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Week 1 Home Learning 20.4.20

Weekly Challenge 20.4.20

Queen Elizabeth's Birthday (21st April)


Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 21st April 1926 and, on this date in 2020, will mark her 94th birthday. I have attached some activities for you to do to celebrate. I have added a link so you can have a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace (The official residence of The Queen). I would love to know your thoughts and if you had a favourite part.


Also, you can have a go at designing or colouring your own crown, designing a birthday cake and writing about what you would do if you were king or queen for a day.


If you would like an extra challenge, you could create your own fact file about Queen Elizabeth II. I would love to know any interesting facts you find out


Don't forget to upload any of your work to the blog as I would love to see what you get up to!