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Queen Elizabeth ll's Platinum Jubilee !!!!!

We have found many ways to celebrate the Queen's jubilee.  These are just a few of them ...

We have been looking at photographs of Queen Elizabeth ll from the last couple of decades and used them to produce our own portraits of her. We noticed that she looks wonderful in all sorts of colours and more often than not she is wearing something on her head.

We coloured in and designed our own jubilee bunting.

our super class bunting!

To mark the end of our celebrations, wehad a jubilee picnic fit for a queen - Mrs Tesoriere called in to see us with a surprise guest - Hamish her dog!

Sports Day 

We had another practise for sports day but this time it was with Mr D.  We are very much looking forward to the real event next month.  

3 legged race

... hurdles ...

... javelin throwing ...

... running ...

... sack race ...

... space hoppers ...

and stilt walking!

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears 

We have looked at the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and  have talked about if Goldilocks was right in going into someone's house and helping herself to their things.  Luckily we all agreed that it wasn't right as it was stealing and it wasn't safe for Goldilocks.  


As scientists, we are becoming vets- we have looked at different anmals x-rayed and have checked over our little pets in the surgery.

We have painted our clay bears that we have previously made.

ordering the bears washing with numbers on.

We had a visit from Steve the Road Safety Officer, he told us all about how to stay safe in cars and on the roads. He also introduced us to the different crossings.

Stone Soup 




Traditional stories are shared from generation to generation and  all around the world .  One of these stories is 'Stone Soup'.  It has been told in Russia, France, in the UK and many other countries.  We looked at some of these different versions and some more modern versions.  We have great fun in noticing the differences and similarities.  

We took a visit to a local park with our buddies for two reasons. The first one was to celebrate our buddies' successful SATs and to further develop our work on relationships and sharing and taking turns and being respectful of others.

We were Geographers on our way to the park. We looked at different buildings, their uses and the architecture. We even spotted buildings of personal interest to us.

We have been learning about relationships in Jigsaw and through Stone Soup. We have been learning about the importance of managing our behaviours. including breathing.

We have been concentrating on being good friends working together and sharing and taking turns.

As mathematicians, we have been exploring 2D and3D shape, their properties and data handling.

As scientists, we have been exploring how to make wheels move by the power of water.

The Three Little Pigs ...continued 

We have learning about positions- first second and third, materials and their uses, relationships, justice and perseverance through the story of The Three Little Pigs.  

We have explored lots of different ways of retelling the story.

We separated things that started with the sound 'p' and posted them in the piggy bank.

As scientists and engineers we looked at the properties of sand and how we could used them to make bricks. We discovered we needed wet sand and tools to make the perfect brick, we also worked out that when the sand dried the bricks would crumble.

After looking at different building around our environment, we tried to recreate the patterns in the bricks to make strong walls.

As scientists we looked at our local environment and looked at the types of materials that are used in construction. We discovered that bricks are used for walls and that the bricks have to be staggered. We found glass that can be looked through and let light in. We found plastic that can be various colours and moulded . We found tiles and slabs that are waterproof . We found metal is shiny smooth and lasts a long time and we found that wood is very attractive, nice to touch and can be used for a variety of construction.

We have built on our cutting skills- choosing clothes to dress our pigs in and cutting them out and sticking them on to complete the outfits.

As athletes we have been practising for sports day. We worked in our house teams and tried different running races including bean bag and ladders and hoops. We ended with a rely race passing the baton to each other. We also learnt how important it is to be a good spot and to cheer your class mates on.

We are becoming fantastic mathematicians! We are getting so good at knowing our double facts to 12. If we haven't yet learnt them off by heart we are able to count on from the first number to find the total. If we know our double facts off by heart we are also able to use our knowledge to work out higher doubles.

As scientists we used our senses to explore the signs of spring in our beautiful natural world. We explored our school environment and spotted lots of signs including blue skies, blossom, flowers, new foliage tadpoles and nesting birds and mini beasts.

We are reading every night so that we can move up the reading tree. Every time we read at home our little owl moves up a branch. When we reach the top we get a sticker and then the next time we can choose a prize from the treasure chest and so on...Some of us discovered some similarities between our owls and ourselves!

Welcome Back 

We hope you had a lovely Easter break.  We are starting this term running-literally!  See believe for the adventures we have had this first week.  This term we are concentrating on traditional tales.