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Home Learning - Week 4 (25/01/21)

Home Learning: Spring Term Week 4


Hello Kingfishers!

Thank you all for sending across your work and other activities on Seesaw. I can see that you are all working very hard at home on your maths, English and topic work. It was great to see some of your pictures and videos from your science experiment and observing how a non-Newtonian fluid flows over your hand but can also be squeezed into a ball. smiley  Keep up the excellent work, Kingfishers!


This week, I have provided you with five English lessons, five maths lessons and five topic lessons (plus two additional R.E. lessons). In English, you will be learning about non-chronological reports. In maths, both Year 4 and Year 5 children will be learning about area. In topic, you will have three geography lessons, three R.E. lessons and a music lesson.


Please complete lessons one and two in any free time that you may have before Friday. Then, please complete R.E. lesson three on Friday as your afternoon lesson.


Remember to log in to Bug Club to read for 20 minutes every day and answer the questions by clicking on the little green bugs. This is one of the most important tasks for you to complete as it will help you with you comprehension skills. It is also important for you to log in to TT Rockstars daily and practise your spellings for your home learning spelling test every Friday. 


If you aren't already, please remember to send your work and activities to me on Seesaw. 


Have a lovely week, Kingfishers.

Maths: 25/01/21


White Rose Maths are providing worksheets along with video tutorials which cover the areas in maths that we would normally be doing in class. The worksheets and answers can now be found here on the class page (In the sub-folders below). The videos, which provide an input for each lesson, can be found via the links in the Kingfisher Class Home Learning Timetable at the top of this page.

English: 25/01/21


In our final week focusing on wild cats, you will learn about a tiger's diet and habitat before writing the final part of your non-chronological report. You will also practise your editing skills (which we were working on in school) before thinking about your favourite books and creating a 'Reading River' to show which books are important to you.


You will find all of the links for the learning videos in the 'Kingfisher Class Home Learning' file at the top of this page. All work this week should be completed in your exercise book (which you can collect from school) or on lined/plain paper. 

Topic: 25/01/21


This week we will be starting our new geography topic. We will start this topic this week by looking at the world's hemispheres, the different time zones around the world and the Arctic and Antarctic. In the week's leading up to half term, we will then turn our attention to South America.


In addition to your geography lessons, I have also included three R.E. lessons for you to complete. This term we are learning about Judaism in R.E.. Lesson one is an introduction to Judaism where you will learn about the Torah and Hebrew letters. In lesson two, you will focus on the features of a synagogue. In lesson three, you will look at the book of Genesis and explore some of the stories.

Please complete lessons one and two in any free time that you may have before Friday. Then, please complete R.E. lesson three on Friday as your afternoon lesson.


Finally, I have also included a music lesson for you. Your music lesson is timetabled for Thursday afternoon where you will be performing a Tukda.


Don't forget to try the quizzes at the beginning and at the end of these lessons. They will help you remember the important parts of the lesson.

P.E. - 25/01/21


Don't forget, Mr D has created some P.E lessons for you to try out at home. If you would like to join in with Mr D, follow the link below: