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Owl - Reception Class

Welcome to Owl Class

 Mrs Tesoriere, Miss Read and Mrs Curtis would like to welcome you to Owl Class page.  We would like you to visit this page to find out  about the exciting  learning we have been doing.   


 P.E  on Tuesday and Friday 

 Golden Time on  Friday


Arts Week

We have been studying the art work of an American artist called Jim Dine.  He is a modern artist who has covered different themes but the main ones consist of hearts, birds and tools.  He has also created sketches and a huge sculpture of Pinocchio.  We decided to concentrate on the theme of hearts and even took the theme into our own work.  

We all created our own wax resist heart and then put them together to make a class picture.

We used charcoal and chalk to sketch these hearts.

We used Brusho and experimented with letting the colours bleed together.

We created these hearts in clay, we then painted them.

In house groups, we created large scale pieces of work.

We experimented with molding pipe cleaners and weaving materials.

Jim Dine experimented with different textures, and so did we.

We used pastels to experiment with different mark making techniques.

Class Visit to Court Farm

We had such a lovely visit to Court Farm.  The weather was beautiful, the animals were interesting and Farmer Ed was very funny.

We were greeted by Farmer Ed and then we ate our snacks in the barn.

We had a tour around the farm and got to see al the animals. We fed the pigs our left over snacks, we watched the pig have a bath and we laughed at the naughty goats. There was even a pig called Boris Rump!

We got to feed the sheep. They were very strong and very hungry. When they had finished a couple of us were picked to help Farmer Ed put them back in their enclosure.

After lunch, we played in the park. It was great fun!

Our last treat was to go on a tractor ride. It was very bumpy and we laughed and shouted at Farmer Ed to slow down.

On our return journey, we were so tired from all our adventures lots of us fell asleep.

British Values - Voting 

This Thursday, we joined in with the voting theme.  We took a vote on which poetry book we wanted Mrs Tesoriere to read to us.  We had a choice of the blue book which was poems to join in with or the orange book which was poems that were a little more grown up.  We lined up and Mrs Tesoriere checked we were in Owl Class and therefore could vote, she then handed us a voting card and we had to cross the box next to the colour we wanted.  After a little initial confusion,  as to whether we should tick the box we wanted and cross the box we didn't, we finally got the hang of it.  We were then able to post our secret vote.  Mrs Tesoriere counted the number of votes and the special person checked she wasn't cheating.  It was a draw!  Mrs Tesoriere read a poem from each book, if only life was that simple! 

Light and Shadows

On Thursday the sun was shining and we were very interested in the shadows we could see.  We decided that because the sun was shining so brightly we could see the shadows better.  This made us think about what gives us light.  We thought about the sun and other stars the lights in our classroom and devices such as laptops and tablets we also thought about candles and fire.  We also thought about things that reflect light such as the moon and cats eyes.  

After our little discussion, we went outside to spot some more shadows,  We found lots of interesting shadows.  We tried to seperate from our shadow like Peter Pan, we stood on one leg but it was still joined to us, we tried to balance on our hands but it was still with us, we tried running away but it was still with then we tried jumping and for a second we did it.  

Then one of us had another idea, we could hide from our shadows we found lots of interesting places and they were all in the shade!  We noticed it was much cooler in the shade and lovely and warm in the sun.  We realised that shadows are formed when something solid is blocking the light.  We  thought it was very funny that our shadows didn't have eyes, noses, mouths or the patterns on our clothes.  We wanted to make the most interesting shadow shapes, we thought they were great and then to round it all off one of us made up the 'Shadow Boo' game.  


Cool in the shade, warm in the sun!

Finding shadows

Getting away from our shadows!

Exercising our shadows

Traditional Stories 

We have been learning some traditional stories and we love them!  See if you can spot some of the ones we have been reading and telling.

We have been busy making fairy tale castles

We made up alternative endings - some of us thought it would be funny if the pigs ate the wolf instead, so we made wolf stew! One of us made the whole class laugh when he suggested that the wolf wasn't really trying to blow down the pigs houses he just had a cough.

