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Before we started our new enquiry, we split into groups and had a competition. The Woodpeckers were asked to write down as many different animals as they could. It was great to see a variety of animals from different habitats. It was also good to see the children using their previous learning in English by writing down orang-utans as an animal. Here are their posters. 

The Woodpeckers have been learning about different types of habitats. As part of Science Week, we watched a science lesson explaining what a microhabitat is. They were surprised to hear that animal waste can be a habitat! We went outside to find our own microhabitats. The Woodpeckers found them in spiderwebs, trees, underground, under rocks and many more.

The Woodpeckers have been grouping animals into their perfect habitats. It was interesting as some animals could survive in several habitats! We looked at habitats such as rainforests, woodlands, the arctic, the ocean, the desert, the savannah and the jungle. 

The Woodpeckers practised using compasses outside in the playground. The children started in a random location then had to use their compass to find the North direction.

When the children weren’t out, they were in the classroom exploring different types of maps. We had atlases, globes and Google Earth. They really liked seeing their houses on the screen!


For their enquiry challenge, the Woodpeckers had to choose a local wild animal. We heard lots of ideas such as badgers, foxes, owls, bees and many more. The Woodpeckers then had to create a nest, offspring, food and replicate poo for their chosen animal! They were very creative using clay, plasticine and tools to create texture. We were really impressed with their creations and knowledge!