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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'


Owlet Class 

We have been playing schools so Mrs Tesoriere asked us if we would like to turn the home corner into a classroom- we have had great fun ,waking our children up to go to school,  reminding our pupils of the class rules, giving ticks, taking the register, and taking part in Wake and Shake.  

Maths - Subitising

We are learning to notice patterns in the arrangements of amounts such as dots, so we know how many these is without having to count them all the time.  Dice games and ten frames are a really good way of learning that.

A  love of books

After sharing all these stories and using all our story maps - we are certainly showing a real love of books.  

We used a variety of materials to create a collage of owls on their nests

We have been experimenting with different brushes to create prickles for our autumn hedgehogs.

Kind Hands and Friends

We have been learning how to be kind and good friends.  We understand that we all have differences and similarities and that we are all unique and that that is good! We can still be friends if we look the same or different and if we like the same things or different things.  We have also been learning about what it takes to be a good friend.  We shared the story, "Hands Are Not For Hurting"  We then talked about how we can use our hands in good ways.   

Mrs Tesoriere is very proud of us with the progress we have made with sitting and listening on the carpet, We do it for class sessions including jigsaw, circle time story time, listening to the Special Person and for assembly.

We thought of super ideas to use our hands.

We have explored autumn shapes and colours with leaf printing.

We followed Mrs Tesoriere's instructions to make toast.

We spread our choice of toppings

We used our knifes to cut our toast in half.

And for the best part ... the eating...

We have been learning about repeating patterns - we can even write our own music using repeating shapes to represent the instruments.

We are very pleased to welcome our buddies back after their adventures on camp. We had buddy time together looking at possibilities for the scarecrow competition and then playing games together.

These are some of the scarecrow images we thought were great- can you spot who they are? You never know they might give you inspiration.


Our buddies left to go on their camp at Greatwood this week.  We waved them off and kept up to date with all their adventures on the school website- if you haven't yet, we strongly recommend you take a look.  We were so pleased to see what a fun packed week they all had but we are very much looking forward to seeing them and hearing all about it in person when we are back together next week.  We told Mrs Tesoriere that we really want to go there, she said she is sure we will have a chance but it won't be for a couple of years yet! 

Owl Babies

We have continued to learn about owls this week.  We have been reading the story 'Owl Babies'  we are great at joining in with the repeated refrains and talking about the verbs in the story - we acted out thinking, bouncing, flapping, dancing and soft and silently swooping.  

We drew pictures and wrote about the story.

We learnt that owls made their nests out of twigs and leaves and feathers - we made our own giant nests in owl garden.

We have been learning why leaves change colour and fall from trees. We used the autumnal objects to create our own mobiles.