

Share your discoveries on the blog with your friends. We would love to see your favourites, and any of the activities you choose to do.

Weekly Challenge - WB: 18.05.20


Mental Health Awareness Week


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental health is all about the importance of being happy and the best way to do it. Its also about making sure other people are feeling happy as well and how you can help them. The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is kindness. Please watch the video below which explains your challenge this week! There are some resources below which you can use to give you ideas!

Mental Health Awareness Week

Still image for this video

Weekly Challenge - WB: 11.05.20


Florence Nightingale


Florence Nightingale is a significant role model in history. She is famously known for being a nurse and for helping wounded soldiers in the war. She changed people’s opinions of nurses and made hospitals better at caring for others. It would be her 200th birthday on the Tuesday 12th May. Seeing as we are supporting the NHS at this time, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate her birthday and learn more about her.


Have a look at the link below. This a 360 degree tour of the house that Florence Nightingale once lived in. See if you can notice the differences between our houses and hers.


Once you have explored her home, here is a booklet of activities you could complete. There are some interesting facts and lots of different tasks in here. You do not have to do them all just complete your favourite activities! See if you can find out what Florence had as a pet:


Please post any activities you do on the blog so that we can share what we have all learned.

Weekly Challenge - WB: 04.05.20


VE Day Party Challenge


You have been invited to take part in the Bishop Henderson School VE Day Party Challenge. Open the invite below to find out more:

Weekly Challenge - WB: 27.04.20


Wake and Shake Dance


Challenge for this week:


As it will be International Dance Day on Wednesday this week, we wanted to do something special to make you all smile and dance. Below, you will find a video of some familiar faces doing their own 'Wake & Shake'. If you would like to, you could follow our version or you could have a go at making up your own. You could pick your own song, just make sure it's a song that makes you happy. If you would like to, you could post a picture of your best dance move to the blog or Seesaw so that we can see. Please make sure that you get your parents' permission before doing so.


As the photos are going to be shared, please follow some safeguarding rules:


  • Please make sure you’re not accidentally revealing personally identifiable information, such as your name or clues to where you live. 


  • Think about your clothes - you should be fully dressed so no swimming costumes or underwear showing!


  • Choose one of the shared places in your home like your garden or sitting room rather than private places such as your bedroom or bathroom.


  • Check what is in the background of your picture and make sure there is nothing there that you wouldn’t want everyone to see, for example, personal photos.


We hope you have fun with this challenge and enjoy our Wake & Shake.

Wake and Shake

Still image for this video

Weekly Challenge - WB: 22.04.20


Spuddy and Arnold Mystery

Dear Kingfishers


I need your help! I cannot find Spuddy or Arnold anywhere. They were last seen in Kingfisher Class but now they are gone. A piece of paper was left behind (Weekly Challenge - Find Spuddy and Arnold Puzzle below) with a puzzle indicating their whereabouts. Please can you complete the puzzle and help me find them before Learner of the Week is announced on Friday?


Mr. Chedgy

Easter Challenge


Mrs Scott's NHS Easter Challenge

You are invited to make an Easter picture to say thank you to all of our doctors and nurses and our National Health Service.  We will send these on to our local NHS.


The picture can be drawn or painted. It should be bright and colourful and include the following:

An Easter egg

A drawing of you 

A message saying something along the lines of - 

Thank you to all of our nurses and doctors 

Thank for looking after everyone

Thank you to everyone in the NHS


Please take a photo of the picture and put it on your class blog.

Ask one of your parents to email the picture to with your name and class.

Put your picture in one of your windows.


From Mrs Scott