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Woodpecker 2018-2019

Miss Langley, Mr Reynolds, Mrs Tasker and Miss Radcliffe welcome you to Woodpecker Class!



  • PE is on Monday afternoons.
  • Homework is due in on Thursdays.
  • Spelling tests are on Thursdays. 

Our year 2 memory chest

During our last week of term, we reminisced about our favorite moments in woodpecker class. We wrote these down and drew a photo to go with them. Our favorite moments varied from our nativity play, school trips to achieving our first triple crowns. We read them aloud to one another and enjoyed talking about all we have done. We folded them up and put them in the chest.

Castle poems

We have been writing poems about castles. We did this by planning our own stanzas then combining ours with a partner. We called them partner poems. We wrote them out neatly together then read them to the class. We all enjoyed hearing one another’s. 


For our final term in Woodpecker class, we are learning about castles. We have started by looking at the different features of castles and a knights armour. We were lucky enough to visit a real castle. We visited Chepstow Castle for the day. We really enjoyed driving over the bridge to Wales. As part of this journey, we have also been learning about the 4 parts of the United Kingdom.


Whilst visiting Chepstow, we explored the castle and looked at the moat, arrow loops and other features. We even got to climb up the tall towers and onto the top levels of the roof. A lot of the castle was falling down but we really enjoyed seeing how old it was. It was a great day with beautiful weather! 

Chepstow Castle


Woodpecker class can officially announce an exciting project we have been working on this term. As part of our ‘Secret Agents’ topic, we had actually been accepted onto a programme which trains us to become official secret agents. We were recruited onto the course and have been working really hard. We have all been given our own secret agent names and have been using our class bear, Rosie, to help us on secret missions. Everyday we have been receiving official missions from the secret agent company. We have completed 4 booklets each in May with our agent pencils and badges. No other classes suspected our training! The secret agents tried to trick us but made us have so much fun. We can now officially say that we are all secret agents! Well done Woodpecker class for all your hard work. We are all so proud of you! 

Secret Agents 

This term, we have been learning about secret agents. We have an amazing role play area which allows us to use the skills we have been learning about. This is all thanks to the amazing Mrs. Tasker! We have been completing special secret agent booklets too. 

We have been lucky enough to have Nick the Potter work with us. We have been making secret agent shields which have been personalised to us. 

Happy Easter from Woodpecker Class

With Easter approaching, we have been talking about the Easter story. When talking about Palm Sunday, we also made our own palm leaves. We visited Holy Trinity Church in Coleford for our Easter service where Kingfisher class re told the Easter story brilliantly. We have made our own stain glass crosses and Easter eggs for our classroom windows which can now be seen on display! We also made Easter cards for our loved ones with great inspiration from Mrs Tasker! We have once again had a great term of learning.

Class Assembly


We would like to thank everyone who came to watch our class assembly. We spoke about all the exciting things we have been doing this term and had the opportunity to teach everyone about what happened during The Great Fire of London. We really enjoyed talking about our learning and received some great feedback!

World Book Day


Woodpecker Class dressed up for World Book Day this year. We had a variety of characters from Peter Rabbit to Mary Poppins and Horrid Henry. We read a variety of books as a class on the carpet. We all shared a book that we love and wrote our own book reviews for them. We rated them out of 5 stars and explained why we liked our books. We enjoyed dressing up and sharing our favourite books!


Bath Fire Station Visit

Woodpeckers visited the Bath Fire Station to talk about fire safety and the equipment they use to put out fires. We also discussed how the equipment differed from the resources used during The Great Fire of London. We were lucky enough to look around the whole fire station and use the equipment for ourselves! 

We had a go at pumping the water which used to be done during the olden days. 

We were able to look at some of the technology the fire fighters use. 

We looked around the fire engines and even got to sit in them! 

Finally, we were able to spray the water pumps! We got a little bit soggy but we were having so much fun that it didn't matter. 

Even the teachers joined in! 

Woodpeckers really enjoyed their trip and thank the fantastic firemen who made our visit so enjoyable!

Inspire Morning

For our Inspire Morning, we invited our special people to learn with us. We based our inspire morning on a book which inspires our learning. We looked at the story 'The Baker's Boy and the Great Fire of London' which also links with our topic this term. We had 5 different activities set up for everyone to do. Firstly, we had a baking table where we made fire cakes. We measured out our ingredients in grams and used red, orange and yellow food coloring to make them fire themed.

Secondly, we had a math table where we practiced buying different foods from the bakery with money and working out how much money we would have left. Then we had a table to decorate our Tudor houses where we added straw for thatched roofs and paper for decoration. 

We also had a table for writing. We cut out flames on paper and wrote sentences describing 'The Great Fire of London'. Finally, we had an activity where we decorated our own candle jars. We used fire colored tissue paper and house silhouettes to fit in with our theme. 

We had a great time learning with our special people and thank them all for coming!

The Great Fire of London

This term, our topic is 'The Great Fire of London'. We have been learning lots of facts about this event in History and linking it to our learning. Mrs Tasker has created a fantastic role play area for the classroom with half of it being a fire station and the other half being Tudor houses on fire! As you can see, we have been working hard to put out the fire!

Christmas in Woodpecker Class

Woodpeckers have been getting into the Christmas spirit! We have been making Christmas decorations to decorate the classroom,  we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner,  we visited Holy Trinity Church for our school's carol service, we felt very christmassy during Christmas jumper day and finally, we performed our Christmas play. Woodpecker class did amazing in their production of 'The Inn-Spectors'. The children looked great in their costumes and were excellent at remembering their lines! 

Fire Safety


We had a visitor before October half term. A fireman came in to talk to us about fire safety. We learned about smoke alarms, what number to call in an emergency, how to keep safe and how to STOP, DROP AND ROLL! One woodpecker was lucky enough to try on the fireman's outfit! After our assembly, we were able to go outside to see the fire van. We were able to ask questions and we even got to hear the siren!

Remembrance Poppies


For remembrance this year, we have been creating poppy art and talking about the importance of remembering. We have made stain glass poppies which are displayed on our windows. These were created using either glitter, sequins or tissue paper. We also made poppies which are displayed outside Wells Cathedral. These were really fun to make and turned out beautifully!


Arts Festival Week - 24th September - 5th October


As part of Arts Festival Week, Woodpecker class visited a local artist in Coleford. We visited with Kestrel Class and were able to see the artist's work in their studio. We were also able to draw real life sketches from the artists' beautiful surroundings. Woodpecker Class also visited The Egg Theatre with Robin Class to watch the play 'Taking Flight'. We produced our own wings as a follow up from our visit. Finally, we made a class sculpture together. We decided to create a woodpecker with our hand prints on to express that we all belong in Woodpecker Class. You can now see this next to the school's new sculpture trail. 

Curriculum Overview 2018/19