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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'

Owl Class 2020-2021

Mrs Tesoriere, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Billing would like to welcome you to Owl Class!

We hope you enjoy following all the friendships we make and the fun and learning we will experience over the year.

Reminders:  PE will be on  Wednesdays and  Fridays  


Buddy Zoom Meeting 

We had a lovely time when we were able to catch up with our buddies via a zoom meeting. We had the opportunity to say hello to each other and we were able to share gifts with each other.  We had dragons, binoculars, poetry, heart warming messages, illustrated and decorated names and beautiful drawings.  These are a few examples ... 

These are some of the photos of great examples of all our brilliant Home Learning.

Happy New Year 2021!

We are wishing you all a very happy new year.  I can't quite believe we are all in this situation again but don't worry we are all here for you and we will make it work for you and your children.  All the work for owl class will be uploaded on this page ; you just have to simply click on the computer image below and then the work will be saved in each weeks folder.   There will be a mixture of strutured learning and opportunities for family fun and creativity.  I would really appreciate seeing any photos of work/activities that you can send me via seesaw and I will respond as soon as I can to you and your child.  I am sure we will all be back together very soon and we will be thinking of you all.  

 Merry Christmas 

We would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and we hope that the year 2021 brings us the much happiness and cheer we deserve.  

Christmas Character Day

Christmas dinner with crackers and jokes

Our buddies wrote Christmas stories for us, they read them to us and then gave them to us as a present- we think they are great authors.

To round the whole day off, we enjoyed a Christmas party together.

Christmas Celebrations 

We have been completing lots of different activities for Christmas, we have been making crowns, cards for our buddies, cards for our families and different salt dough decorations to name just a few.  Please see below for some photos.  

Christmas Jumper Day

Mini Owl Class

We are loving being in school so much that we wanted to make our own mini classroom.  We take it in turns to be the teachers.  Mrs Tesoriere laughed the other day when she heard someone saying exactly the same things she says and it appears that Mrs Billing spends most of her day sleeping with one eye open checking all the children are still there.  

A teacher's work is never done.

Our Window Display 

We have worked this week to finish our windows for the window competition- we are very proud of our achievements.  Our display is all based around light and how light is a symbol used for many religions as it symbolises the guiding light- just like the stars did and the angels did in the nativity.  We have the lamps we have made holding candles, we have the lanterns we have made and we have made stars and angels.  These are all placed around the nativity images.  

Merry Christmas message from Owl Class to you all.


We were given two triangles and were given the challenge to to use them to make a star. We are able to talk about the properties of both.

For no other reason than Mrs Tesoriere left some clay for us to use and the fact that we had been sharing the Stickman we made our own snow characters.

Mrs Tesoriere said they were too good not to add to our display- she says she loves every single one of them and they make her happy just looking at them!

Buddy Time Art Work

We worked with our buddies to create animals using autumnal leaves


We have been busy making lanterns for our window display.  We had to draw around templates, cut out shapes, use coloured film and make handles, lots of skills were involved 

Breaking the Rules Day

As a school, we had a fun day where we were allowed to break school rules.  We were allowed to wear the clothes we wanted, have extreme hair styles, wear make-up, paint our nails and we were even given sweets.  This was in place of a Christmas Fair.  It was great fun and Mrs Tesoriere even broke the rules to bring Hamish in to school.  Mrs Tesoriere said she was so very proud of how we treated Hamish; we were kind, gentle and very welcoming towards him. 

Meeting Hamish, one of us even brought a treat for him- he loved it!

Hamish joining us for a little mindfulness- he was very relaxed!

Hamish helped us with our work and he thought we were very clever.

Hamish joined us for our achievers' assembly

Hamish even joined us for Buddy Time

Hamish has now returned home and is exhausted after his fantastic day of rule breaking with the amazing Owls.

Painted Lamps

Our Diwa lamps have finally dried and so we were able to pint them.  We think they look beautiful.  We hope you do too!

Planting Bulbs 

We worked with our buddies to plant bulbs, it is a whole school project.  It was very hard work and very buddy but our parents have been great about it.  I think we only have another 80 to go!!


We have been learning all about the traditions of the festival and how people celebrate.  We learnt that Diwali means row of lights and it is the festival of light.  It is based around the story of Rama, Sita and Ravana and how good conquers evil.  We have leant about how Hindis worship the goddess Lakshmi, as she is the goddess of wealth and good fortune.  We learnt that it is a time to celebrate with your family and love ones and to give presents and food to each other.  


