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Wellbeing Champions

The wellbeing champions have had another successful assembly presentation. The wedneday's wellbeing champions lead an assembly on the importance of sleep for our wellbeing.

Congratulations to our Silver Blue Peter Badge winner. 

We all said congratulations to one of our Wellbeing members, who has won a SILVER Blue Peter badge for his work as a wellbeing champion.  Milo wrote a letter to them explaining the importance of the Wellbeing champions in our school and in particular the part he plays.  They then wrote a letter in response congratulating him on the very special work he has done and inviting other wellbeing champions to write in and they too may be awarded a badge for their hard work.  Fantastic - What a brilliant way to raise the profile of the very special work the wellbeing champions do!


Wellbeing and mental Health week

Congratulations to our wellbeing champions who delivered an excellent assembly today to introduce the wellbeing theme - Growing Together.  They drew comparisons between us and trees and that if we have all our basic needs met we grow and thrive but if we have some missing we can still grow but maybe not quite so well.  If you cut a tree in half you can see this clearly by how strong the rings are - the stronger the rings the better the conditions were for the tree that year.  They also taught another calming strategy - rainbow breathing and gave a suggested list of books that may help with promoting good mental health  and sharing your worries. 


This is this term's recommended reads.

Christmas Thank You

To help with our own wellbeing Mrs Mitchell, our school wellbeing parent, has rewarded us with personalised Christmas decorations to say thank you for all the hard work we have done this term.  We are already planning events for next term including some collective worship ideas.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Mitchell and to wish you all a ... 

Very Merry Wellbeing Christmas  

Wellbeing Champions

It is with great pleasure and pride that we can share some good news with you.  One of our wellbeing champions, Ava, decided to write a letter on behalf of the wellbeing champions to the Babington Trust charity to explain about our plans to create an indoor space to promote wellbeing.  We had identified the area as the rainbow room and had arranged a meeting to discuss possible resources that may be needed.  The Babington Trust Charity recognised the importance of this work and have awarded us a grant of £150.  We have now agreed a wish list and have sent it to Mrs Scott.  Well done Ava you are a great ambassador for the wellbeing champions. 


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank The Babington Trust for their generosity.  

Wellbeing Breaktime  Support 

Mrs Tesoriere and us had a meeting to discuss our responsibilities during break times and we were presented with the rota that we had agreed.  In order for us to be easily recognised we wanted to be able to wear high vis' jackets.  We requested that they should be blue as we felt that was different from the adults and that it is a very calming colour.  We also wanted it to incorporate our wellbeing logo.  We were very pleased with the results.