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Woodpecker 2019-2020

Miss Langley, Mrs Tasker and Miss Radcliffe welcome you to Woodpecker Class

Keep an eye out for regular uploads to your child's Seesaw account.



  • PE is on Monday afternoons.
  • Homework is due in on Thursdays.
  • Spelling tests are on Thursdays. 


Home Learning 

I have prepared some work for you to do weekly and I will upload the next week's work every Friday. Just click on the date and that opens up all the work for the week. Please feel free to complete the  work at your own pace. If you would like to share any work you have been doing, I would love to see it on the blog or ask your adult to upload it to me on SeeSaw. There are links to websites and sheets provided in the planning but please do not feel like you need to print these out. Instead, you could answer your questions in your home exercise book or you could just talk about it with an adult. They are resources that have been provided for you, if you would like them. Please message Miss Langley on SeeSaw if you have any questions. Look below for your 'Woodpecker Weekly Challenge'.

Woodpecker Weekly Challenge 

Picnic Weekly Challenge


Open the document below to find out about your weekly challenge!


Bishop Henderson's Staff Wake and Shake Dance


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Accessing learning from home


All children have a home exercise book. This contains our school handwriting policy, spellings, a times table grid, number bond rainbows and log in credentials. There are other websites and resources listed below which you can access. 


We wish everyone good health at this difficult time and hope that the content we put on here can help in some way. 


Twinkl Accounts

Twinkl is an educational website offering resources for all subjects and all year groups. Twinkl are offering a free membership to everyone which parents are able to create. This allows you to access work sheets and presentations, should you wish to use them.  Details of how to create an account are below:





Children have access to reading books on Bug Club. These books are set to their current reading level. To access Bug Club, please click on the link:

The children know their usernames and passwords as they use this site in school. The school code is: hbah. This can be used daily.



There are year 1 and year 2 spellings in the children's home books. These would be useful for them to learn so they are confident with both year group spellings. The daily routine of 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' can be used for these. The spellings could be broken up into groups to spread them out. 


Woodpecker class  can use the websites below to keep up their daily times table work:





I have set up a TT ROCKSTARS account for all Woodpecker children. When you click on the link, you need to type in 'Bishop Henderson Radstock' or 'BA3 5PN'. Children then log in with the same username and password as their 'Bug Club' and 'Teach your Monster' accounts. I have set all children onto the 5 times table to start with as they are not used to this site yet. The 'Garage' game is specific to their times table allocation. I will then gradually add more for them. They have their times tables grid to help them.  


These are other useful Maths sites where children can use their times tables, arithmetic and addition and subtraction skills:







Woodpecker children also have times table grids and number bonds sheets in their home exercise book which they could learn to memorise. 


We have currently been learning about money. Here are a few activities children could complete:

This is a good maths booklet which has a bit of everything the children have been learning this term:

Times Tables Songs

The children listen to these songs daily in class and enjoy singing along to them. These are also useful to release their energy!


Our topic this term is 'Fairy Tales.' We were due to write our own fairy tales but with a twist. We have been reading stories such as 'The Pea and the Princess' and 'The Three Wolves and the Big Bad Pig'. If Children wish, they could try writing their own version of a traditional fairy tale.


We have been learning how to edit our work for spelling and punctuation errors. This booklet will give the children an opportunity to edit work and develop their skills: 

Live reading with authors

In class, we were reading 'The World's Worst Teachers' by David Walliams. David also wrote a series of books called 'The World's Worst Children'. He is doing live readings from this book at 11am everyday. I know a lot of the Woodpeckers would enjoy this book!


We were just finishing our science topic about 'Everyday Materials'. This is a booklet children could fill out to use their new knowledge in their home with the materials around them. There is a list of key words at the end of the booklet to help with some of the activities if children need them.

Design and Technology

If you wanted to do an activity involving creativity and making, the children learnt a lot about Tudor houses last term. This was when we were learning about the 'Great Fire of London'. We looked at what Tudor houses were made from and what materials they used when they rebuilt them all. This links nicely with our science topic 'Everyday Materials'. If you have any cardboard boxes, paints, paper or other materials, your child could make their own Tudor House and think about the materials which would have been better suited during the fire. 

Go Noodle!

This is a website we use for 'Wake and Shake' songs or if we want to have a move about. The 'Flow' channel offer great mindfulness videos which the children listen to in class. This is great for letting the children un-wind and to relax. There are many other videos on here which can also get the children moving. You might need to make an account but it is free.








