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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'

Owl Class 2018-19

Mrs Tesoriere, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Bullock would like to welcome you to Owl Class!

We hope you enjoy following all the friendships we make and the fun and learning we will experience over the year.

Reminders:  PE will be on Tuesdays and Fridays  

  Amazing Maze

It is great to be back for Summer.  We have been working on a project outside again.  This time we have used the left over turf from our willow dome to build a grass maze.  Mrs Tesoriere showed us different images of grass mazes and we then used them to inspire our own designs.  We selected two we liked and took a class vote to decide which one we liked the best.  Team Owls then struck again, and produced something we are very proud of. 

New Beginnings

In class we have been learning all about Easter and new beginnings.  We went to church for an Easter service which was held by Kingfisher Class and was fantastic.  Once again our teachers were so proud of our singing, our behaviour and of how respectful we were.  

We have also been looking for signs of new beginnings in nature.  We found loads in our in our school grounds - including the tadpoles.  

We have also said goodbye to one of our teachers, Mrs Bullock, who has gone on to a new adventure but she has told us she will keep in touch with us.  

All of Team Owls would like to thank everyone who has worked with us this term and to all our parents and carers for all their support.  Have a great Easter everyone! 

Rockets and Parachutes

We wanted to recycle the left over willow, so we decided to use it to make rockets and parachutes.  We pulled to bark off the bottom of the stick and then wound wool around the top.  We tied the handles of the parachutes together and then tied it to the rocket.  We had such great fun and they looked fab. 

Finishing Our Living Sculpture

We couldn't wait to get started to finish our living sculpture.  We had to work as a team to clear the area of all the sticks and rubbish and then when the area was prepared we could dig the bark chipping and transport them to the base of our dome.  We set ourselves the target to finish before break time, people said we would never do it ... but we did!  Mrs Tesoriere said there is nothing we can't do but one of us said, "We can't do front flips!" which made her laugh!

We took it in turns with our partners to dig the bark chippings to fill buckets and then transport them to the dome. We then swapped roles and repeated it until the dome was full.

What it looked like half way through the job

We took it in turns to empty the bark chippings onto the floor of the dome.

Living Willow Sculpture

We have been visited by a willow artist named Julie who worked with us on our buddy project.  She taught us all about willow and how to use it.  We worked together to build a living sculpture in the shape of a dome.  It was like a leaving gift to the school form the year 6 buddies and something that the Owl buddies can care for, for the rest of their time at Bishop Henderson.  It will also be a living memory of our special friends

At the start of the day ...

We used a marker stick to measure equal spaces to make our holes

We worked together to make holes with a prodder, ready to plant the willow

We had to use our hand spans to mark how deep to plant the willow

Planting the willow to form the walls of our dome

At about half way we had to consider the doorway and the structure

We were ready for the weaving. It was such good fun and very convenient that we have been weaving a large spider's web in class.

At the end of our sessions, Julie gave us a piece of willow each so that we were able to touch, smell and remove the bark on it. We were very excited about that.

We Went on a Bear Hunt

This morning, we went on our own bear hunt ... What a beautiful day!  We weren't scared and we will definitely go on one again!

We made up our own prepositions and actions. 


After reading the story of Supertato, the children decided that they would like to make their own superhero vegetables.  They decided exactly what they wanted to do and the materials they wanted to use.  I think you will agree, they did a brilliant job and the superhero vegetables look fabulous!

World Book Day

We all dressed up as characters from books.  Can you guess who we are?

We brought in our favourite books to share and copied the covers for our display. We think they look great!

Superheroes Galore!

We are well and truly enjoying our Superhero topic.  We have all made up our own superhero... we have; Badgerboy, Lavaboy, Unicorngirl, Angelgirl, Freezeman, Lionboy and Tortoisegirl to name just a few.  We have designed costumes for them, superpowers and we have started to design and make logos.  We have learnt that actually superheroes main aims are to rescue people rather than fight people; consequently we have made a rescue centre so we can receive rescue calls. 

Superheroes help each other

Superheroes wear costumes and some wear masks.

We asked Mrs Tesoriere if we could have a 'Superhero Catwalk' she said she had never heard of such a thing but of course we could... we even set up chairs for the audience and we were all able to strike a pose!

We are currently helping Spiderman to build a giantspiderweb

Funny Fog!

We were very curious about the fog.  We asked Mrs Tesoriere lots of questions about it, so we decided to put on our coats and go and investigate it.


