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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'

Owl Class 2020-2021

Mrs Tesoriere, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Billing would like to welcome you to Owl Class!

We hope you enjoy following all the friendships we make and the fun and learning we will experience over the year.

Reminders:  PE will be on  Wednesdays and  Fridays  


Sponsored Obstacle Course for 50th Birthday 

Thank you to everyone who sponsored us.  Not only did we manage to make some money for well needed equipment but we also had lots of fun. After completing the course we had birthday cake, sang happy birthday and Mrs Scott gave us all a cup as a present.

Finished Performance 

We have been lucky enough to be able to watch the finished recorded production of Cinderella and Rockerfella with our buddies.  We were even treated to some pop corn.  It was such a special way to spend some time with our buddies.  


Enjoying the popcorn together

Joining in with our buddies and the film!

Congratulations to our buddies! 

We felt very privileged to be able to watch our buddies perform their play Cinderella Rockerfella, we couldn't believe how hard they had all worked and how talented they all were.  We were left feeling incredibly proud of our buddies 


Court Farm Visit 

We had a fantastic visit to Court Farm.  We learnt a lot about farm animals and life on a farm and then we had fun just being with our friends.  It was such an exciting day and a day packed with firsts for a lot of us: the first time on a class visit; the first time on a coach; the first time away somewhere without our parents; the first time on certain play equipment and the first time visiting a farm.  The fun started with our buddies waving us goodbye!

Learning about the farm animals

Farmer Ed met us at the coach and said hello to everyone of us by name.  He then teased our teachers and made us laugh!  We were introduced to Farmer Sam who was going to show us around the farm, introduce us to the animals and tell us a little about them.  We learnt lots of interesting facts about animals we learnt that baby goats are kids, baby sheep are lambs and baby cows are calves. There was a horse called Lucy who liked to scratch her bottom.  

We learnt that goats are very greedy creatures and even like to eat the food that is meant for the cows and even people's clothes. We also learnt that they have horns to protect themselves and that we shouldn't stand too near to them when they are waving their heads.

We saw pigs in their sty. They were very smelly but Farmer Sam told us they are very clean because they clean their teeth by grinding rocks and stones.

Farmer Ed and Farmer Peter demonstrated how they milk cows. We learnt that they use milk to make cheese, cream, yoghurt, chocolate and ice-cream. Farmer Ed gave the milk to the calves, they loved it so much they even licked it out of the nose of each other.

We learnt about other animals that aren't always associated with farm animals - can you spot them?

After all the learning we built up a healthy appetite for a packed lunch. All the farmers and our teachers said they were so impressed with our listening and our behaviour.

We were unable to go on a tractor ride due to the 'pesky virus' so we compromised and went on our own pretend tractor ride. We were excellent drivers and farmers.

After all that hard farming work, we deserved a treat in the park we played on the trampoline ...

and the castle

After a long day full of fun, learning and friendship, it was time to go home. Some of us even fell asleep!

Stone Soup 

We have been listening to different versions of Stone Soup.  The all vary a little but the main theme is the same - the villagers are tricked into sharing their food in order to make a soup for them all to share.  We have made four  different soups this week and shared them with out classmates - which soup would be your favourite? 

Making tomato soup- chopping, tasting, smelling, wahsing up and drying up

The special person for the day lays the places and helps to serve the soup

Sharing our tomato and basil soup

Making carrot soup- peeling, tasting, chopping, washing up and drying up

Tasting carrot and coriander soup

Making butternut squash and ginger soup - chopping, peeling, touching, smelling, scraping, washing and drying up

Sharing butternut squash and ginger soup

Making sweet potato soup- feeling, chopping, peeling, scraping, washing and drying up

Sharing sweet potato and Garam masala soup

The 3 Little Pigs 

We have looked at a variety of different versions of the story of the 3 little pigs.  We are fantastic at telling the story and can even use different voices for the characters.  We have completed lots of fun activities based around the story and have even thought of alternative endings ourselves.  Some of us thought that the Big Bad Wolf wasn't really trying to eat the 3 pigs he just had hay fever and was sneezing so he accidently blew the house of straw and the house of sticks in.  

Water Fun - the best ways to spend your time on hot days is having fun with your friends!

Sports Tournament 

We have had the best day ever.  the sun was shining we all competed in sports activities and we all displayed great team spirit.  Mrs Tesoriere saud she had never been so proud.  every individual put their all into every sporting stations and every individual cheered each other on.  We would like to thank the sports captains and especially Mr D for such a great event!

3 legged race

space hopper race

Javelin throwing

long jump

Obstacle Course

Our first ever relay race

Such Excitement 

There was much excitement today in Owl Class garden ... We have had visitors and not just any old visitors...  We have had some fairies visit our garden.  They have made a fairy garden, they have painted our garden features and they have  even cleaned and tidied.  We couldn't believe our eyes.  Mrs Tesoriere was in the classroom and we all ran to tell her- she said our eyes were so wide with surprise and excitement that we really did look like owls.  The fairies left us a letter to explain that if we didn't look after our garden properly they would have to leave it - We don't want that!!!


