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Kingfisher Class 2020-2021

Mr Chedgy, Mrs Hill and Mrs Billing welcome you to Kingfisher Class!

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  • P.E will take place on Wednesday morning (children should wear their P.E kit to school).
  • Spelling tests will take place on Monday afternoons - please make sure you are practising at home!
  • Children in Kingfisher Class should be completing 30 minutes of reading every evening.

Celebrating Our 50th Birthday

We have had an fantastic time celebrating the 50th birthday of Bishop Henderson School. As with any birthday party, we had to dress for the occasion so we decided to have a mufti day. Children brought in £1 to raise money for our school. 

Then we went outside for some fun. There were two stations set up for us and the class were split into two groups. The first group went on the obstacle course where they had to complete as many laps as possible. This was a sponsored activity to raise more money for the school. The second group were able to celebrate the birthday in style on the Bishop Henderson Birthday Bouncy Castle! After a while, we switched so everyone had the chance to race around the obstacle course and bounce around on the castle.


To finish off the celebrations, we all had some delicious chocolate birthday cake and were given a school mug to commemorate the occasion. What an incredible day!

Bastille Day

On Wednesday 14th July we enjoyed celebrating Bastille Day! We discovered lots of new facts about France and had a go at painting like French artist Henri Matisse. We learnt a French song to help us remember the days of the week and then used the song to play a game called ‘Le facteur n’est pas passé’ which was a big hit – everybody loved it!

Le facteur n'est pas passe

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Euro 2020

The Kingfishers were very excited about Euro 2020. Each member of the class chose a country which they would follow for the whole tournament and we kept track of every match using our Euro 2020 wall chart. During the tournament, we were inspired by the flag artwork of Jasper Johns and decided to create our own set of Euro 2020 flags using different artistic techniques. The flags looked fantastic and really brightened up the classroom. 

Circuit Building

Kingfisher Class have had a super Summer Term. We have spent our afternoons learning about electricity. The Kingfishers have had a lot of fun building and drawing circuits and learning about conductors and insulators. We also enjoyed studying maps of the world to discover where light pollution is most prominent and observing what can be seen in the night sky without the pollution of light before looking at renewable energy and identifying how we can save energy in our everyday lives. 


Our final task was to use every skill that we had learnt during the enquiry when completing the 'Junior Electrician Challenge'. We were tasked with building three different circuits in a specified time and the Kingfishers loved the challenge!

Sports Day 2021

The day had finally arrived! The children had been practising the events in their P.E. lessons in the weeks leading up to sports day and they were all excited and ready to go. The weather was perfect for a morning of sport and everybody was in good spirits. 


The KS2 children competed in events including javelin, discus, shot put, long jump, 60m dash and 200m relay. After the final baton had been passed, it was Blue House who emerged triumphant! 


Congratulations, Mackintosh!

Alce Harfield - Flower Paintings

This term, Kingfisher Class have been learning about plants. In keeping with the floral theme, our class produced some beautiful paintings inspired by local artist Alce Harfield. 

Growing Sunflowers

Welcome back! Kingfisher Class have had an exciting week. This term we will be learning about plants: their features, how they grow and what they need to stay healthy and strong. We started off by planting our own sunflowers. We learnt about the importance of water, sunlight and nutrients from the soil in the life cycle of a flowering plant. We also found out about germination and what to look out for as we watched our seeds transform over the coming weeks.


We then spent some time investigating the different features of a flower and the role each part plays in helping it to grow big and strong. 

Egg-citing times for the Kingfishers

We had a 'cracking' final week before the Easter break. We started off by creating our very own Easter baskets from strips of coloured paper before moving on to make Easter bunny packaging for our chocolate eggs and an Easter themed chocolate nest cake as a sweet treat to add to our basket. We finished it all off with fingerprint Easter cards for our families at home.


Wishing you all a wonderful Easter holiday. We look forward to welcoming you all back to school for the Summer Term on Monday 19th April. 

Kingfisher Class 'Bubble'

Now that Kingfisher Class are reunited, we decided to celebrate in our bubble with some exciting activities. We 'popped' outside to have some fun with bubbles before 'bursting' through the classroom door to recreate our experience with paints and pastels. Using black paper to contrast our bubbles, we focused on the shading needed to make our bubbles really 'pop'. The final pieces looked fantastic - as if the bubbles were floating off the page.

End of Lockdown: Welcome Week

The Kingfishers are all happy to be back in school! After a long time away from our friends, we took some time to catch up. During Welcome Week, our focus was on well-being where we went on mindfulness walks around the school grounds, completed seated movement, mindfulness and listening activities, created some beautiful artwork to illustrate how we are feeling following lockdown and wrote some wonderful poems which focused on the sights and sounds of the school environment.

Kingfisher Class: December - Christmas Jumper Day

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Kingfisher Class!

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Christmas Character Day

Christmas Character Day was an exciting day at Bishop Henderson Primary School. This year, it was our final day of the autumn term and, furthermore, Christmas Dinner Day! In Kingfisher Class we had lots of festive fun, playing Christmas games and listening to Christmas songs. We really enjoyed our delicious Christmas dinner and having a day full of Christmassy fun after working so hard throughout the term.

Christmas in Kingfisher Class

Kingfisher Class fully embraced all things Christmas during the last two weeks of term. On Christmas Jumper Day, we made pop-up Christmas cards for our families and friends. They were difficult to make but we all helped each other and they looked great when they were finished.


We also made our very own Christingle while exploring the meaning of the symbolic object used during Advent. We were then able to use our Christingles during the Christingle service on Zoom.


As if that wasn't enough, we also took part in Mrs. Scott's school challenge to make our windows bright, cheerful and Christmassy! We really enjoyed making elves on the shelf and creating our own snowflake designs to decorate our windows. When the results were read out, we were pleased to hear that we had won the award for most pictures of smiley children on display. 

Golden Time!

This term, Golden Time has been more important than ever before, providing the children with the opportunity to have fun and play with their friends. In Kingfisher Class, we have taken advantage of the mostly fair weather over the autumn and winter months to venture outside and have some fun.

Learning in Literacy

In November, Kingfisher Class became editors of their own stories and newspaper reports. We have been learning how to check our work for grammatical mistakes, missing punctuation and, the most important job of all, using a dictionary to check for spelling errors. The children really enjoyed this task and their new editing skills have supported them in improving their writing accuracy.

Hello Yellow!

On Friday 9th October, children at Bishop Henderson Primary School raised awareness for mental health by wearing yellow for Hello Yellow day. As a class we discussed how we can support people around us and not just people who are our friends. We also spoke about the importance of being kind and making sure nobody feels alone before coming up with ways to cheer people up. We then took some photos in our 'Hello Yellow Photo Booth!'

Stonehenge Artwork

In our topic this term we have been learning about prehistoric Britain. As part of our learning, we have looked at Stonehenge and questioned why it was built and how people carried the large stones to the site in Wiltshire thousands of years ago. We then created our own 'Stonehenge Sunset' for one of our art displays which has brightened up the Kingfisher classroom.

A New Year in Kingfisher Class

It's the start of the new school year and all of the children have returned to school smiling, excited to see their friends and learn lots of new things. We have been extremely lucky to have such beautiful weather this September so Kingfisher Class have been able to venture outside and enjoy the sunshine during their P.E. lessons. 

We also made the most of the beautiful weather by taking our PSHE lesson outside. We took it in turns to discuss what we are looking forward to this year in Kingfisher Class and played some games to get to know each other before finishing off with a good old game of 'Duck, Duck, Goose!'

Kingfisher Class: September - First Week Back