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Kestrel - Years 5 & 6


Mrs White, Mrs Tasker and Mr Lyons welcome you to Kestrel Class!


W.B. 03.07.17

What a busy week we have had in Kestrel Class! 


Arts Week

We chose David Hockney as our artist and we have all been working hard to re-create some of his paintings in a variety of media.


Weymouth Trip

On Wednesday, Kestrel Class went on the train to Weymouth beach. We all had a great time, playing in the sea, building sandcastles and eating ice cream. Here are a selection of photos from the day.





Some of the Year 5s have been going swimming. While they are waiting for their turn, we have been walking around the lake looking for wildlife. 


W.B. 26.06.17

Wow! The children have performed their Year 5 and 6 play- 'The Amazing Adventures Of Superstan.'

They put on a fanatastic show with some great singing, dancing and acting. We are all very proud of their hard work and dedication to their rehearsals. It all paid off and I am sure that we will be talking about this show for many years to come. Well done, Year 5 and 6!



W.B 12.06.17

The Year 6 children have been to Wells Cathedral to take part in Pilgrim Day. This is an opportunity to celebrate their time at primary school and plan for their new adventures at secondary school. As always, the children behaved beautifully. I was very proud of them all.




W.B 5.06.17



Our school dog has arrived!

He is called Teddy and he is 10 weeks old. He has been enjoying exploring the school and the children have all been extremely kind and patient with him.


We have been practising our school play. We are very much looking forward to showing you the finished production which is called The Amazing Adventures of Superstan.




W.B. 22.05.17

This week, we have been finishing off our Lunar Park Maths Project. The children were split into groups and had to design a moon- based theme park. As part of the project, every child had to calculate the cost of building the park, draw a map to scale, calculate the running costs, design advertising posters, create a T.V.  advert and work out how much profit they expected to make.

The teaching staff all enjoyed listening to the presentations very much; we were very impressed with the business plans produced and the creative ideas that were explained to us all. We will announce the winning team shortly.






We have started our unit of work on slavery. Children researched slavery on the internet and created a poster to share their findings with the class. 




W.B 8.05.17

Congratulations to all the Year 6 children who sat their SATs papers this week. They all tried their absolute best; I am very proud of all the hard work and effort they have put in prior to the SATs. Well done! Results will be published at the start of July. As soon as we have these, we will write to you with the outcome.

Please do bear in mind that these tests are only one way of assessing your child. They do not take into account if they are a gifted musician, artist, poet or dancer.They are also not able to assess the kindness, care and consideration that your children show to others every day in our school community. While we consider them to be an important part of Year 6, they do not show the full picture of what makes your child unique and special.  


After the SATs had finished, the Year 6 children had a SATs party. At one point, Robin Class joined in the fun. We all had a great time. Thank you for your kind contributions of food. 




On Wednesday, we all had a lovely time working with Owl Class on some outside art inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. 





As part of our work on North America, we have been looking at how elections are run in the United States. Candidates have been selected, campaign managers assigned and the speeches are well on the way to being completed! Voting will take place next week and we expect a very close race.





Congratulations to Jayden - he is this week's Cup of Kindness winner.



W.B. 1.05.17

Lakitta is this week's Cup of Kindness winner. Well done!


W.B. 24.04.17

Year 5s have been inspired by Africa! With the expert help of Mrs Tasker, they have been working hard to create traditional African drawings using charcoal. They have also been constructing and designing rural homes. Have a look below at the results.





The Year 6 children have been working very hard to prepare for their SATs. Please make sure that your child has enough time to rest, play and have a break from their SATs preparation when they are at home. I am very proud of their effort and their hard work- they have been superstars!



W.B. 27.03.17

This week is challenge week in Kestrel Class! Children will have a series of learning challenges to complete. Challenges include an Easter egg maths hunt, a spelling challenge, a mystery box piece of writing, guided reading tasks and a modal verbs activity. Each  challenge (completed to a high standard) will receive points. All the points will be added together  and the child with the most points will win an Easter egg. 


Here are some photos from our Maths Easter Egg Hunt.







Today, we were very excited to receive a letter from The British Museum asking us for our help to classify an artefact. Over the next few days, we will be guessing what is in the box. Once opened, we will research what this strange object might be. 




We have opened the box! The mystery object was an ocarina. We had great fun researching what it is used for, where it originates from, how it is made and we also practised playing it. 



We were very excited to welcome Easton C of E Academy to Bishop Henderson today. After a welcome cream tea, the Year 5s gave the Easton children a tour of Coleford (including the church and park). After a big game of football, we returned to school for a session to find out more about our beliefs and faith. Lunch was a delicious vegetarian buffet. All the Bishop Henderson children were wonderful hosts- well done! We are very much looking forward to visiting Easton in July.






Today was Easter craft afternoon. It was lovely to see so many parents in Kestrel Class creating Easter bonnets with their children. Thank you for your continued support- it is very much appreciated.



