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Welcome to Puffins Nursery!

Leaf Man

Where does a Leaf Man go when the wind blows?

This week we have enjoyed reading the story Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert. In the story  the wind keeps blowing the leaves into lots of different shapes. It makes a chicken, a cow, a turkey a butterfly and lots more. We went for a walk to collect lots of autumn leaves and we enjoyed making our own leaf pictures.

Lots of the children have been interested in minibeasts this week. We are very lucky to have lots of ladybirds living in the garden at the moment. The children have been learning to be very gentle with the bugs to make sure they stay safe. We found lots of snails too.

Freddie's Dad has been very kind and has built us a bug house. Next week we hope to make it into a wonderful home for our mini beasts!

We also found a beautiful butterfly.

Welcome back to Nursery!


Cooked Meals

This term we have introduced cooked lunches to our afternoon session.  As a nursery we are very keen to encourage healthy eating and to introduce the children to new foods. We want them to enjoy socialising with their peers whilst learning good table manners. It is important that children are given the opportunity to try a range of foods and understand the importance of a healthy diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

All meals are cooked for us by Julia in the school kitchen.  

The hot meals have certainly gone down very well so far!

The most popular meal has been a roast dinner (although we are looking forward to fish and chips tomorrow!)





We would like to welcome parents and carers to our  'Nursery Sports Afternoon'

All current nursery children will be welcome to come and join in.

The older children (who are going to school in September) will be doing some fun traditional sports day races.

The younger children will be doing lots of different fun sporting activities in the nursery.

We will then join together in the nursery garden (weather permitting!) for a yummy treat and a last get together before the summer holidays.

Further details will be sent home this week at nursery.

Our Visit to Hope Nature Centre

The older nursery children went to visit a lovely Nature Centre this week. It was very exciting getting on the coach and travelling with our friends. We all had lots to talk about on the journey. We guessed which animals we may see at the Nature Centre as well as talking about our own experiences of visiting zoos and farms. One of our children hoped we might see a giraffe!


When we got to the Nature Centre we were lucky enough to see lots of different animals. We saw pigs, tortoises, sheep, goats, alpaca, donkeys, chickens and even a HUGE turkey!! The children particularly enjoyed the noise that the turkey made.


We talked about the animals, thinking about what they liked to eat, where they slept and what they enjoyed doing. We also talked about their similarities and differences.


We had a lovely picnic lunch and we even had time to explore the park. We are really good at bouncing, climbing, balancing and sliding!


Hope Nature Centre Visit

We have had lots of fun this week!

We have been practising our fine motor skills by using the tweezers to move the pom poms.

We have been 'washing' the cars in the foam 'car wash'.

The mud kitchen has been very busy this week with lots of mud pies, soups and cakes being made!


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle's classic book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' has been a firm favourite this week. The children have enjoyed reading the story and looking at the story sack in small groups. The children were good at counting the fruit and talking about which foods were their favourites.

They also enjoyed making their own caterpillars on leaves.

Hop, Skip and Jump


We had a visit from Helen, a teacher from "Hop, Skip and Jump" dance company.

As we have been learning about planting seeds and growing, Helen tailored the session to suit our interests from this week.

First we 'planted' our 'seeds' (pom poms) and gave them lots of water to help them grow.





......then our beautiful flowers began to grow!




We enjoyed moving our bodies in different ways.






We even got to make some funny faces during our 'cool down!'





Busy times at Puffins Nursery!


This week we have enjoyed welcoming some new children to our nursery. We have been helping them settle in by showing them all the exciting things there are to do. Here are some photos of us having fun.



.........Cooking in the Bakery.......

This week we have a 'Bakery' in our role play area. We have made lots of salt dough cakes and bread to 'cook' and 'sell' to our friends. When we are in the bakery we wear an apron and a hat so everyone knows who the baker is. We have a till, and have enjoyed using money to pay for the yummy cakes.





We have also been looking at recipe books. We chose the things that we wanted to make and we had great fun weighing the ingredients, mixing it all together and more importantly eating our wonderful creations!





World Book Day

The nursery children have enjoyed reading and sharing lots of stories for World Book Day. They enjoyed talking about their favourite books to read at home. We made a special 'fort' in the garden for the children to enjoy sharing books with their friends.