After our visit to Radstock museum, we were very interested in the fossils that were exhibited.  Mrs Tesoriere has given us the job of being archeologists and discovering our own fossils.  We had to use tools that would be delicate and not break the fossils. 

In the Olden Days!  

We have had a fantastic visit to Radstock museum.  The people there were very kind to us and taught us lots of interesting things about how people used to live.  

We learnt about the blacksmith ...

Time In a Victorain Classroom

We were able to dress up in the costumes that Victorain girls would have worn.  Girls wore aprons as they only had two dresses and one of those would have been a special dress only worn on Sundays and special occasions.  We had great fun learning about a day in a Victorian classroom but we decided that we were much happier with our days in Owl Class. 

We learnt about Victorian school life... 

We all had to dress up in costumes to become Victorian children.  We had a taste of what it would be like in a Victorian classroom and although it was fun we don't think we would like to learn like that every day ... 

The Life of a Miner

We are very proud of our mining history and our school connection (our school houses are named after pits and our school logo is a miners lamp).  We were therefore very interested in this part of the museum.  We looked at different images, artefacts and even got to experience the smells the miners would have encountered - some of them were not pleasant to say the least!  We then went into a mock mine to experience how the miners would have worked day in and day out ... some of us found it quite scary!   

We learnt about home life ...

It was through talking to a lady, that we learnt all about what the home life was like for people in the Victorian times and just after.  Mrs Tesoriere could even remember some of her nan's friends having rooms similar to the one we saw.   We learnt about not being able to use a vaccum cleaner and having to use a beater to beat the dust from the mat - and how some mother's would threaten to smack their children on the bottoms with it if they were cheeky!  We also found out that one pair of little shoes would be used for all the children, sometimes 8 children would have worn the same shoes.  We also learnt that sometimes supper would be a fish that the dad had caught using a stick with a hook on the end- so he could pretend it was a walking stick if stopped.   

Flutist Concert

We were very lucky to be treated to a concert performed by flutists, it was fascinating to learn that there were so many flutes and so many different sounds that they can make.  We decided there is something very special about listening to musicians play their instruments live


As a class, we are very interested in science.  We have been exploring light, light sources, shadows and materials.  We were very lucky to have a visitor to our school who is a scientist and wanted to show us some of the experiments she enjoys. 

Happy 2019

We would just like to say welcome back to school everyone.  We have made a great start so far and are already enjoying working on our new themes and with our new resources and activities.  

Christmas Party 

We joined our buddies for a Christmas party.  We played some great games and had such fun together.  

We played a traditional game of musical statues.

We had a game of musical animals. We danced to the music and when Mrs Tesoriere stopped the music and shouted out the name of an animal - we had to act as that animal. Can you spot the animals? We had monkeys, giraffes, crabs, frogs, caterpillars to name just a few.

For the next game we had to work as teams to try to stay in hoops when the music stopped. Each time the music stopped we had one less hoop and to make matters worse the hoops got smaller in size.

To end our party we played a few games with the parachute. We made choppy waves made a washing machine and our favourite thing was making our own snow storm.

Carol Service 

We walked to Holly Trinity to school to join Reverend Clarissa in participating in a Carol Service led by Year 3 and Year 4 pupils.  We enjoyed the service very much and everyone commented on how well behaved and respectful we were.  

Christmas Lunch 

After the carol service we had a delicious Christmas lunch.  We had such a great time chatting to each other about our plans for Christmas and pulling our crackers.  We had to laugh as the hats were too big for most of us and they kept slipping over our eyes ... it all added to the fun of the day.

Christmas Jumper Day!

We looked very festive in our Christmas jumpers and we raised a lot of money for Save the Children. 

The Nativity 

Well done to all of owls for doing an amazing job with their first ever nativity play.  Every single member of the class had something to say and they delivered it beautifully.  Mrs Tesoriere was very proud of them and she would also like to thank all the parents for supplying the amazing costumes.  

Rehearsals are underway.

Christmas Inspire Morning 

We would like to thank everyone that came to our inspire morning.  We were so excited to see our parents in school with us.  We had lots of Christmas activities to do all based around Christmas Books that we have been reading in class.  

The Santa Trap

We think the Santa Trap is a hilarious book.  Bradley is a very naughty boy who keeps trying to trap Father Christmas.  We thought we would try to teach him a lesson by making a Bradley trap.  We had to design it and then make it out of recycled materials.  Mrs Tesoriere was delighted to find out that some children carried on working on them when they got home and even painted them.  

Dear Santa

In this book, Santa sends lots of presents but they are all wrong.  We thought it would be a good idea which paper was the best to use.  We checked whether they were waterproof, see- through, or strong.  We then ordered the paper from best to worst.  

