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How do plants grow near me?

In preparation for the enquiry challenge, the children started to decorate their plant pots. They are going to plant a seed and present it to a person they love. They started to make their plant pots more appealing with a variety of colours. They also wrote a message to their loved one on the pot.

They then added soil to their plant, a sunflower seed and some water. They are going to look after their plants to start their growth then they will present them to their chosen person.

The Woodpeckers have started to complete a scientific enquiry. They are going to investigate how plants grow in different environments. The class were split into their house colour groups. Each group had 4 cups which contained soil and seeds. The children prepared these themselves and made sure it was a fair test but putting equal amounts in each pot. 

Next, the children placed their pots into the 4 different environments; in the dark, inside, outside in the shade and outside in the sunshine. All pots will be watered. The Woodpeckers predicted what they think will happen to each plant in the different conditions. We look forward to seeing the results. 

The Woodpeckers looked closely at some fruits and vegetables to see what their seeds look like. We looked at a variety of different types to see what the inside of them look like, such as butternut squash, pomegranate, kiwi, tomato and banana. Each child drew a detailed drawing of the fruit. Another group then looked closely at a plant pulled out of the soil to look at their roots. They got their hands dirty to remove all the soil then drew a detailed sketch of it in their art books.

Then for the best bit! We tried pomegranate seeds. The children loved them and all asked for seconds and thirds.

In this enquiry, we will be looking at plants. To start our enquiry, the Woodpeckers got into their groups and wrote down as many plants as they could. They thought about a variety of flowers, trees and even plants that grow fruit.