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Welcome to Owl! 

Reminders: PE on Tuesdays and Fridays 

Mrs Tesoriere, Mrs Curtis and Miss Read would like to welcome you to Owl Class page.

All about ourselves

We have started to think about ourselves in all sorts of different ways.  We have started thinking about philosophical questions such as: if we could live anywhere where would we live?; if we could live in any type of home what would we choose and why?; if we could have anything we wanted in our homes what would we buy and why?  and if we could be anything we wanted when we grew up what would we be?  We had some very thoughtful and imaginative answers.  Some of us decided to make our own houses uses blocks,  they were very creative and Mrs Tesoriere said she would love to live in all of them.  

Healthy treats

We have been learning about different ways to stay healthy.  It is lovely to have treats now and again so we have been looking at ways to have healthy treats.  We made ice lollies with apple juice and all sorts of summer berries, including strawberries.  They were delicious and they had the added advantage of helping us to learn about freezing, liquids and solids. 

Important Exercise

We have been learning about how exercise is very important and the changes that happen to our bodies when we exercise.  

Cleaning our teeth

We have been learning about the importance of cleaning our teeth.  We used tooth paste to clean our white multi link and we were so impressed with how white they became, it has made us think seriously about cleaning our own teeth properly.  We experimented with different sized brushes and we can see why toothbrushes are the size and shape they are, they are perfect for cleaning our teeth.

Rotten Teeth

We had fun making rotten teeth with modelling clay and pine nuts.  They looked horrible and we all agreed that there is no way we want teeth like that!

Washing the Baby

We have also been learning how important it is to wash.  We rescued some very grubby looking dolls and gave them super baths.  We looked at which materials were better to wash with and which containers could hold more water.  Mrs Tesoriere was very impressed with how clean they were after we had finished.  


In maths, we have been problem solving with measure.  We have looked at who is the tallest?, who has the largest hands and who is the quickest at things like writing their name, jumping on the spot or threading beads.  We also learnt that we are quicker at different things but Mrs Tesoriere definitely has the biggest hands.


Mrs Tesoriere is very impressed with some of our hairstyles that our parents do, so we thought we would have a try at plaiting for ourselves.  Some of us tried it with different coloured pieces of wool and some of us tried it with pipe cleaners.  The wool was certainly trickier.

Court Farm Follow on Work 

We have been thinking about what we have learnt from our visit to Court Farm.  We wrote about our visit and our favourite animals, we discussed the produce that we get from animals and how important farming is to us.  We really enjoyed role playing working on a farm looking after the animals.  

We have been busy doing our own work to make a class display of our visit.  We have painted, made collages, drawn routes and explained something that  we  learnt during the visit that we never knew before. 
We have been designing and building our own farms.  
Designing and Building farm vehicles.
All this work on animals has restored our interest in creatures big and small.

Out Door Construction 

We have been exploring construction outside.  Lots of children have decided to make their own technology construction.  We have made rooms with consoles, we have made vehicles with remote controls and i pads with and have made up our own secret passwords.  

Fire Safety Talk 

We were visited today by a member of the fire service who talked to us about the brilliant job the fire fighters do for us and how we can stay safe ourselves.  When we returned to our class we were inspired to act out our learning and became fire fighters ourselves.

Court Farm 

We have just been on a fantastic class visit to Court Farm.  We were all very well behaved and Farmer Ed said we were one of the best classes.  We thought it was going to be a wet and miserable day but the weather was actually perfect.  We boarded the coach at about 9.15 and arrived at Court Farm an hour later.  Our first stop was a snack.    

