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After reading Supertato along with many other superhero books we make our own superhero vegetables.

We made superhero themed music by experimenting with the different sounds the instruments made.

Even superheroes love reading, especially when it is books about superheroes!

After all teh saving and rescuing we have done we earnt a well deserved rest.

We made up a game where we had to rescue someone from the burning floor. We worked so well as a team!

Superheroes keeping fit.

Superhero Rescue Station - we have been very busy rescuing and saving people.

The Queen's Jubilee 

As a whole school, we wanted to mark the very special occasion of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  We were inspired by some art that Mrs Tesoriere had seen in a gallery and so we decided that it would be fantastic if we could recreate something as beautiful to make the jubilee.  Mrs Inns (Nick the Potter) was invited in.  He made videos for the older children to learn how to use the clay and we all used these skills to create a contribution for our art piece.   This is what it looks like so far ...

We used our skills that we had learn previously when making our bears and Nick the Potter was very impressed with how well we did.

Healthy Sleeping. We have been learning about the importance of sleep and how sleep stores our learning and memories and how it repairs our bodies.

Superheroes - Healthy Me 

Our Jigsaw theme for this half term is Healthy Me, this is perfect for us as superheroes.  We have been learning about the importance of exercise and how we can get exercise through activities that we love such as swimming and soft play.  We have also been learning about our own level of fitness and trying to improve it.  We are trying to run around more of our running laps before having to stop and we have bee learning about healthy eating.  

Mrs Tesoriere was going to make a sweets, chocolate, biscuits, cake and cola sandwich as all those things taste lovely. Luckily Mrs Billing stopped her just in time. We then sorted foods into healthy foods and foods that should be for an occasional treat.


We have been learning about superheroes and how they spend the majority of their time rescuing rather than fighting.  We have been practising our superhero skills.  We are totally loving this enquiry - What makes a superhero? 

WE have practised our climbing wall skills.

We have been making up dances for superhero theme tunes.

We have practised our superhero poses...

We have been practising our rescuing skills and exploring our rescue station

We have practised our superhero agility skills

We have made superhero resources including a superhero belt and superhero vehicles.

Skills when using clay

We are going to be working on a whole school clay project to mark the Queen's jubilee later this year.  To prepare for this Nick the Potter made videos for the rest of the school to learn the skills and Mrs Tesoriere taught us the same skills in order to be able to make our individual teddies.  We had to learn how to mould clay by ...

...rolling a sphere in the palm of our hands...

... rolling a sausage with our fingers ...

... pinching and shaping...

... slip, moulding and smoothing ...

... using mark making tools...

Welcome to Owl Class Toy Museum

We have had a great time taking on roles in our toy museum, some of us have been ticket collectors, tour guides and visitors.  We have also been busy making props for it such as , designing and making tickets and posters for it 

Toy Museum 

Mrs Tesoriere would like to say a big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who have very kindly leant us older toys as exhibits for our class toy museum.  Mrs Billing and Mrs James even managed to find some toys for us. 

Mrs Tesoriere spoke to us all about the different toys and we talked about the differences and similarities  between them and our modern toys.  She has explained that we are very fortunate that people have been so kind and so we must make sure we are respectful of the exhibits and handle them very carefully.  

Our museum is now ready for visitors

We were fascinated in the toys.

These are some of the toys we collected for our museum.

We have made a bear puppet each ready for our puppet theatre next week.

As artists, we designed our own bears

World Book Day 

We had the option of dressing up to mark World book Day.  We went to town on our costumes!  Some of the other teachers told Mrs Tesoriere that they thought we were the best dressed class. 

Collective Worship and Assemblies 

We have actually managed to have in person collective worships and assemblies all week.  It was such a welcomed sight by all the staff and us children after 2 very long years of zoom celebrations.