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How do we live a healthy life?

During this enquiry, we will be engineers, scientists and artists. We will be talking lots about how we can be healthy and will learn about different foods we can eat. We will be making our own fruit salads for our challenge! We will also learn about what animals eat and understand what a food chain is.

For our first lesson, we wrote down as many fruits, vegetables and herbs that we could. We discussed where these foods grow all around the world. 

Our second lesson was very exciting! We ate fruit in our lessons. We tried four different types of fruit and voted for our favourite at the end. We tried blueberries, raspberries, watermelon and pineapple. Pineapple was our favourite. 

We were artists in our next lesson. For the first half, we drew line drawings of a selection of fruit. We drew bananas, oranges, grapes, limes, pears, raspberries and blueberries. The Woodpeckers were very good and accurate with their drawings. 

In the second half of the lesson, we researched an artist called Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He was an Italian artist who created realistic paintings by using fruit. Instead of drawing a human, we would paint a selection of fruits to create a person portrait. The Woodpeckers found this really interesting and made their own art out of fruit. 

Mr D came in to the classroom to talk to us as a health expert. We asked him what humans need to do to be healthy. First he explained to us that the most important thing is to look after our bodies. He linked his facts to our PE lessons to explain how the exercises we do keep parts of our bodies healthy. Then he explained that eating the right foods are important. Minerals and nutrients from our food help to look after our bodies. He told us what happens to our bodies if we eat and drink many bad things. Finally, we spoke about hygiene. We were shocked to hear that hygiene can make us healthy. It keeps away types of germs to stop us being ill all the time and it keeps our bodies in a good state too. With this new knowledge, the Woodpeckers are experts at telling people how to live a healthy life. 

The Woodpeckers have been challenged to remember the three things living things need to have in order to survive. 

Humans, animals and plants need:


Water, food and air.


They are very good at remembering this fact. 

Next, we have been looking at food chains. Animals need to stay healthy and alive too. We have some key words we are using in our enquiry which are producers, consumers and predators. These help us to make and understand food chains. The Woodpeckers picked up this knowledge quickly and made their own food chains.

Challenge Time

Our enquiry challenge consisted of the Woodpeckers making their own fruit salad snack. They had a recipe of their choice to follow but could alter it to suit their preferences. We had a huge variety of fruits to choose from. The children were very good at chopping up their fruit, especially as some were trickier than others.

Then for the best bit! We all sat together to eat our masterpieces. The fruit salads went down a treat. Even some Woodpeckers licked the bowl clean!