 We had a lady called Sarah who talked to us about the animals.  She taught us a lot about animals that we didn't know before.  Some of us knew that pigs were very clean animals but we didn't know that they cleaned their teeth.  They don't use tooth brushes like us but they do use stones that they pick up in their mouths and gently swish around their teeth.  We also learnt that cows have amazingly long tongues that are as long as a grown up's longest finger to the middle of their elbow.  We had great fun with the goats, they were full of mischief.  One of them tried to eat Seb's coat and two of the goats started to show off in front of us and clashed their horns.  We also saw quieter animals such as lambs, ponies chicks and we even saw an owl!
Farmer Ed then told us it was time for the milking demonstration.  We were sitting so well that the staff at the farm commented.  We were able to tell Farmer Ed the different products that are made from milk such as: cheese, butter, ice-cream, yoghurt and chocolate.  We were also able to tell Farmer Ed where we buy these products from.  We learnt that cows like to eat cornflakes like us and peas like us but they like to eat them mixed together ... yuk!  We then practised  milking  a cow by hand, like people used to years ago.  Luckily it was only a model of a cow.  
We were also treated to a demonstration on weaving.  We learnt that the sheep are shorn and their fleece is then spun to make wool.  We were able to list the different uses of wool and ended the session by singing songs such as Wind the Bobbin Up and Baa Baa Black Sheep.  
After all this excitement and learning we were very hungry so we stopped for our lunch.  Farmer Ed very kindly put a ground sheet down for us in a barn so we were able to eat our indoor picnic all together.
After our lunch, we met Farmer Ed in the field ready for our tractor ride.  It was a good opportunity for us to see around the farm and the animals grazing in the fields.  It was also incredibly bumpy and incredibly great fun.  We shouted at Farmer Ed to go faster and much to our delight he did.
Finally, we had some free time which we were able to spend in the adventure park.  We all played so well together and had such fun being with our friends. 
After such a busy day, we were exhausted and that was just our teachers.  smiley

Sports Day 

Mrs Tesoriere would like to thank all the parents and family for coming to support us with our first sports day with the rest of the school.  We were very well behaved and were enjoying cheering on our class mates and people in our house teams.  We completed running races, bat and ball racing and through the hoop race.  It was a great atmosphere and being part of a wonderful team!

Mr  Inns The Potter

Mr Inns has been  teaching us skills to use with clay.  We have being using slip, which acts as a glue to stick clay, we have been using knives to cut and a mixture of tools for mark making.  We were able to choose what we wanted to make whether it was a wishing star or a dragon's eye.  

Garden Centre Fun

We love using our garden centre.  We have been busy designing seed packets, writing lists, selling, weeding digging and planting. 

The weather is slowing leaning towards the summer although it has been a little hit and miss.  We decided to make the most of the sun when we could.  We have been busy making lots of things ...

Stone Soup 

We have been learning about the story Stone Soup.  We have learnt that it has been told all around the world in many different countries.  There are differences and similarities between them all but the thing that they have in common is that it teaches us it is a good thing to share with people.  We have described different vegetables using our senses, we have produced plates of favourite food by mixing textured paint, we have made silly soup and we have used our story telling skills.  

Doubling and Halving 

In maths, we have been learning all about doubles and halves.  We played a bean bag games where we threw the beanbag on a number and then found the corresponding double or half.  We also had the job of sorting the dominoes to find all the doubles.  We even took our learning into the environment and found doubles. 

Visiting Author 

We were very excited to welcome the visiting author to our school.  David Lawrence Jones has written quite a few books for younger and slightly older children.  He was very entertaining and made us all laugh with stories of his crazy pugs and his childhood in Yorkshire with his big brother.  

Well Done Buddies 

We would like to say a big well done to our buddies in Kestrel class for completing their SATs.  We know how hard they have been working so we made them a card to say well done.  They invited us to join them for a few minutes to help them celebrate at their party.  They very kindly made us a game of pass the parcel.  

Mr Bevis and Our Story Telling Session 

We would like to say a big Owl Class thank you to Mr Bevis, who came to visit us for a story telling session.  He told us the story of Anansi the Spider.  We were all enthralled.  We were invited to make suggestions of animals that Anansi would have met along the way.  The animals consisted of a monkey who liked toast (just like Alfie) and we decided that there would have been an elephant who cooked eggs, a cow who cooked vegetables, a spider friend who cooked egg and beans, a dog who cooked a bone and a cat who barbecued a hot dog!  We were a little concerned that if all the animals pulled the web it would go BOOM!  

We then explored the different sounds that musical instruments make and decided which suited which animals.  We then took turns to play the different instruments whilst retelling the story.  We explored the different instruments and how to make different sounds.
We ended the session with some ring dancing, which we were very good at.  It was great fun and we all ended up having great fun including our teachers.  

