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We have arrived!


After a very quick bus journey, we made it safely to Great Wood. The children were given a quick tour before settling into their cabins for the week. I am already so impressed with how tidy they all are. Fingers crossed they stay like this for room inspections. After lunch we got straight into our first racing. 


All the ducks performed brilliantly but Mr Reynolds' duck stormed ahead to victory. A very big well done to Nathaniel and Ellie who came second and third. Their next challenge was to create the best dam in the stream that would be carefully judged by the activity leaders. The best dams I have ever seen, so much so, that many wellies got completely filled. Thank goodness for the dry room. 


Now for some free time before dinner and a quiz. 

Eating our lunch

These are our cabins

Duck Racing and Dam Building

Duck Racing Champions

Dinner, hot chocolate and a story to end a busy day