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Just look at how much we are loving reading!

Mrs Tesoriere pretended to tell Jenie Jigsaw off for not being able to complete a puzzle.- We were all horrified and agreed that Mrs Tesoriere should be kinder to Jenie. We all worked together to complete a jigsaw.

Old Bear 

We have been reading the story Old Bear and learning how the toys worked as a team, showed perseverance and never gave up until they managed to rescue Old Bear from the attic.  Before we read the end of the book and discovered how the toys rescued Old Bear we thought of some of our own ideas, they consisted of zooming to the attic in a rocket, building a staircase with lego bricks and bouncing on a trampoline.  


We made growing plants that the toys could climb on to rescue Old Bear.

WE used our learning from last week to build towers to try to rescue Old Bear.

We painted different toys and bears.

Flying our paper aeroplanes.

Let's go fly a kite ...

We experimented with different ways to make waves to rock the boats.

Winter Walk 

Today we have been scientists looking for signs of Winter around our school grounds.  We have become so skilled and are using great vocabulary in describing our observations and ideas.  

We used our senses to explore our winter environment.

This is the Bear and the Scary Night 

We have been busy this week being historians, scientists and philosophers 

As philosophers we talked about what it would be like for ourselves, our environment and people around us if if we didn't persevere. We built a tower of blocks as high as we could which kept falling over but we kept on trying, we then tidied up as a team so that we could do it quickly ready for our lunch.

How Can We Stay Safe at Night

Some of us thought that dark is scary.  Fred the ted was left in the park at night and was a little scared, especially when an owl thought he was his prey.  As scientists we talked about what colours should we use to reflect the light to keep us safe.  We constructed experiments to see which colours would be seen the easiest.  Ask us and we will share our findings with you.  Mrs Tesoriere shared some photos of night with us that showed us that night is not scary it can be very beautiful.  

We examined different sources with magnifying glasses. We used our historian's skills to talk about what we learnt about toys from the past compared to toys we use now. We even demonstrated differences.

Hoops have been played with by children through the ages ...

... as have quoits ...

... and ring games ...

and skipping.

This is the Bear

This week, as authors, we have been reading the story of This is the Bear.  Our focus has been on rhyming we have made rhyming pairs with puzzles, completed rhyming strings, wrote rhyming words and shared other rhyming books. 


We are all just loving books at the moment. when ever we get a chance we are heading off to the book areas.

Thinking about rhymes

As mathematicians this week, we had to select cards and identify the numbers on them, we then counted the corresponding number of Moshis.

We all took a trip on a bendy bus. We stopped to let one person off at a time- we visited lots of different places, America, South Africa and Mount Everest (like Captain Tom) the beach, England and even Coleford. Everytime someoen got off the bus Mrs Tesoriere demonstrated how to write the number sentence.

We used this learning to write our own maths sentences for number bonds to 10.

We have enjoyed being engineers and making models of toys with construction. We have had various vehicles including combine harvesters, , dogs and other animals, princess castle and dragons. Can you spot them all?

We are learning to use lots of different apps on our tablets. We can use Hairy Letter, Phonic Bug and Bug CLub, Teach your Monster to read, kids doodle and Go explore to name just a few.

Inspirational People- Sir Captain Tom Moore

We have been thinking about our aims and goals for this year and the future.  We have been learning all about inspirational people and we kicked off learning about the amazing Sir Captain Tom Moore.  Please feel freee to ask us about him- we have remembered so many facts.   After learning about his goal to raise money for charity by walking 100 laps of his garden we decided to run some laps of our running track.  We thought we might do 100 laps but Mrs Tesoriere said that we should perhaps start with a couple and build up. 

Toy Shop 

We have learning about identifying different coins, their value and different ways of making amounts up to 6p.  We have been putting our knowledge to the test in our role of customers and shop keepers.

Winter Wonderland 

After a little cold snap, we decided to create our winter wonderland.  We had ice skating, snowball throwing, ice boats, igloo reading, and ice fishing.  To warm up after we made pretend hot chocolate.  

We placed our belonging in the designated lockers.

We worked on our skating skills

We fished through holes in the ice.

We made fake snowballs and took it in turns to throw them at the target, once we hit the target we challenged ourselves by moving further away.

Ice Boat Racing...

We took it in turns to mix and serve pretend hot chocolate to our friends.

igloo reading

Happy New Year 2022!

Welcome back everyone, we hope you have had a lovely Christmas break.  We have hit January with full energy and excitement