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How can we help?

In our next enquiry, we are going to be learning about how we can help others. We will talk about acts of kindness we can do for others and we will learn about different charities who help people. We are going to make our own stop animations to show our findings.

For our introduction into our new enquiry, we brainstormed all the people we can name who help others. We named our families, friends, doctors, dentists, carers, baby sitters, teachers, police officers, paramedics, fire fighters and many more. We then specifically identified the members of staff in school who help us and what they do for us.

In our second lesson, we learned about a local charity. We watched a video which explained what food banks are and we spoke about a local food bank charity based in Coleford. The children were really interested to learn about the Coleford food bank and were great at remembering all the new facts we learnt. We have decided that we will donate to the food bank to help those who need it!

Next, we spoke about ways we can be kind to others. We heard lots of ideas such as opening a door for someone, giving them a present, giving someone a hug, sharing our things and many more! 

We watched two animations called ‘Morph’ and ‘For the Birds’ to introduce stop motion videos. The Woodpeckers laughed tremendously to these videos and were very interested to hear how they are made. We compared the two videos and spoke about how they will make their own stop motion videos. 

The Woodpeckers had to draw a blob character acting out a gesture of kindness. There were some great illustrations!

We have now been talking more specifically about acts of kindness. As a class we brainstormed all the different ways we can be kind to others. Here are all of the Woodpecker’s great ideas. 

We have started to learn how to make stop motion videos. We have a special app on our iPads to create them. We watched a tutorial by an artist who makes Morph animations who explained the process. This was really interesting. Mrs Harrington even had a go. See her videos below. The Woodpeckers will start making theirs soon.‚Äč

Oscar the toy moving the chair

Still image for this video

Oscar the toy reading a book

Still image for this video

The Woodpeckers have paired up to start making their stop motion videos. Their first task was to choose an act of kindness that they would like to show in their video. Within this task, they also had to create their characters and think about what they will look like. Their next step was to create a back drop for their video. This had to link to their video to give it more detail and to make it look more fun. The Woodpeckers worked well in their pairs.

The Woodpecker's next task was to make their characters out of plasticine. The teachers were really impressed with the detail the Woodpeckers included in their characters. They were also very sensible at choosing the colours they needed and the appropriate amounts. 

The stop motion filming has commenced! The children have been working with each other sensibly and have been showing great team work. We can't wait to show you the final videos!

Once everyone’s stop motion animations were complete, the Woodpeckers added sound effects to their videos. They had to make sound effects by  using objects in the class and using their voices.


We watched everyone’s animations on the carpet and ate popcorn too. It was like being in a cinema. It was great to see everyone’s hard work.