The Year 5 children went to Whitstone school on a taster day. They all had a great time and particularly enjoyed making pencil holders in a D and T lesson. Lunch was sausage, chips and beans or curry. Thank you very much to Whitstone for arranging this fantastic day- I am sure you will hear all about it over the Easter holiday.



Mrs Scott also held her very first tea party; Amelia and Erin were chosen to attend. On their return, they told us that they had eaten a cream tea, cakes and sandwiches. It all sounded delicious! Well done to Amelia and Erin children for their hard work and enthusiasm over the past term - they were very worthy attendees.


All that leaves me to say is that I hope that you all have a lovely Easter break. No homework has been set for the Year 5 children- I would like them to focus on playing and enjoying themselves. 


Thank you for all your enthusiasm, support and good humour over the past term.  We all look forward to working with you again next term to achieve the very best for your children.


Best wishes,


Mrs White, Mrs Tasker and Mr Lyons


W.B. 13. 03. 17

We have had a maths reasoning and problem solving week. Over the past few days, we have been completing a variety of reasoning and problem solving activities. We had a vote and we discovered that Kestrel Class's favourite problems to solve include: finding the value of missing angles; word problems involving percentages and challenges using measures. I have been very impressed with the children's resilient attitude to solving some complex mathematical questions. Keep up the good work! 


As part of our work in French, we have been learning the story of The Hungry Caterpillar. 




Mrs Tasker and Mrs James are in the process of making a display to show off the children's writing. As soon as this is finished, I will post some pictures on our class page.


This week, we had our second visit from the Mendip CAB. The children were very interested to learn about converting currency and the importance of shopping around in order to get the best deal. The past two sessions have been a great experience and have really helped everyone to understand the importance of budgeting and being financially sensible.









The Year 6 SATs practice books have now been ordered and should be in school shortly. I will write to all Year 6 parents to explain what your child needs to do. If you have any questions, please make an appointment with the school office to come and speak to me. I am happy to help. 


W.B.  06. 07. 17


Our letters have arrived from Easton Primary School!


The Year 5 children in Kestrel and Kingfisher Class were very excited to receive their first letters from their pen pals at Easton Primary School.


As part of our continuing work on British Values (and to strengthen our link with Easton), we are now looking forward to welcoming Mr Baker and his class to our school on 29th March. We are planning on having a traditional cream tea,  a  fun science activity and giving our visitors a guided tour of Coleford. We can't wait!


This week, we have been visited by Mendip Citizens' Advice Bureau. They have been teaching us all about money awareness and budgeting.

The children came up with some great money saving ideas- these had the added benefit of being good for the environment. Some of the ideas included insulating your home properly, turning off lights when you leave a room and keeping the boiled water from a kettle in a flask so that you don't have to keep re-boiling the water.







As part of  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths), Mr Lyons has been teaching the children about robots and machines.


It was great to see Ben and Charlie taking their interest in this subject beyond the classroom to create a battery operated machine together. Well done!



WB 30.01.17

The Year 6 children have been on a writing residential course to The Arvon Foundation. We all had a wonderful time and were very well supported by our professional tutors Stephen (a novelist) and Louisa (a poet). Helen- the wonderful cook- provided us with lots of delicious food including pasta bake and chocolate brownies on the first night. 

On Wednesday evening, Saquib (a beat boxer) came and read his poetry to us and taught us how to beat box. There were some very impressive performances from the children.

Our final night was a celebration of the children's work. All of the adults were extremely impressed with the thought and care the children had shown when crafting their writing. I am sure that we have some future authors in our midst! A big thank you to all the staff at Arvon for helping to make this a life- changing experience for the children at Bishop Henderson. It was brilliant!


Please scroll down for a selection of photographs from the week.






WB 23.01.17



This week, we have been completing our writing about Stanley Yelnats digging his first hole using a variety of figurative language. We definitely have some budding authors in our midst- the quality of some of language used has been outstanding. The teaching staff have all been very impressed! 


We are also starting to write our letters to Easton Primary School and compile our 'What's My Story?' pieces of work. The children are all very excited to have a pen pal and we will look forward to receiving the return letters in school after half- term. 


WB 16.01.17

In maths, we have been learning about negative numbers. The children have all enjoyed competing to see who can fill in our negative numbers grids in the fastest time. We have also been making sure that we are 100% accurate when we are completing negative number word problems.


This week, we visited a Sikh Gurdwara in Bristol. Mr Singh (who showed us around) made us feel very welcome and we all really enjoyed increasing our understanding of the 5 Ks, Sikh gurus and the way Sikhs aim to live their lives. After we went to the Gurdwara, we went to the park to have a run around and eat our lunch. Mr Singh told us that our children's behaviour was 'exemplary'. I was so proud of the way in which they conducted themselves- they were respectful and attentive. Well done Kestrel Class!





We will continue our work on British Values focussing on tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs when we begin to write letters to the children of Easton Primary School in Bristol. If you have not already returned your permission slip, please do so at your earliest convenience. Thank you.


Congratulations to Shannon who was the winner of this week's Cup of Kindness.


WB 09.01.17

Congratulations to Suzy for being the recipient of this week's Cup of Kindness.


