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Week 1 - 6/1/21

Home Learning Week 1

For the first week of home learning, we are going to us a website called Oak Academy to access year 2 lessons. Oak Academy is an online school which was created to provide lessons for home learning in response to the  COVID-19 pandemic. It follows the curriculum and is supported by the Department of Education. There is a schedule of lessons for each day of the week. We are only going to look at Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's lessons this week.  I have set this out on a separate document to make it clear. There will be one English, math and topic lesson a day. Below is the link to the website. Please make sure you click on the right day in the near top right corner to ensure you are doing the correct day's work!


Year 2 Oak Academy Home Learning


All lessons have a video to watch and there may be additional quizzes and worksheets for some lessons. You do not need to print any resources off if you can't or would prefer not to. The children can write their answers on a plain piece of paper. Please feel free to send me photos of your work through SeeSaw and let me know if you have any questions smiley