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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'

Kingfisher Class 2021-2022

Mr Chedgy, Mrs Hill and Miss Soulsbury welcome you to Kingfisher Class!

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  • P.E will take place on Wednesday morning (children can keep their P.E kit in school).
  • Spelling tests will take place on Wednesday afternoons - please make sure you are practising at home!
  • Children in Kingfisher Class should be completing 30 minutes of reading every evening.

Christmas Dinner and Festive Celebrations

At Bishop Henderson Primary School, we are always excited for Christmas dinner. In Kingfisher Class we had lots of festive fun, playing Christmas games and listening to Christmas songs. We really enjoyed our delicious Christmas dinner and having a day full of Christmassy fun after working so hard throughout the term.





Christmas in Kingfisher Class

Kingfisher Class fully embraced all things Christmas during the last two weeks of term. On Christmas Jumper Day, we made corrugated snowman Christmas cards for our families and friends. They were difficult to make but we all helped each other and they looked great when they were finished.


We also made our very own Christingle while exploring the meaning of the symbolic object used during Advent. We were then able to use our Christingles during the Christingle service on Zoom.


After that, we made some Santa decorations to hang up on our Christmas trees at home. They looked fantastic and we were all proud of our creations.

Why do we live here?

Our history and geography enquiry 'Why do we live here?' had the Kingfishers reflecting on Coleford and the surrounding area. We began by looking at the world and comparing China with Iceland which helped us consider why some countries have larger populations than others. We made comparisons between Coleford and the other local towns and cities, identifying why people settled in these areas. We then moved on to looking at how Coleford has changed over the last century; during this time, we spent some time focusing on a significant local landmark known as the 'Hucky Duck Aqueduct'. Prior to the study, we had only associated the name Hucky Duck with the beloved carnival club so it was very interesting to make this discovery.

Budding Clarinetists in Kingfisher Class

During the Autumn Term, Kingfisher Class have had the opportunity to learn to play the clarinet alongside Swallow Class. Each week the children have had an hour long lesson learning about the clarinet and playing the different notes. The class have enjoyed it so far and are looking forward to continuing their music lessons in the Spring Term.

What is the difference between noise and sound?

Our enquiry this term has been 'What is the difference between noise and sound?' We began by researching musical instruments, we discovered their pitch and volume before having a go at making our own.


For our own designs, we recycled materials to create instruments. Using our instruments we formed a band a created our own 8-beat-melody. The Kingfishers really enjoyed this project - not only did they learn about the science behind music but also got to practise their design and technology skills.

The Opening of the Peace Garden

In readiness for the opening of the school's peace garden, Kingfisher Class decorated pebbles with positive affirmations and calming colours. It is hoped that the pebbles will enhance the relaxing nature of the peace garden. Thank you ever so much to those who contributed towards the creation of the garden.


As well as creating beautifully designed pebbles, Kingfisher Class also helped the school to celebrate its 50th anniversary. For the time capsule, Kingfisher Class wrote a letter to the children of the future and included some everyday items which may become unfamiliar over the coming decades.


The celebrations concluded with the school fair!

Kingfisher Class Are Back!

Kingfisher Class have had a fantastic first week back at school. The Year 4 and Year 5 children have been taking part in lots of fun activities and have enjoyed getting to know their new class mates. We have started our school year with an enquiry:


'What Makes Bishop Henderson Primary School A Community?'


We have looked at the history of the school through interviews with Mrs Scott, Mrs Shepard and Mrs Allen, discussed the school's visions and values and also identified the features of a good learner and how we can treat our school with respect. All of our ideas and findings were used to create an interesting display for new visitors to have a look at as they enter the school.