WB 2.1.17

Happy New Year!

A very warm welcome back to school- I hope that you had an enjoyable and relaxing break. 

Year 6 have been enjoying 'Buddy Time' with their young buddies from Owl Class. 





Congratulations to Freya who won this week's Cup of Kindness.


WB 12.12.16

The snowman pinatas are finished! After some tense moments with wobbly heads and wonky carrot noses, Mrs Tasker and Mrs White are pleased to announce that this project is complete!  The children all worked extremely hard to complete  this craft project and had to show real resilience and teamwork to see it through to completion. Well done to Kestrel Class for their perseverance and determination.

A special mention must go to Freya who was an absolute superstar! Not only did she complete her pinata to a very high standard but she helped several children practically (and with words of encouragement) to complete their own snowmen. Thank you!



We have also been finishing off our Christmas presents for parents and/or carers. The children have been taking a lot of care to make sure that are able to give a gift of which they are proud.




This week, we have been working hard to become grammar gurus. Following our work on modal verbs, we have now moved on to  learn about the present, past and future progressive tenses. We have all been very impressed with the focus the children have shown. Keep up the good work.


As Christmas (and the end of term) approaches, all that is left for me to say is that I hope you all have a peaceful Christmas with your loved ones. Thank you so much for all your help and support over the past term. I am hugely appreciative for all that you do to support your child's education at home.


Merry Christmas!

Best Wishes,

Mrs White



WB 5.12.16

We have been to the panto! As part of our whole- school enrichment programme, every child in KS2 visited the Octagon theatre in Yeovil to watch a pantomime version of Peter Pan. For many children this was their first visit to the pantomime. We all loved the huge crocodile, Peter Pan's flying and Captain Hook disappearing through a hole in the stage! There was lots of laughter, singing and Christmas cheer- we had a great time. As always, the children were very well behaved and credit to our school.







This week, we had our Inspire morning- our theme was cross curricular planning for Christmas. Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended- we are very grateful for your continued support.

The children all enjoyed showing the adults what they had been learning in school.. Activities included creating an algorithm to programme Christmas sprites using SCRATCH, a geography task to name flags of the world, an English task identifying figurative language in a Christmas story, a maths activity making mince pies and a Design and Technology task making a bauble. Below are a selection of pictures from the day.






As a reward for all their hard work, we took the children to the park. We all had a great time using the play equipment and playing football. Below are a selection of photographs taken during our visit.







WB 21.11.16

 This week, we were visited by Thistle the guide dog and his owner- Jessica. Jessica told us all about the training programme for guide dogs, how Thistle helps her in her day- to- day life and what happens when guide dogs retire. We all enjoyed this talk very much. One of our favourite parts was getting to stroke Thistle- she was very soft!




We have been starting to use the SeeSaw app to share the children's learning with parents/carers. Every child has been sent home with a letter which has an individual QR code. Follow the instructions on the letter and you will be able to access your child's own personal learning space. Please do sign up- it is a great way for you to join us in celebrating all the wonderful learning that has been taking place in school.



WB 14.11.16

We have started our preparations for Christmas. The children decided that they would like to each make a snowman pinata. The first part of this (rather complicated!) craft project was covering balloons with newspaper and white paper. Kestrel Class- especially Mrs Tasker and Mrs White- are pleased to report that we have now been able to put away the glue and restore our classroom to its non- sticky former glory! We are looking forward to posting pictures of the finished product.




WB 7.11.16


Our school trip to Wells Cathedral for 'Play in a Day' took place on Wednesday 9th November. Based on the events leading up to (and during) WWI, Kestrel and Kingfisher children worked  with another school to create and stage a play in the nave of the cathedral.  As always, the children behaved impeccably.  We are looking forward to continuing our work about remembrance over the next few days and this experience will compliment the learning that has already taken place in school.




We are starting to think about Christmas crafts. If you have any old newspaper, it would be gratefully received by Kestrel. 


WB 31.10.16

This week, we have been learning about translating shapes. The children worked accurately and were very focused.


We have also been carrying on with our Street Child unit of work.


The children have shown great empathy and have been able to identify with the the character of Jim. Their writing about Jim's escape was their best English work yet- well done! We are all excited to find out whether he will be able to survive life outside of the workhouse and if he will manage to be reunited with his sisters.


Please do support your child in learning their weekly spellings at home. This week, we had too many children who had not done sufficient preparation for their weekly spelling test. Thank you to all the children (and parent helpers) who had prepared thoroughly.



WB 03.10.16


We have been to the Octagon Theatre to see Claire Balding talk about her new book 'The Racehorse Who Wouldn't Gallop'.



After Ms Balding's very entertaining talk, we had the opportunity to collect our signed copies of her book, chat to her and have our picture taken. It was very exciting!


After our theatre trip, we walked to Ninesprings Park where we had our lunch and then played on the equipment. Luckily, we were blessed with beautiful weather. It was a shame when we had to get back on the coach to come back to school- we had all had a fantastic time and, as always, the children were brilliant ambassadors for our school.