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Rocket Science News! 

PLEASE NOTE: Spoiler Alert!


Having finally received our link to the big reveal video, where Major Tim Peake put us out of our misery, we can now reveal to the nation that the seeds which went into space were the...(drum roll)...BLUE PACKET OF SEEDS! We were delighted by this news as it was what most of us had predicted.


As part of a recent Maths homework, the children were given a print-out of all the data we collected during the experiment and asked to analyse the data and then use it to make a prediction about which seeds had gone into space, giving their ideas as to why this might help or hinder the seeds' growth. 21 children predicted that the blue packet of seeds had gone into space and only 7 predicted that the red packet had.


The blue packet grew significantly less well in our experiment and we had varying ideas as to why this might be. Some thought this might be down to increased solar radiation, others thought it related to lower gravity and some believed that a lack of oxygen might have made a difference. Whether there is a marked difference across all of the schools which took part, and whether going into space should make a difference, is something we shall have to wait to find out when all of the data across the country has been analysed and we get our final update in the autumn term.



Rocket Science Experiment Complete!


After 5 weeks of carefully growing, measuring and recording data from our rocket seeds, our space science is now complete. We were lucky enough to be part of a national project, run by the European Space Agency and the RHS, to grow 2 sets of rocket seeds: one which had been up in the International Space Station with Major Tim Peake, and one which had remained on Earth. During the course of the experiment, we have had no idea whether our red seed packet or blue seed packet contain the space seeds. A video, specially recorded on the International Space Station, will be available later this term for us all to discover which seeds went into space. We can't wait!





More Gaudi Goodies!

Our Gaudi Inspired Architecture Takes Shape

An Example Of Our Fantastic, High-Contrast Artwork


After completing our colourful backgrounds, we decided to colour copy them. This way we could create 2 pictures from 1! Our first, on the original collage background, is a high-contrast tree design (as pictured here). Later we will use our colour copies of the background to block print our portrait faces onto. We think you'll agree that Erin's tree looks rather striking, even if we did 'branch' away from our portrait work to create it!


Making Colourful Backgrounds For Our Block Printing

Welcome To Our Virtual School Tour! Simply scan the QR codes (with a QR code scanning app) which accompany each picture, and follow us on a fabulous tour of our school!

Our Gift For The Puffins Nursery Open Day

States of Matter


In Science, in Kingfisher Class, the children have been learning about states of matter .  The 3 states of matter are solid, liquid and gas and different materials change from one state to another at different temperatures. 


The children have put together a display that illustrates the different states of matter. Can you match the same material in different states? Why not pop into the Reception area of school and give it a try?



Happy Christmas!


Mr Reynolds, Mrs Eyles and Mrs James would like to wish you a happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Fantastic Hand-Sewn Tree Decorations


We have been busy leading up to Christmas, learning how to sew and practising different stitches. Our challenge was to make some hanging Christmas tree decorations, using running stitch, cross stitch and blanket stitch.

Kingfisher Trip To @Bristol - A Fantastic Exploration Of The Galleries and A Great 'Sun, Earth and Moon' Workshop!

Spooky Podcasts for Friday 13th!!

Listen to our spooky podcasts which we performed in groups, complete with sound effects!

Alfie's Group

Cerys P-B's Group

Courtney's Group

Eden's Group

Esme's Group

Eve's Group

Freya's Group

Indigo's Group

Shannon's Group

Suzy's Group

The Great Upthrust Challenge! Can You Make A Boat From Plasticine Which Floats? Can It Float With A Mass In?

Fabulous Fractions


In maths, we have been studying fractions and learning how to find equivalent fractions. To get us off to a great start, we made 'fractions walls' to help us to see how fractions compare and to help us find equivalent fractions.




Watery Weighing


We have been weighing objects in air and water this week, using force-meters and comparing our findings. Because of the upthrust from the liquid, which acts against gravity, we found that objects weighed less in water than they did when weighed in air!


Feeling a bit overweight? Have a bath and you'll feel so much lighter!











Our Finished Space Shuttles


We painted our Space Shuttles this week and, I think you'll agree, they look fantastic!



On Your Marks, Get Set, The New Games Court Is GO!


Today was the grand opening of our fantastic new games court. As a treat, we had a visit from Leon Reid,  the  National under-23 and Commonwealth 100m and 200m sprinter.  Kingfisher Class not only had an extra PE session run (in every sense of the word!) by Leon, but then were further treated to some tennis and netball coaching from some visiting teachers and sports coaches from Writhlington School. Needless to say, the children had an excellent time and all pushed themselves to the limits. Well done, Kingfisher Class, you were great!














We Have Lift Off!


We have been practising our art skills with pencil and paper, by drawing the Space Shuttle, to fit with our Space Topic. As a result of our first attempt, we worked out that the hardest part was drawing a cuboid shape to form the main part of the spaceship. After a couple of sessions practising drawing 3D shapes, we then had a second try at drawing the Space Shuttle and the results were fantastic! 

Welcome to Kingfisher!


Mr Reynolds, Mrs Eyles and Mrs James would like to welcome you to the Kingfisher Class page. Please check back regularly to check what we've been up to.

It's going to be a great year!

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Kingfisher Class Autumn Term Topic Plan 2015