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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'

Owl Class 2020-2021

Mrs Tesoriere, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Billing would like to welcome you to Owl Class!

We hope you enjoy following all the friendships we make and the fun and learning we will experience over the year.

Reminders:  PE will be on  Wednesdays and  Fridays  


We used flat shapes to make 3D shapes, we made cubes and some of us could even make and name cuboids and pyramids.

We used large cardboard boxes to build lots of different construction. We had all sorts of amazing designs such as superhero vehicles, dens with all the mod cons such as carpets and TVs and we even had a pet robot dog.

Being Kind to Ourselves and Others

We are going to be spending the next few weeks thinking about how to be kind to ourselves by understanding the importance of personal hygiene, eating with healthy choices, exercise, sleep, understanding our emotions and feelings, being safe and having lots of love and care.  This week we have been learning all about our teeth and how important cleaning and eating is to them.  

We tried to clean different white objects using tooth brushes and toothpaste. We know that we should clean our teeth at least twice a day and for 2 minutes.

We made models of monsters' teeth that never brush their teeth

WE looked very carefully at or friends' smiles and drew portraits of them.

The tooth fairies only ever want the cleanest of teeth for their castles and so we used pearly white paper to create our own castles.

Some of our superhero veg have been out on adventures already. Mrs Tesoriere was sent this picture of the superhero veg out on the loose.

We have had a big focus on number, number value and number bonds. Mrs Tesoriere is very impressed with our understanding and how quickly we are learning. This is a game of higher or lower than 10.

Growing- Taking Care of Things, Each Other and Ourselves 

We are looking at how different things grow and what they need to make sure they grow well and thrive.  We have started looking at plants, we have taken pride seeing the bulbs bloom that we planted earlier this year, we are taking care of the seeds that we planted and the plants that a Grandparent very kindly donated to us.  To help with all these gardening skills we have opened our own Garden centre.   

The Adventures of Supertato and his friends

We have been reading stories about Supertato and the Evil Pea.   They have really captured our imaginations.  We have rescued the Evil Pea from the jelly, created some veggie superhero friends for Supertato and much much more! 

Meet our superhero vegetables.

We have been producing some amazing writing. Thinking carefully about letter formation, spelling, content and interesting vocabulary.

Hooray the Summer is Here!

Welcome back to everyone.  We have started the term running, literally!  We are all currently superheroes.  we have made up lots of fantastic superhero characters for ourselves such as Superhedgehog - with his deadly protective spikes, Tortoise Boy- with his protective shell and his speed that matches Speedy's, Dragongirl - who can dry up any flood with her fire and has super strength and Sparkle Girl - she sprinkles cheer over all the miserable baddies and makes them happy goodies.  Please take a look below to see just a snippet of all the fun and learning we have been enjoying.

We splashed white paint on black paper to create a solar system and then on separate paper we blew bubbles for bubble printing to create different colour planets for our superhero characters.

We have a superhero headquarters- where we take emergency calls to rescue people. We have to record them and Mrs Tesoriere can't believe how good our superhero writing is.

All good superheroes have a catching theme song and so we used instruments to make up our own- our repeating patterns were incredible.

Mrs Tesoriere found some very precious planet dust, some of us thought it was sand- but it wasn't, some of us thought it was playdough- but it wasn't. We investigated it and decided that some was from the Planet Pink and some was from the Planet Cheese (it did smell a little) but we all thought it made our hands feel very soft.


We are thinking about traditional ways that Christians celebrate Easter.  We are unable to join in with the usual community celebrations so we tried to think of alternatives. 

Chocolate seems to be well liked but we wanted o find out which type of chocolate is the best, we made three Easter nests each using white, milk and dark chocolate. What is our favourite?

A Buddy Easter Hunt was just the perfect way to end the term. We had to solve the clue to collect the tokens and get the next clue. It was such good fun!

We made Easter sock bunnies, we chose a coloured sock and stuffed it with rice, we then tied two bands around it to make the shape, cut the ears, stuck on a pompom tail and coloured cheeks and nose an then drew our faces. Aren't they the cutest bunnies ever?

WE made Easter crowns and went on an Easter parade through the school- lots of people saw us and thought our crowns were beautiful.

<We looked at a variety of different designs of Easter cards and then we designed our own. Mrs Tesoriere was so proud of how individual they all are .

Easter Learning and  Celebrations 

Easter is a very important time for Christians, and so we have been learning about the story behind it and how people celebrate.  We have completed many exciting activities and thought you would like to share them with us.


Palm Sunday 

We learnt that people laid palm leaves in the path of Jesus to show respect. We also learnt that the palm tree is often referred to as The Tree of Life. We looked at the artist Gustav Klimt's Tree of Life and made our own. t

Mrs Tesoriere arranged with Clarissa for us to share our learning with her and for her to give us a cross each, which she blessed.

Maundy Thursday is the day of The Last Supper, we were very shocked to learn about Judas betraying Jesus and we decided that wasn't being a good friend and that no one in Team Owls thought they would never behave like that towards a friend. We then made these beautiful crosses to mark the story of Good Friday.

We were delighted to hear the story of Jesus rising and Mary Magdalene seeing him in the garden. We decided to make a giant class Easter garden.

We have learnt how different people celebrate Easter and in particular about a boy called Toby who is the same age as us. He helped people in his church make a beautiful cross made of spring flowers.. We worked with our buddies to make an Easter basket ready for a surprise.

