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Kingfisher - Years 4 & 5

Welcome to Kingfisher Class!

Mr Chedgy and Mrs James would like to welcome you to our class.

Reminders for children:

P.E. will take place every Monday afternoon.

Homework will be handed out on a Monday and is due in on Friday.

Spellings are also handed out on a Monday, with a spelling test on Friday morning.

Ancient Egyptian Portraits


This week, in Kingfisher Class, the children have painted profile portraits of themselves as an ancient Egyptian. The children created their own image and added a colourful ancient Egyptian headdress to their picture. They learned how to mix paints to get the desired colour and were meticulous when blending the colours on the page.


The paintings definitely brighten up the classroom and look great hanging in the Kingfisher Art Gallery.

Ancient Egyptian Sculpting


This term, Kingfisher Class are studying ancient Egypt. This week, the children have had the opportunity to sculpt an ancient Egyptian mask using clay. With some expert advice from Nick the Potter, the children have created some wonderful Egyptian works of art.

Year 5 Taster Day - WB 27.03.17


On the final day of the Spring Term, the Year 5 children visited Whitstone Secondary School in Shepton Mallet. The children took part in a range of exciting lessons including German, design and technology, art, and science. Once again, the children were respectful and polite and acted as great ambassadors for the school.

Kingfisher Class Trip to The Shah Jalal Jame Mosque - WB 27.03.17


This week, we visited an Islamic Mosque in Bristol. Mr Ahmed showed us around and made us feel extremely welcome. We all really enjoyed increasing our understanding of The Five Pillars of Islam, Islamic attire and The Quran. After we had visited the Shah Jalal Jame Mosque, we went to the park to eat lunch, have a run around and play on the play equipment. The children asked sensible, meaningful questions during the visit, acted in a respectful manner and behaved impeccably throughout the day.

Jackdaws 'Year of the Recorder' Project at the Cheese and Grain - WB 20.03.17


On Wednesday 22nd March, Kingfisher Class travelled to the Cheese and Grain in Frome. We took part in the 'Year of the Recorder' concert along with eleven other schools. It was a wonderful experience for all involved and it was great to see so many parents in attendance during the final performance.

Jackdaws 'Year of the Recorder' Project - WB 20.02.17


This week the Jackdaws Music Education Trust visited Bishop Henderson Primary School. The whole school were treated to a music concert played on a variety of recorders. Kingfisher Class then participated in a workshop, where they were taught how to play the recorder.

The University of Bath - WB 06.02.17


On Monday 6th February, Kingfisher Class visited The University of Bath. We were given a tour of the superb sport facilities before practising our speed, agility and ball skills. After lunch we had a go at the long jump, javelin throw, relay races and sprinting through timing gates. Before we left the university we ran a lap of honour around the 400 metre track which was very tiring.

Maths - Learning About Fractions WB 09.01.17


This term, Kingfisher Class will be learning about fractions in maths. So far we have made fraction walls, learned about equivalent fractions and found out how to order fractions.

Make the world better with a sweater


Here at Bishop Henderson School we wore our festive jumpers to support the Save the Children charity.  Kingfisher Class looked great in their bright and colourful jumpers. The money raised by the school will support the Save the Children charity in their on-going projects to alleviate poverty across the world.

Peter Pan At The Pantomime


Kingfisher Class - along with Kestrel and Swallow Class - visited the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil to watch the Peter Pan pantomime. We all loved watching the story unfold and joining in with the actors and actresses on stage. The children had a fantastic time, behaved exceptionally well and were great ambassadors of the school.

Science - The Digestive System


In science we have been looking at the digestive system of the human body. We conducted an experiment to see how the digestive system works and how the human body absorbs all of the important vitamins and minerals. The children really enjoyed acting as the stomach and intestines, squishing up the food with their hands.



In Kingfisher Class our topic for this term is 'An American Adventure', which has so far focused on South American culture. We have had lots of fun recreating the Nazca lines of Peru using a wax resist technique. We have also created our own Mola patterns using simple animal shapes and bright colours.

The Weirdest Sport in the World


In Kingfisher Class we have been learning about all of the weird and wonderful sports from around the world. During our learning, we had a debate to decide which sport was the strangest. The children all made convincing arguments and were very respectful of the opinions of their classmates. In the end, we decided that cheese rolling was the weirdest and most unique sport in the world.



In science, Kingfisher Class have been learning about forces. This week we have been focusing on what makes a force balanced or unbalanced. We then had a go at making our own balanced and unbalanced forces.

Roald Dahl Day


On Tuesday 13th September the children of Bishop Henderson Primary School dressed up for Roald Dahl Day. The children of Kingfisher Class made a fantastic effort with their costumes.