Sorting Shapes

We have been sorting shapes.  We have been sorting solid shapes and flat shapes whilst naming them and discussing their properties.

Liquids and Solids 

We have been exploring different states of materials during our cooking sessions.  We have been investigating how chocolate is a solid when it is cold and when we heat it, it becomes a liquid and then when it cools again it is a solid.  The wonderful thing about using chocolate is that we get to eat it after.  We compared the different chocolates and voted as to whether we favoured white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate.  Which chocolate is your favourite?  

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth 

Owl Class celebrated the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth this week.  We made and decorated red, white and blue bunting, we made and wrote cards for her, we made our own crowns to wear to our mini party and we produced some fantastic portraits using oil pastels.  

Inspire Morning 

A big thank you to all the adults who came to help us with our, Inspire Morning.  We had a great time and enjoyed spending time and working with our adults.  The learning was centered around maths  with the theme of traditional tales.  We took a visit to Traditional Story Land where strange things had been happening and there were lots of maths problems to solve.  

The three little pigs had lost their watches and  we had to ask Mr Wolf what the time was.  The problem was every time he said Dinnertime he chased us.  
After their problems with Goldilocks, we had to help the 3 bears to restock their home.  We had to make beds, chairs and bowls that were the right size for Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear, Baby Bear.
Captain Hook had found twelve pieces of treasure that he needed to share with his crew.  It was our job to list all the different ways he could share it with different numbers of crew.
The ugly sisters had been invited to the ball but they wanted us to make necklaces for them and they asked us to make sure they were patterned.  
The Queen of Hearts was obviously not feeling at her best during our visit as she ordered us to add the total of the cards or there would be consequences.  Luckily for us we are great at adding and writing the number sentences so we were all safe!
The witch had found out that Rapunzel was having a visitor to her tower so she requested us to build her another one, naming all the solid shapes we had used and their properties.
We made a wand for Tinkerbell to make doubles and tested it out.  Our adults were very impressed with how good we are at doubling.
We measure the beanstalks and found out which one was the shortest. 

We love Maths 

We are very interested in all areas of maths at the moment, this is just a sample of some of our learning.

Young Artists 

We have used pencils to make sketches of teddy bears and we mixed water colours to paint Kipper.  Mrs Tesoriere was so pleased with all our hard work she has put them on display in our classroom, so please feel free to come and have a look at them.

            We would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter.
We have had such a busy week this week, learning all about Easter.  We have learnt that it is a very special celebration for Christians.  We have learnt about the Easter story and how different people celebrate.  We walked to Holy Trinity Church with our buddies for a service with Reverend Clarissa and we designed and made our own Easter cards.  We have even taken our learning into our own learning activities. 
Thank you to all the adults that came to help us make our Easter bonnets.  We had great fun, got very messy and made some very interesting creations.  

Our Class Assembly

Thank you to all the adults who came to watch our class assembly and for helping us learn our words.  Everyone was very impressed with how well we spoke.  For those of you who couldn't make it we have included the information on this class page. 

We talked about toys old and new.  We were surprised to learn that people years ago didn't have I pads or computer games!  There were some toys that people played with years ago that we still play with today, although they looked very different and were made from different materials. 

We looked at toys on the ground and toys in the air, we completed some maths and science work with cars.  We measured how far different cars travelled and which was the best surface for them to move over.   



One windy day we made our own super kites and experimented which conditions would be the best to fly them in.  We found out that if we were in a sheltered area they wouldn't fly very well but they flew better if we ran with them. 

We have found out that we like playing with lots of different toys and games, but that we all loved our cuddly toys.  We read lots of different stories about cuddly toys some of our favourites are: Dogger, where a little boy loses his favourite toy but his sister Bella helps him get it back; This is the Bear and This is the Bear and the Scary Night, which are rhyming books and we found out we are rhyming champions; Where's my Teddy?, which inspired us to write our own stories about loosing a favourite toy.  

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

We also enjoyed reading the story We're Going on a Bear Hunt.   We found a giant teddy when we went on our own bear hunt.  We can all tell our story...