Red Nose Day 

We ended our well-being weeks with probably the best well-being toll of them all... the tool of laughter!  We all dressed up in mufti or red to raise money for red nose day charities and we shared jokes with each other and then made a joke book with our favourites.  These are some of our favourites:


What goes in the sky and wobbles? ...    A jelly-copter!

Where do cows go on a Friday night? ...... The moooovies!

What do you call a dinosaur with only one eye? ..... Do-you- think-he- saurus!

Why did the scarecrow win a medal? ..... for being outstanding in his field! 

We are really enjoying our puzzles now and are getting rather good at them.

Another thing we are getting rather good at is yoga, our teachers can't believe how much more flexible we are now!

We joined our buddies to run around the running track for 5 minutes our laps ranged from one-four. we are going to do it every day to see if we can increase our number of laps.

Well- being week 2

We had such an enjoyable week last week that Mrs Tesoriere decided to plan similar activities this week and we have to say it has been another successful week.  We have completed many differnt activities.

We listened to the sound of the sea and tried to match our breathing to the sound of the waves- some of us were close to falling asleep and said that we might try it at night time when we were trying to get to sleep.

From our wave breathing we drew chalk pictures in time to the sound of the waves an the images it created in our minds.

We made a class book of smiles that consisted of things that make us smile. We also showed Mrs Tesoriere how we smile so she could take a photo!

We have chosen to share our book of smiles together

Lots of people gain a sense of well being from activities such as gardening and caring for plants- we showed care towards the spider plants Mrs Tesoriere's mum grew for us and we replanted them showing care and attention.

Mazes are a wellbeing activity as it distances you from any of your everyday worries- we explored our existing school mazes and then design our own maze using natural resources we could find in the school environment

We went on a mindful walk and compared it to the walk we did in our school grounds, this time we saw pigs, llamas, sheep, muddy puddles, boggy areas tractors, kissing gates and styles- it was such a fantastic time and when we got back lots of us said how lovely it was to get some exercise and some fresh air. our teachers were so proud of us!

Welcome Back Week

We have just had the best week.  It has just been so lovely to be with each other again and all staff and pupils have agreed that we just love being in Owl Class.  Mrs Tesoriere would also like to thank all the parents and carers for being so smiley and supportive.  We have had time to catch up with each other, play together, have fun together and complete lots of well-being activities. We have included some below to share with you.

We completed Wake and Shake with the whole school to the song, "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John, - being part of something, being out in the sun and joining in with exercise are all ways to help with our well-being

We have been focussing on breathing as a strategy to calm ourselves, we have noticed it really helps us especially when we come into class after a windy playtime.

To help us to take deep breaths in and out we made our own breathing buddies, some were dogs, dolphins and some were our own invented creatures.

Another strategy if you want to calm yourself is to take some time to focus on something little, we focused on our hands and feet by either stamping our feet, clapping or rubbing our hands. We noticed lots of different things about the effects on our hands or feet.

We then learnt about focussing on objects. We made our own shakers and we loved them, a lot of us said they were so beautiful we couldn't help staring at them. We loved the different colours, how the light reflected and how they swirled.

We made jellyfish windsocks to focus on the breeze blowing their tentacles

We all went on a mindful walk and used our senses to explore our school environment, next week we are going to explore our village a little. We noticed sweet smelling flowers, stinging hail, warm sunshiine, and trees dancing in the wind.

We watched the Cloud Spotter on Cbeebies Bedtime read by Tom Hardy- Highly recommended. We then joined our buddy for a bit of cloud spotting ourselve, we then created art work based on what we imagined

We tried some mindful eating- you have to look at your food, smell your food, listen to your food, touch your food and then put it on your tongue and then try to chew it 15 times. It made a huge difference and we found out that we liked food that perhaps we didn't think we would. some of us even licked our plates.

We had to write 4 things that we are grateful for, they included family members, pets, friends, the beauty in nature, acts of kindness, some even mentioned teachers and the pub! We joined them together to one giant paper chain of gratitude.

We also spent time completing other well-being activities

Welcome Back Owl Class 

We were so excited to all be back together again today.  We had bunting, posters, decorations and balloons. Most importantly of all we had plenty of time to play and just be with our friends- we had a fantastic first day back and realised, how lucky we are!

Buddy Zoom Meeting 

We had a lovely time when we were able to catch up with our buddies via a zoom meeting. We had the opportunity to say hello to each other and we were able to share gifts with each other.  We had dragons, binoculars, poetry, heart warming messages, illustrated and decorated names and beautiful drawings.  These are a few examples ... 

These are some of the photos of great examples of all our brilliant Home Learning.

Happy New Year 2021!

We are wishing you all a very happy new year.  I can't quite believe we are all in this situation again but don't worry we are all here for you and we will make it work for you and your children.  All the work for owl class will be uploaded on this page ; you just have to simply click on the computer image below and then the work will be saved in each weeks folder.   There will be a mixture of strutured learning and opportunities for family fun and creativity.  I would really appreciate seeing any photos of work/activities that you can send me via seesaw and I will respond as soon as I can to you and your child.  I am sure we will all be back together very soon and we will be thinking of you all.  

 Merry Christmas 

We would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and we hope that the year 2021 brings us the much happiness and cheer we deserve.  

Christmas Character Day