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Celebrating Puffins first term 2021-2022 

A Windy Day.

The children were inspired by the story of 'A windy Day' to create their own beautiful paintings, like the boy in the story.


The  children made streamers to use on windy days!

Forest skills.

The children had alot of  fun during forest skills sessions. They made stickmen and  bird feed. They practised their balancing and climbed a tree!

The Gingerbread Man.

The children learnt the story of The Gingerbread Man using a talk for writing story map. They enjoyed acting out the story using cut out characters and they made gingerbread men for real.

Sorting and counting

To develop counting the children learnt the rhyme 5 Little speckled frogs and counted frogs on a log. They also sorted objects by colour and counted small groups of different colours.