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Week 7 (22.02.21)

Welcome Back Kestrels!


I hope you all had a lovely half term. I look forward to catching up with you on our Zooms. Just to remind you:


The times and days are:

Monday - Clarissa's Worship at 11:30

Tuesday - Kestrel Social Zoom at 10:00

Wednesday - Kestrel Home Learning Zoom at 14:00

Thursday - Story Time with Mrs James at 14:00

Friday - Whole School Assembly with Mrs Scott  at 11:30

(The links to these Zooms have been sent out via ParentMail)


Please find below the timetable for week 7 of home learning. Before half term, you were all doing a fantastic job so lets keep going until the lovely day when we can be back in school together. We've got this! Please also find new spellings for term 4 below. 


Home Learning document and resources available below.





Children will be continuing their unit this week where they are focusing on journalistic writing. This week, you will be learning how write an opening paragraph to a newspaper report and how to write a recount of events.


You will find all of the links for the learning videos in the 'Home Learning for Kestrel' file at the top of this page. All work this week should be completed in your exercise book (which you can collect from school) or on lined/plain paper. 



White Rose Maths are providing worksheets along with video tutorials which cover the areas in maths that we would normally be doing in class. The videos, worksheets and answers can now be found here on the class page. Just click on your year group. 


If you find the Year 6 maths too tricky, please give they Year 5 maths a go.



In our first week of spring term 2, we will start our new topic based on the Romans. This week, on Monday and Tuesday, you will learn about the Roman Empire and how it became so powerful as well as finding out about Roman general, Julius Caesar.


In addition to your history lessons, I have also included an R.E. lesson for you to complete. Your R.E. lesson is timetabled for Wednesday afternoon where you will continue to learn about Neviim and Ketuvim. You will then move on to your music lesson, on Thursday, where you will explore percussion. Then, on Friday, you will have an art lesson where you learn about an artistic term called foreshortening.

Just some of the fantastic work I was sent before half term