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What did Brunel do for Great Britain?

As a class, we looked at different bridges and spoke about how there can be different uses for them. We also looked at the fact bridges can be made out of different materials. We looked at bridges with motorways on, bridges with train tracks, foot bridges and toy bridges. 

We made a timeline as a class to show the events of Brunel’s life and the great things he achieved.

The Woodpeckers had a closer look into how things have changed since the past. They had another sorting activity to select which modes of transport are used in the present and which were used in the past. It opened lots of discussions as some old steam trains and boats can still be used and seen in our day and age. However, we spoke about how they have evolved and been adapted for our times.

So that the Woodpeckers could start to understand what a significant person is, we looked at some examples. The children had to match the name, picture and description to the write person. We looked at Winston Churchill, Sir Isaac Newton, Emily Davison and Florence Nightingale. The Woodpeckers were really interested to hear what these significant individuals achieved and how they have impacted our lives today. They were able to talk about other significant individuals such as Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.


To start this new enquiry, the children worked in small groups to discuss what things have changed since the past. We had lots of ideas from transport to houses, food to toys and so much more. Some children explained the types of brands that didn't exist in the past.