The children also enjoyed a visit to Owl Class to see Mrs Tersorie and Mrs Curtis. The listened to 'The Bear Hunt' story.



Also this week......


In maths we have been learning to recognise numerals and to say the number names in the correct order.

We enjoyed singing '5 Speckled Frogs' to help us with this.



Our Open Morning!

Thank you to everyone who came to our open morning. It was lovely to see so many friends of the nursery and also to see some new faces too. It was a great chance for people to come and have a look at what we get up to!

The nursery is looking really lovely now with our new flooring. We have also been extremely lucky to have one of our very talented parents paint a wonderful mural outside the main nursery door. Thank you very much Karen. It looks amazing!!!

Will it float or will it sink?

The children have been very interested in experimenting with water. They have enjoyed filling and pouring containers and jugs of different sizes.

We decided to investigate how different objects behave when they are put into the water. We talked about floating and sinking. The children talked about the characteristics of objects and how that might impact on whether they would float or sink. One child thought that the cup might sink as it "had a hole in it." Another child guessed that the stone would sink as it is "really big and heavy!"


Nursery Christmas Party

We had a wonderful Christmas party with lots of fun and games. We were very lucky to have a visit from Father Christmas too. He gave each of the children a present!

We also enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner.


Christmas Celebrations

We are very much looking forward to our Christmas Party on Wednesday 16th December at 10am. There will be lots of party games and we are hoping to be lucky enough to have a very special visitor! 


We would like to welcome parents and family members to come and watch our Christmas songs performance on Wednesday 16th December at 12:30pm

Nursery Closure Day


Please remember that the nursery will be closed on Friday 18th December to allow the exciting renovation work to begin!

Longleat Animals


We were very lucky to have a visit from some animals handlers from Longleat this week.  They brought 4 snakes, a spider and a scorpion to show us. They were amazing!

One of the snakes was called Abracadabra which the children thought was very funny! We also saw a corn snake called Sammy.

Most of the children enjoyed stroking the snakes.

We also saw a big Chilli Rose spider called Pepper. Mrs Withey got to hold Pepper. She said she could feel all of her 8 legs touching her hand and she felt warm.

We also saw a scorpion!

Drinking Tea!

Also this week we have been partaking in the good old English tradition of making and drinking tea.

The children enjoyed decaffeinated tea and they also tried different varieties. They tried camomile and honey, peppermint tea and lemon and ginger tea. They were even lucky enough to have a biscuit to dunk into their tea!


At the Theatre!

The children have enjoyed performing songs and dances at our role play 'Theatre' this week.





This week we have enjoyed making soup!

We had a bumper crop of lovely vegetables in our garden this year. The children have enjoyed harvesting , washing and cutting the vegetables to make a yummy soup. They used pumpkin, beetroot, squash, carrot and parsnip.


The New Games Court!

There has been a wonderful new games court installed in the main school playground. When we went for a walk around the school we enjoyed looking at the different classrooms and we stopped for a play in the new games court on the way back.

Welcome back everyone!


Nursery News


Firstly we have welcomed Miss Crompton who has joined us as the Nursery Teacher on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Miss Crompton has had lots of fun getting to know our nursery children.


A quick overview of our staff in the nursery:

Monday Miss Crompton Mrs Lynne
Tuesday Miss Crompton Mrs Powell
Wednesday Miss Crompton Mrs Powell
Thursday Mrs Higgs Mrs Powell
Friday Mrs Higgs Mrs Lynne


What have we been up to?


This week we have enjoyed welcoming back our older nursery children as well as meeting lots of lovely new families.


We have been very busy harvesting our wonderful potatoes that we planted in the spring. The children enjoyed digging them up and washing them! We still have lots more vegetables growing in the garden (including some AMAZING pumpkins!)

We decided to make cheese and potato pie using our home grown potatoes. The children enjoyed cutting the potatoes and onions. Everyone (well, almost everyone) thought the cheese and potato pie was very tasty. Yum yum!





Here are a few more pictures of the children having fun at nursery this week.

If you have any ideas or suggestions as to what you would like to see on the Puffins web page then please do let us know.