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Number fun!

Nursery Home Learning 18th May - All children

Nursery Home Learning 18th May - Older Children

Nursery Home Learning (all children) -Week beginning 11th May 


I hope  everyone enjoyed building dens last week. This weeks challenges involve using your hands for maths learning, singing and being creative. Hope you have fun!  Don't forget to send your pictures  or comments to Seesaw or




Nursery Home Learning (children starting school in September)-Week beginning 11th May


This weeks challenges involve playing two games. One game will help you listen to the sounds at the beginning of words. The second game will help you practise counting and recognising numerals.                                                                   

                                                                 Have Fun!



Den Building Fun!

VE Day Activities 🇬🇧

Tower building challenge

4th May - Home Learning Task (all children)

We challenge all our nursery children to build a den!

Building a den will help with children's learning, creative thinking, sustained and shared thinking. It will also help them understand how to plan, evaluate and investigate. Also, it's just plain old fashioned fun!
Grab a cardboard box, chairs, pillows, old sheets or what about a clothes horse? Anything goes! If you are adventurous head outside and grab some big sticks and make a tee-pee tent with an old sheet or tarpaulin.


Once you have made your den, you could share a story with an adult  or a sibling (or maybe even your pet). Can you say what you can see in the pictures. Where is the writing? Who are the main characters? What is happening in the story? What do you think will happen at the end of the story? You could even draw a picture of something that happened in the story.

We would love to see a photo of you enjoying your den. We will post some pictures of your den building on the nursery page of the school website. You can send them via Seesaw or send to

Some den ideas......

Week beginning 4th May - Nursery Home Learning (children going to school in September)

We would like you to practise writing your name this week.


You can use the letter formation sheet to help you see how you should form your letters. We use a capital for the first letter in your name and lower case for the rest of the letters. Remember to hold your pencil in a tripod grip (using three fingers). If it’s a bit tricky maybe an adult could write your name for you to copy. Can you send us a picture of your name once you have written it?


Get Creative! Once you have written your name with a pencil, you could experiment with other ways to write your name. At nursery we sometimes use the following ideas to make marks:


Shaving foam/paint - spray into a tray and use a finger to make marks

Water - paint your name with a paintbrush and water on a wall or concrete in your garden Playdough - mould the letters of your name out of playdough

Nature art - use natural things from your garden to make the letters of your name (sticks, dandelions, leaves)


Can you think of any other creative ways of writing your name? We’d love to see them! Don’t forgot to send a photo on Seesaw/email or via the blog

Example nature writing

Our school handwriting