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More Autumn Creativity 

We went on a winter mindful walk to admire all the beauty in our environment during the season of autumn.  We took this task very sensibly and took it in turns to be the spotter, the collector and the 'ticker-offer-er!" 

We used conkers for printing- we dipped conkers in paint and them rolled them in a tray on paper. We oved the effect it made.

Bonfire Night 

We have all talked about our different experiences and traditions during Bonfire Night.  some of us have fireworks as a family and some of us go to firework displays.  Whatever way we chose to celebrate we all need to make sure that we stay safe and that we ensure all animals are safe.  

We worked on our fine motor skills by making a firework picture using sparkly materials and sequins.

We made fake sparklers by twisting and attaching sparkly pipe-cleaners to make our own sparkler art work.

We used tissue paper and little sticks to create a collage of a bonfire.

We experimented with fluorescent paint to produce and firework nightscape

Festivals and Celebrations 

This half term always feels full of festivals and celebrations.  We are kicking it off with the beautiful and colourful  Diwali- also known as the Festival of Light.  We have learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and their fight of good against bad and how they had help from friends such as Hanuman.


We have made our own diwa lamps using the skills we have learnt through Dough gym  

We squeezed the clay, it appears we have to use our hands and our faces to do this because the clay was so cold and hard!

We rolled the clay into a spherical shape

we pinched the clay to form the lamp like shape

We made marks around the outside and inside to make them look beautiful. We now have to wait for them to dry and we can then paint them.

Flat Breads 

Mrs Tesoriere brought us some of her favourite spices that are used in traditional Indian cooking.  We looked at the colour of them and smelt them before we added them to the other ingredients.  We thought the Tumeric looked the nicest but smelt the worst.  We thought the Coriander didn't really smell of much but we loved the smell of Cumin and Garam Masala.  

We mixed the flour, oil, warm water and spices together

We kneaded the dough

After our flat breads were cooked we all enjoyed tasting them. Some of us have even said that we are going to make them at home.