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'Fun, Learning, Friendship'


All in Together and Lots More Firsts

At last we are altogether as a whole class- we have also stared lots of firsts, our first literacy lessons, our first meeting with our local vicar, Clarissa and our first time in the hall to each lunch together.  It was also the first time some of met Mr D, our sports coach.

PE with MR D

Eating lunch with our buddies

Meeting Woody- We love Woody he is our Dogs for Health dog. He is so gentle and clever!

Clarissa came to visit to explain to us all about her job.

Practising our listening skills during story time and jigsaw

Bubble Fun

We investigated with different objects to see how we could make the largest bubbles.  We had such great fun doing it and discovered that generally the larger bubbles were made by wafting the wand slowly rather than blowing through the wand.  

Large Scale Construction 

We used large scale construction with balls and sticks to make models.  We were very good at connecting them and some of us were even able to make cubes. 

Looking After Speedy 

We have been learning how to look after our class pet, Speedy the tortoise, we have taken it in turns to make sure that he has enough water, affection and is home is clean.  We also feed him with food from the kitchen, dandelion leaves, petals, and his current favourite bean leaves and mint grown in our class garden.  

New Activities and Adventures 

We have all started to join in with Wake and Shake.  We are currently dancing to The Weekend.  We practised with our buddies first and then with the school.  

We set up a car wash and a vehicle repair shop

We explored the school and met the classes and teachers. We found book characters we recognised in the library we then wen outside and explored the grounds.

We ran around the running track

50th  Birthday  Anniversary 

Our school was opened 50 years ago last academic year but we were unable to celebrate it due to COVID- just like the Olympics!  so we have celebrated this year -just like the Olympics!  We have a peace garden to mark it with a water feature, time capsule, sun dial, benches and a new fence around the pond.  Our individual pebbles are going to be placed in there also.  

Mrs Scott thanked all the people that donated, Reverend Clarissa blessed that garden ad then a photograph was taken with the Well-being champions and the visitors.

Placing our pebbles in the garden.

We took the time to explore the peace garden, we listened to the sounds, we noticed that water feature was stronger when the sun came out from beneath a cloud.


We have been reading  books called 'Oww!' and 'Snore'.  They feature animals on a farm and are very funny- our monkey call Red, who has read lots of books and has red hair, laughs and laughs.  We joined in with yoga, we were able to make lots of yoga moves and positions based around animals.  We could make the horse, cow, sheep, pig and piglets.

Dough Gym

Mrs Tesoriere introduced us to dough gym.  This is where we have to complete actions with dough to build up muscles in our hands, fingers and wrists.  

Painting Pebbles 

As part of the 50th Birthdays celebrations Mrs Scott has asked every child to paint a pebble.  Mrs Tesoriere painted one as an example and then we all painted our own.  We could choose which pebble we wanted and then she told us how to hold the pebble with one hand, she then showed us that we could scrap off excess paint and to use careful gentle brush strokes to create a flower.  We could choose which ever colours we wanted.  All our teachers were so impressed with how well we did. 

Meeting our Buddies 

We have already made great relationships with our buddies.  They have shown us care, kindness and have made us laugh.  We are very lucky to have each other.  

Making Friends and Introducing Ourselves 

Lots of us knew each other from Puffins but not all of us.  We sang the sogn Good Morning Chirpy Bird so that we could learn each other's names.  Already you wouldn't know who knew who before as we are all getting on so well. 

First Week at School

Mrs Tesoriere says she is very pleased with how we have settled in and after the first couple of days we are all coming into school on our own and with big smiles on our faces.  We are all putting our photos on the happy side (after the worry monster has gobbled up a couple of worries).  WE have been busy exploring the indoor and out door classrooms with all the resources and have even ventured out into the main playground.  

WE have played with cars and animals ...


...home corners ...

... instruments ...

... painting ...

... the outdoor classroom ...

... water ...

Home Visits

It has been lovely to be able to visit families in their homes to get to know them.  We were very warmly welcomed by everyone and are very much looking forward to working with the lovely Owls of 2021 and their families this year.