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Wellbeing Champions

Wellbeing Champions 

A warm welcome to our Wellbeing Champions Page. 

We would like to introduce ourselves: 

                                               Mrs Scott - Wellbeing Lead 

                                               Mrs Tesoriere - Wellbeing  Lead 

                                               Mrs Hawkins - Wellbeing LSA

                                               Mrs Reynolds- Wellbeing Governor

   Wellbeing Parents - Mrs Mitchell, Ms Steeper, Ms Hillier, Mrs Hamilton 

  Wellbeing Champions:  Keeley, Milo, Alexandra, Eva, Evie-Leigh,  Evan, Summer, Mikey,                                                              Meaghan, Rory, Gabe, Ava, Olivia, Freddie, Belle, Louis, Ruby-May, Ava,                                              Bertie,  Myleigh, Scarlett, Aerin and Ethan 


If you have any concerns about a pupil's wellbeing please contact Mrs Tesoriere via phoning school or messaging her  at 

She will endeavour to get back to you within 5 working days.   




National Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing Week

All the classes have taken part in this week and here are just a sample of the activities you would have seen around the school this week. 

some of us had special visitors.... 



Some of us have made healthy versions of our favourite foods... 





Some of us connected with nature ... 

We all learnt about online safety... 

Assembly of Kindness

Congratulations to Monday's wellbeing champions who wrote and presented an assembly to the rest of the school based on our who school theme kindness.  It included a mindful activity called High 5 Breathing, 10 tips on how to be kind and a recommended reading list of books that feature kindness.  They have also arranged for there to be a jar of kindness where a lucky dip will take place during achievers' assembly and this week's act of kindness will be read out.  Mrs Tesoriere was very proud of how well they spoke and how they all worked together so well.  

Logo Winner 

Congratulations to Faith Scoble for her winning entry in the wellbeing logo competition.  It has now been sent away to be made into the logo for the high vis' vests. 

Peace Garden

As wellbeing champions we were invited to take part in the opening of the peace garden which we were very honoured to do. 

Minutes of our Wellbeing Meetings: