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Spring Term 2 R.E for Swallow, Kingfisher and Kestrel


I hope you have been enjoying RE so far this term. You should now know that that keeping God’s laws are very important Jewish people, which is why the Torah is precious to them as it contains the 5 books of the law: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Hopefully, you managed to watch the videos that formed a comic style feature of each book and then were able to draw pictures of the events or stories mentioned in each book. You also spent some time thinking about the language the Torah is written in: Hebrew and had a go at writing some Hebrew yourself. In addition, you watched some videos about the synagogue and drew and described some of its features.


Lesson 6


This lesson will help you complete the sheet you have been filling in over the past few weeks. You will see there is a box labelled Naviim and Ketuvim.


Now the Torah is the first 5 books of The Old Testament (also found in the Christian Bible) but the Old Testament has more books, in fact, it has 39!

In Judaism, the Old Testament is divided into 3 separate writings that contains all 39 books. These 3 writings are collectively know as TaNaKh

The ‘T’ stands for Torah (the first 5 books=Law)

The ‘N’ stands for Neviim

The ‘K’ stands for Ketuvim

Have a look at the picture of the bookcase below. This will show you where all the books fit in the Tanakh. Write in the box some books that are featured in Neviim and Ketuvim.

Task - Fill out the final box from the worksheet you have been completing for the past few weeks