The Jolly Postman's Christmas Biscuits

We felt very sorry for the jolly postman, it is always a very busy time for him during the Christmas period.  We therefore thought it would be very kind of us if we made some biscuits for him to keep him going.  We had to weigh the ingredients and use skills such as stirring, blending and kneading.  The trickiest part was breaking the boiled sweets for the decoration.  

Eric the Reindeer Decorations 

We have loved the story of Eric the Reindeer in class, and so Mrs Tesoriere thought we would like to make Reindeer decorations and gift tags.  We used our thumb prints to make little reindeer and then illustrated them with red noses and antlers.  We were all able to decorate a bauble each.

We also made paper chains.  We showed our parents how amazing we are at making complicated repeating patters.  

The Nativity 

We have been learning the story of the first Christmas, ready for our nativity play.  For this activity we had to use the i pad to illustrate a scene or character from the first Christmas.  We could then explore some of the Christmas Apps Mrs Tesoriere had found for us.  After our star rating we have found out that Xmas Booth was the app we would most like to recommend.  Mrs Tesoriere also reminded the adults how important it is that we talk about what we should and shouldn't view at our age.  

Christmas Characters

We have been looking at different Christmas books with Christmas characters in, these have consisted of books entitled:  That's Not My Angel!; The Snowman; Sssh Santa; The Last Christmas Tree and many more.  We created different cone characters based on these characters.  


We have had yet another busy and fun packed week.  We had a visit from a fire officer, an open studio afternoon, celebrations for the forthcoming Diwali festival and a class visit to Victoria Park.  

Botanical Gardens in Victoria Park

We used all our senses to explore the beautiful plants in the gardens. 

We couldn't believe we saw such fantastic colours all around us.

Exploring the gardens- they were so beautiful

We had a mid morning snack and went for a walk around the park before eating our lunch.

Having fun in the leaves - we even played leaf angels

Fun and Friendship

We had such a great time playing with our friends in the park.

Open Studio and Sculpture Trail

Thank you to all the adult who came to see our open studio in our classroom and our class sculpture along the trail.  We were so pleased so see so many people looking at our work inspired by Paul Klee and felt very proud of all the lovely comments we received.  

Diwali, the festival of lights 

We have learnt how people celebrate Diwali and about the story of Rama and Sita.  We completed different activities such as making diwa lamps, listening to Indian music and making our own and dancing.  

We used our fingers and thumbs to shape the clay into the diwa lamps.

We painted our diwa lamps with beautiful colours.

We were delighted with the finished lamps

We listened to traditional Indian music and watched a video about how to dance making animals shapes.

Fire Safety 

We had a visit from a fire officer who told us important information that we needed to know about how to avoid fires and what to do if we are involved in a fire.  We learnt all about phoning 999 and stop, drop and roll.  As we were so well behaved we were allowed to go and see the fire vehicle and see the blue flashing lights and how noisy the siren is.


What a busy two weeks we have had, we have had visitors learnt about special occasions and being part of a community project and learning about our seasons, especially Autumn.  

 Autumn leaves are falling! 


We have been learning about different seasons, and in particular Autumn.  We went on an autumn walk to find signs of autumn.  We found beautiful leaves of all shapes and colours but our particular favourite was the sycamore seeds- otherwise known as helicopters. 

Making Poppies 

We have taken part in making remembrance  day poppies that will be displayed, as part of a huge collection,  at the Bishop's Palace in Wells. 


A visit from Clarissa, our local vicar.


Clarissa came to introduce herself to us and explain all about her job as a vicar. She then led collective worship for the whole school.


Fun, Friendship and Buddies

We have enjoyed making friends with our buddies.  We have shared play times, completed clay work and we have eaten lunch together.


We decided to make the most of the glorious weather and we shared books with our buddies. It was such a lovely way to spend an hour of our school day

We shared books together and enjoyed learning the different types of books we all like.

Even Speedy made the most of the sun and joined us to share books

We shared books that we enjoyed with the rest of the buddies. One of us was even able to read the first page.

We had a practise visit to a local park with our buddies. Our buddies showed us how to walk along and cross roads safely and how to play on some of the equipment

Our buddies joined us for lunch. They showed us the routines, they opened packets and helped us to cut up food, but mostly we enjoyed having a catch up.

Our buddies showed us how to do wake and shake before we joined the rest of the school.

Clay work with Mr Inns, was another activity that we completed with our buddies.

Buddy time is one of the highlights of our week.