We learnt about different foods that are enjoyed over Diwali and decided we wanted to make some for ourselves to try.  

Mrs Tesoriere measured out the ingredients and we took it in turn to spell the tumeric, coriander, cumin and garam masala

We then chose a spice we wanted and we mixed the ingredients until they formed a dough.

Next we kneaded the dough until it was silky, we then had to leaves it to chill.

When the dough was chilled, we had to seperate it into 4 and roll it into balls without any cracks.

Next, we had to roll the balls flat using a rolling pin

Mrs Tesoriere and Mrs Billing cooked them for us while we were eating lunch.

Finally, we got to eat them. We thought they were delicious!

We even gave a poori to our buddies to wish them a Happy Diwali

We have made little diwa lamps out of clay and when they are dry, we are going to paint them.

We joined in with traditional indian dancing

Fine Motor skills with Play dough Diwas

Autumnal Mobiles 

We have been making mobiles with autumnal objects.  We are hanging them up outside and listening to the sounds they make when they blow in the wind and knock against each other- exploring our sense of hearing.  

Autumn Learning

We have continued to use our senses to explore autumn objects, we have used our sense of sight and have used magnifying glasses to look at them very carefully.  

Conker Printing - We selected conkers and placed them in autumnal coloured paint, we then rolled them across the page

Bonfire Night 

This term we are learning about different festivals, we have already learnt about Harvist Festival and now we are learning about Bonfire Night.  We shared the different ways in which we and our families celebrate bonfire night - hot dogs and fireworks seemed most popular themes.  

Sparklers- we mixed and connected different materials to make attrative sparklers

Music - We explored instruments to make firework noises and worked with our friends to make a piece of music.

Onomatopoeia words- Firework noises are a great way to learn about onomatopeias

Fine Motor Skills Fireworks - We made beautiful firework collages

Bonfires- we made bonfire collages and then some of us took our learning outside and we role played our own bonfires

Our Learning in the First Term.  

Learning about owls has been great fun, we have earnt new vocabulary such as; talons, nocturnal, autumnal, hibernating, alliteration and rhyming.  We have explored lots of books including Owl Babies, A Bit Lost, Lazy Ozzy to name just a few.  We have been completing lots of activities to work on our gross and fine motor skills, engaging with opportunities to practise our 1 to 1 correspondence with counting and identifying numbers and we have been working very hard to learn phase 2 sounds.  Please see below to look at just a few examples of the brilliant learning we have done so far...

Continuous Provision- making toast independently

Continuous Provision- Brushing Leaves

Continuous Provision - Mark making

Continuous Provision- Exploring Autumn Objects

Continuous Provision- Maths

Continuous Provision- Sorting Colours

Continuous Provision- Sharing stories

Hello Yellow 

We have been talking about the importance of looking after ourselves.  We have talked about the importance of eating and drinking healthily, of getting lots of sleep, of doing exercise we enjoy and about understanding our feeling and what makes us happy.  We talked about how as a class we enjoy yoga, and midfulness and that they are good for our bodies and our minds.  We had such a wonderful day today;wearing yellow, telling jokes, thinking about things that make us happy and putting on puppets shows for each other that made us laugh and laugh.  

Cheeky Charlie Chimp joined us in our photo both/ puppet theatre.

We all had such fun!

Harvest Celebrations 

A huge thank you to all our families who sent food in for our Harvest Festival.  The food will be given to our local food bank.  Mrs Tesoriere was so very proud about how generous we are as a class.  


Outdoor Classroom

We have been makiing the most of the last of the Autumn sun.  We explored our outddor area in lots of different ways.  We set up a car wash and car mechanics, where we took turns in playing different roles.  We mechanics carrying out repairs, people carrying out MOTs and some people washing cars.  We gained a new repect for people in these jobs, after doing a particulalry good job cleaning a car one of us said, "Cor, this is hard work ... fair play to the people that do this alle day!"

Over the last few days, we  invented some fantastic narratives, including a breakdown on the way to taking our baby to Wokey hole, crashing into the bricks that were left on the road and fearing that it wouldn't pass the MOT, and parking up our motor bikes on the way to motorcross.  

Builders At Work

We then decided to develop our role play and we became builders.  We used our tools to mend repairs on our hose and the climbing frame.  Our supervisor checked that our work was to a very high standard. 

Fun Learning and Friendship 

We have also been texploring three of our school values in our school, through the outside learning environment.  

We have made the most of our new wigwam.

Owl Class Rock Group