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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'

Owl Class 2020-2021

Mrs Tesoriere, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Billing would like to welcome you to Owl Class!

We hope you enjoy following all the friendships we make and the fun and learning we will experience over the year.

Reminders:  PE will be on  Wednesdays and  Fridays  

I will let you know when this will start and then the children will be able to come to school in their PE kits for the day.  


During PE, we had to listen to and follow instructions.  We explored different ways of moving including walking, running, skipping and jumping.  

Washing our Hands 

Mrs Tesoriere has been talking to us about the importance of washing our hands.  She told us that germs are so little we can't see them with just our eyes and one of us knew we had to use a microscope.  Mrs Tesoriere had some magic green germs that we could see.  After we touched the plate with germs on, we looked at our hands and decided that we needed to wash them to get rid of them before we felt poorly.  We washed them with warm water and soap, making sure we washed between our fingers, around our thumbs on the backs and around the wrists.  

Showing Our Feelings 

We have been talking about our feelings and so that Mrs Tesoriere and Mrs Curtis know how we are feeling we put our photos on our feelings board.  So far, every single person has been on the happy side and our worry monster is very hungry having had no worries to eat.  

Making Friends With Our Classmates 

We sang a song to introduce ourselves to each other and to familiarise ourselves with each other's names.  The song is called 'Good Morning Mrs Chirpy Bird'.  we all sang each other's names and smiled and waved at each other.  


New Activities With Our New Owl Classmates 

Some of us already knew each other but some of us didn't.  Mrs Tesoriere said that we are being so kind and friendly to each other we wouldn't know who knew people and who didn't.  


Meeting Our Buddies 

Despite the current restrictions we have been able to meet our buddies.  We have had great fun playing with them outside and some of us have even said it was our favourite thing about our first day.  

Looking After Ourselves

We have been talking about different ways to look after ourselves.  One way is to remember hands, face and space and another way is to keep cal and healthy.  We have been practising yoga based on the story of Squish the Fish.  so far, we have surfed on the sea, visited a ship wreck and met a mermaid.  Look at the amazing shapes we can make with our bodies.