Making a house for the pigs

Acting out the story of the 3 little pigs

Our finger puppets

Andy Goldsworthy

We were inspired to look at work by the artist Andy Goldsworthy after a couple of us had started making sculptures with grass and flowers.  We invited our buddies to join us after all their hard work with their SATs.  We thought his work was fascinating and it made us ask lots of questions.  We were wondering why he had chosen to build certain shapes and why he had used certain colours.  We discovered that he used natural materials such as leaves, pebbles, stones, snow, icicles and sticks and twigs.  We worked with our buddies and could either work on our own or in a larger group.  

We worked so well together, we listened to each other, we shared ideas, we took turns and shared ideas. It was such a lovely experience and such great fun.

 Bluebell Woods

We have taken advantage of the good weather and went on a senses walk in our local environment.  We took a walk through the fields of Coleford and into Bluebell Woods.  We realised just how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.

We saw some beautiful views including Cranmore Tower. We saw some 'fluff' and thought it might have been from a polar bear, we talked about whether it was possible for polar bears to live in the wild in Coleford and decided that perhaps it had come from a sheep! We saw lots of cracks in the ground and worked out that it might be because we haven't had much rain lately. WE saw lots of sights that we thought might fit in with stories we have been learning about such as the troll, Stickman's tree and Mrs Wiggle and Mrs Waggle.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt ...

We went on a bear hunt around our school and had such great fun. We went down the slippery slope, we marched over the wooden sandpit, we crawled under the arched bridge, we went through the over grown wild life area and into the prickly bush. It was there that we found one brown nose, two furry ears and one very fat squishy tummy,  it was a bear!   We ran as fast as we could back the way we came and into our class but we felt so sorry for our bear that we told him if he could be very good he could come into our classroom and stay with us ... so far he has behaved himself very well! 

We went out of our warm classroom, down the slippery slope, under the low bridge, through the creaky gate, across the wildlife area and into the prickly bush. Then we had to run all the way back to our class. We decided we're never going on a bear hunt again ... well maybe we will!

We made the most of the lovely sunny weather and took a visit to Coleford Park with our buddies. It was great to see how well we got on, how well we spoke to each other and how well we could take turns and share.

Easter Fun 

We have been having great fun learning all about the story of Easter and completing activities associated with Easter.  We have then used our learning to complete our own activities such as making our own Easter egg hunt, our own Easter parade around our classroom and outside area writing our own prayers and after watching an artist tell the Easter story through sand art (you can watch it on CBeebies) we made our own sand art pictures.  

We looked at different designs of Easter cards and what you can usually expect to see on them. We realised that they are usually colourful and sometimes have a symbol of new life.

Once again, we would like to say thank you to the adults who came to help us make our Easter bonnets. It was great fun!

The result of our creativity was fantastic!

Superhero Inspire Morning 

We would like to say a big thank you to all the adults who came to spend the morning with us during our 'Inspire Morning'.  It was based around the theme of Superheroes and showed how we cover the early learning goals and how our teachers can observe characteristics of learning.  We had all made up imaginary superheroes for ourselves and enjoyed completing superhero missions throughout the day.  

We worked with our adults to design and make superhero capes and masks. We were not quite sure who enjoyed doing this more us or the adults we were working with.

After we had made our costumes we were asked to strike a pose.

Another mission was to write a secret message to our adult and for them to write a secret message back. We wrote on white paper with white crayons and then using a paint wash to reveal the message. We also used tablets to write onomatopoeic words that could be associated with Superheroes.

We designed a setting and a vehicle for our superhero and made a slider to move it across the page. We had a variety of vehicles from rockets, to high speed cars, to ice-cream cars, to tractors! We are such an imaginative bunch.

We designed and made models of Superhero monster villains. Mrs Tesoriere was so impressed with how close the models were to the original designs.

When we got back to our classroom we recorded our achievements and reflected on us having had such a lovely morning!

Air Toys 

 We looked at pictures and discussed why different objects could be the odd one out.  We learnt that there is not always a right or a wrong answer and that it is okay to have a different opinion to your friend.  We have been learning about toys in lots of different ways.  As part of this we have been looking at toys in the air and how we use them.  

We designed and made kites. We investigated how we could fly them, we found that it is better when there is a wind and it helps it we run with them.

We made parachutes and investigated how they work. We discovered that if we stood on something and made ourselves higher and we threw the parachute up in the air. It worked a lot better. Lydia discovered that if your parachute has a hole in it it doesn't work very well and Leo discovered that if you put leaves in the parachute it doesn't work as well.