Keeping Healthy and Safe 

We have spent the last few weeks learning about all the ways we can take care of ourselves and others.  We have learnt the importance of keeping ourselves clean, eating a healthy and balanced diet, having plenty of exercise and a good amount of sleep and rest, we have also reminded ourselves on the importance of recognising our feelings and keeping safe when we are using screens.

We were invited to meet the new addition to our school. It is Woody from the Dogs for Health and his owner Rachel. Rachel said she was very impressed with us because we were very polite and respectful. We asked lots of questions to find out information about Woody.

We have learnt that it is very important to visit and listen to the advice of medical professionals, such as doctors. We have all been taking it in turns to be doctors, nurses and patients. Mrs Tesoriere is very impressed with our vocabulary.

We bathed the baby- she was VERY dirty!

We looked at different fruits and cut it up and placed it on our plate. We decided they tasted delicious!

We used our dough to make plates of healthy food, we came up with some very interesting combinations.

We have learnt about staying safe by wearing the appropriate clothes and by not watching or playing games that are too old for us and not clicking on anything we are not familiar with on any device.

We hung the pretend washing out to dry and made sure that it was in numerical order.

We have been participating in lots of different ways of exercising.

Our vegetables are growing very nicely. We are continuing to look after them very well. We have also planted some butterfly and bee attracting flowers as they are very important for our environment.

We were very honoured and we were allowed to watch our buddies audition for their parts in the end of year play. We were amazed at how good they all were and we felt very proud of our buddies!

Science Mornings 

We worked with 10 year 5s to investigate a number of different experiments.  We all worked well together and found the experiments and activities very interesting.  

We used elastic to create bouncy bugs, if we pulled the bugs they would bounce up and down.

We explored different apps on the tablets.

We made fish bowl spinners. An empty fish bowl was on one side, a fish on the other and when the string made the images spin it looked as if the fish was in the bowl.

Rocking Rhinos. We had to draw and cut out 2 rhinos, we then covered one eye and tried to make them touch horns. It was very tricky but if we used both eyes it was much simpler.

WE found objects that we thought would be interesting to see magnified.

We even got to use the remote control cars. We had to tell each other where we were trying to make the car go.

Being Healthy 

We have discussed all the measures we need to stay safe.  We talked about the importance of exercising and taking a rest after exercise.  We also talked about the importance of having a good night's sleep and trying to avoid devices before we go to bed.  We have also talked about the importance of making sure we eat a healthy balanced diet.  

We did a survey of our favourite forms of exercise. We then plotted a graph to show the results.

We used flat shapes to make 3D shapes, we made cubes and some of us could even make and name cuboids and pyramids.

We used large cardboard boxes to build lots of different construction. We had all sorts of amazing designs such as superhero vehicles, dens with all the mod cons such as carpets and TVs and we even had a pet robot dog.

Being Kind to Ourselves and Others

We are going to be spending the next few weeks thinking about how to be kind to ourselves by understanding the importance of personal hygiene, eating with healthy choices, exercise, sleep, understanding our emotions and feelings, being safe and having lots of love and care.  This week we have been learning all about our teeth and how important cleaning and eating is to them.  

We tried to clean different white objects using tooth brushes and toothpaste. We know that we should clean our teeth at least twice a day and for 2 minutes.

We made models of monsters' teeth that never brush their teeth

WE looked very carefully at or friends' smiles and drew portraits of them.

The tooth fairies only ever want the cleanest of teeth for their castles and so we used pearly white paper to create our own castles.

Some of our superhero veg have been out on adventures already. Mrs Tesoriere was sent this picture of the superhero veg out on the loose.

We have had a big focus on number, number value and number bonds. Mrs Tesoriere is very impressed with our understanding and how quickly we are learning. This is a game of higher or lower than 10.

Growing- Taking Care of Things, Each Other and Ourselves 

We are looking at how different things grow and what they need to make sure they grow well and thrive.  We have started looking at plants, we have taken pride seeing the bulbs bloom that we planted earlier this year, we are taking care of the seeds that we planted and the plants that a Grandparent very kindly donated to us.  To help with all these gardening skills we have opened our own Garden centre.   

The Adventures of Supertato and his friends

We have been reading stories about Supertato and the Evil Pea.   They have really captured our imaginations.  We have rescued the Evil Pea from the jelly, created some veggie superhero friends for Supertato and much much more! 

Meet our superhero vegetables.

We have been producing some amazing writing. Thinking carefully about letter formation, spelling, content and interesting vocabulary.

Hooray the Summer is Here!

Welcome back to everyone.  We have started the term running, literally!  We are all currently superheroes.  we have made up lots of fantastic superhero characters for ourselves such as Superhedgehog - with his deadly protective spikes, Tortoise Boy- with his protective shell and his speed that matches Speedy's, Dragongirl - who can dry up any flood with her fire and has super strength and Sparkle Girl - she sprinkles cheer over all the miserable baddies and makes them happy goodies.  Please take a look below to see just a snippet of all the fun and learning we have been enjoying.

We splashed white paint on black paper to create a solar system and then on separate paper we blew bubbles for bubble printing to create different colour planets for our superhero characters.