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Welcome to Robin!

Mrs Shepard and Mrs de Leeuw would like to welcome you to our class. 

We will add pictures and information regularly to the website, so please visit to find out what we are learning in Robin Class.

Please let us know if there is anything else you would like us to include on this page.  




P.E. is on Monday.

Homework is due in on Thursday.

Mrs Tasker very kindly changes our reading books regularly; if at all possible, she will change them every day. Please make sure daily reading is recorded in the reading record and that children always bring this to school.

We had a fantastic day out in Bristol! First we went to the MShed museum to find out about the history of Bristol and local people. There was so much to do and our favourite exhibit was a double decker bus that we could go in. After lunch, we went aboard the Matthew dressed as pirates and sailed along, telling stories of pirates and looking out over the water at the Bristol landscape. What a fantastic day!

We have been designing and making bread rolls, using our maths skills to help us to measure the ingredients with care. We had different flour and toppings to choose from and we designed the shape of our rolls before we made them.

Thank you to all the people who came to our Maths Inspire Morning. The children had a fantastic time and were very happy to be learning with their families. We hope you all had fun!

It has been sunny enough for us to do our Maths outside in the garden this week.

Astronauts have arrived this week in Robin Class and are off to the Moon! In our English lessons we are going on 'Fantastic Journeys' together. We have started by reading a story called 'Man on the Moon'. In History, we are going to find out about real astronauts and other explorers. What an exciting term!

Creative Curriculum Plan

We have started to count the money that Robin Class has collected to adopt our elephant. Thank you to everyone who sent their change in for us to use. We nearly have enough!

Easter Bonnet fun with our families!

We have loved learning about elephants this term. We used a webcam to watch real elephants visiting a river and watering hole in Kenya. The elephants were amazing! We have asked our families and friends to save pennies to help us adopt an elephant. We already have lots of coins and will be counting the money in our maths lessons.

There has been ice in the Robin Class garden during the cold winter weather, so we put on our coats and went out to explore!

We are really enjoying our yoga sessions and are learning all about our bodies. We find out where our muscles and bones are and can feel how our hearts beat quickly when we exercise.

In maths we have been working hard to learn number bonds and doubles. We need to know them and be able to say them really fast. It would be great if we could practise at home!

Creative Curriculum Plan

January 2016 

Happy New Year to all Robins and their families. Welcome back! This half term our topic is called 'Once Upon a Time' and we will be reading fairy tales and traditional stories. Please let us know if you would like to come into the class and read or tell a story to the children.

Our Southwood Common Farm visit was very successful. We enjoyed tasting cheese, yogurt and ice cream - they were delicious! We found out all about the cows and their cute calves. It was lucky that the sun came out because we could take a walk around the farm before it was time to get on the coach to come back to school.

Robin Class had a wonderful time today with our visitor, Leon Reid. They were keen to join in with sports outside and loved hearing about athletics.

Creative Curriculum Plan: Autumn Term 1

In Challenge Time, we choose from lots of exciting tasks and can record our learning in different ways. Here are some of the activities we have joined in with so far.

We are enjoying our Maths and Literacy lessons!