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How are schools the same?

During this enquiry, we will be geographers and artists. We will be identifying features of a classroom and comparing them to other classrooms around the world. We will be listing the similarities and differences that we find. We will display our findings using our art skills. 

Before we started our enquiry, we put our knowledge to the test. In groups, the Woodpeckers had to write down as many countries, cities, towns and continents as they could. The winning team could name 24 of these! 

Our first lesson was about identifying similarities between our classroom and another classroom. Whilst Kingfisher class went swimming, we took our clipboards to their room to look at what they have in there which we also have in ours. The Woodpeckers were able to spot lots of similarities such as furniture, types of displays and so much more. 

We have started to compare our classroom with other classrooms around the world. We looked at classrooms around Africa, in India, Brazil, Vietnam, America, Spain and many other places. The Woodpeckers were really interested in seeing other classrooms. They were quite shocked at some of the differences too.

We are pairing with a school in Doha. This is an international school so it has some similarities the same as our school but there are also some differences. We watched their welcome video where we were able to see their uniforms, buildings, classrooms and facilities. The Woodpeckers were very jealous at how big the buildings were and how grand they looked. The Woodpeckers then made videos of our classroom to develop their video making skills.

This week, we have been identifying similarities and differences between our classroom and others around the world. We have also been finding the countries these classrooms belong to, on a map. The Woodpeckers were very good at this and were even up for the challenges set.


To show our similarities that we identified, we coloured them in on a black and white photo version of a classroom in a Doha. This is the school we have been linking with and looking at specifically.

The Woodpeckers developed their computing skills this week. They practised using iPads to type emails to the children in our link school. 


Then they made posters in pairs. The poster displayed the similarities between our classroom and another classroom from around the world. They worked great in their pairs and created eye catching posters. The Woodpeckers have finished being Geographers and are very good at identifying similarities and differences around the world.