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week 8

Final Week - Week  8

This week I have planned things a little differently.  The lessons aren't so structured because I want you to show all your clever learning about toys.  I would like you to make your very own toy museum!  Ideally I would have liked to have taken you to a real museum but because of this pesky bug I can't so what I would like to do is show you around virtually and then you can make a museum with your own toys.  You can make posters, signs and labels for your museum and all the best museums are interactive so you can demonstrate some of the experiments based around toys.  Invite members of your household to visit your museum and show them all of your clever learning.  Have fun with it all and please send me lots of photos I would love to see them.  

It is also World Book Week and so I have included a list of authors reading their own books that they have written.  I haven't planned any maths lessons for you to watch so that you can watch as many of these clips as possible.  I hope you love the books as much as I do. 

These are the sounds you will need in order to place the teddy where you think the noise is coming from. 

Alarm clock ringing.wav

Ball bouncing.wav

Bee buzzing.wav

Cat meow.wav

Clock ticking.wav

Computer keyboard typing.wav

Dog bark.wav

Fire burning.wav

Rubber duck squeak.wav

Mixing bowl.wav

Somebody snoring.wav

Telephone ring.wav

Toilet flush.wav

Water dripping.wav

Toy car horn.wav

Water splashing in the bath.wav