World Book Day

For 'World Book Day', we had an exciting challenge. We were asked to make a potato character from a book! It could be a character from any book and we could decorate the potato how we wanted. We had some brilliant entries which were put on display with other classes' potatoes. The potato characters were then judged. There were some fantastic prizes and everyone got a sticker for taking part! Even the teachers got involved!

World of Work


Our whole school theme this spring term is about careers. We have been looking at the different jobs that are around and learning about what they involve. We visited the fire station to get an insight on fire fighting. This week, we have had a topic week. First, we were visited by a company called ‘Primary Futures’ who sent us four wonderful volunteers from different careers. We attended an assembly where we had to ask them questions about their job and then as a school we tried to guess what they do. 

It turns out that we were visited by two lawyers, a nurse and an app designer for ‘Just Eat’. We correctly guessed the nurse but the other guesses were far off! It was revealed by our visitors changing into their work uniforms.

Mike, the app designer, then kindly came to speak to us and we had the opportunity to ask him questions. It was really interesting as his job is not one we commonly think of!

On Thursday, we were visited by Mr. Reynolds' friend who is a vet. Her name was Izzy and she told us all about the things she does in her job. It was interesting to hear that she doesn’t just see animals for bad things but also for good reasons. We asked her lots of questions.

Izzy showed us examples of x-rays and equipment she may use. One Woodpecker was lucky enough to try on her surgery uniform.

Once upon a Time

Our topic this term is fairy tales. We will be looking at traditional fairy tales and will identify the key features used. Towards the end of term, we will write our own versions of a fairy tale but we will write them with a twist. We are going to write from different characters’ perspectives. Mrs Tasker has made us a wonderful role play to use which celebrates fairy tales. 

Furry Visitors

Bishop Henderson were very lucky to have two furry friends visit them! We met Molly and Harvey who are no ordinary dogs. Molly works with her owner rescuing people all over the world. Harvey is a therapy dog who visits schools and hospitals to listen to children read. We all attended an assembly where their owners told us about the extraordinary things Molly and Harvey do. 



Afterwards, Molly and Harvey came to visit us in our classroom. We gave them lots of cuddles and really enjoyed their company!

Class Sale

Our class sale took place on Valentines Day so of course we used this occasion as our theme. We sold pink and red smoothies which were flavoured strawberry and banana and cherry and berries. The children made tissue roses for people to buy for their loved ones. Our wonderful parents provided us with delicious biscuits and cakes for us to sell which went down a treat! We sold a lot of our things and would like to thank everyone who contributed! 

Bath Fire Station Trip


The Woodpeckers were able to visit a real fire station this term to link with our ‘Great Fire of London’ topic! We were interested to know about how to be safe with fires and the differences between today’s fire equipment compared with what they used in the 17th century. When we arrived, we split into two groups and started to look around the fire engines.

We were able to hold some of the equipment they use!

Some children walked through a fire engine.

Whilst one small group went for a small drive in a fire engine!

One child got to try on an actual firefighters uniform!

Fire fighters don’t just put out fires. They also help to save animals, people falling into water, cut people out of cars and so much more! They have different vehicles for different emergencies. We were able to look at these and talk about their differences.

We were shown the uniforms that the fire fighters wear along with tricks they use to put them on. The children found it funny that they have to put baby power on their wrists when putting the wetsuits on because the sleeves are so small!

The best part of all is that we all got to squirt the water hose! Luckily, no one got wet!

The fire fighters then brought out a fire engine which has a cherry picker attached to it. This is used to help the fire fighters access tall buildings or trees. The children had a go at standing in it.

One adult was allowed to go up the cherry picker so of course Miss Langley went up! She had to wear a helmet and a harness for safety.The children waved as she went up and watched how high she went! The view was amazing and they even played ‘I believe I can fly’. 

Miss Langley on the cherry picker

Still image for this video

We all had a great day and thank the firefighters for giving us a really fun experience! We were able to show off our learning whilst learning new things too! Remember everyone to check your fire alarms work correctly!

PTA Sponsored Silence

To take part in the PTA's sponsored silence, we spent an hour trying really hard not to talk! We distracted ourselves by doing some colouring sheets and reading. Although it was hard not to talk at times, all the Woodpeckers worked really hard and were sensible throughout. Thank you to those who sponsored the children and have helped contribute to the children's book corners.

Inspire Morning

The Woodpeckers were lucky to have their special people come in and join us for a morning of learning. Our theme for our inspire morning was science. Each table in the hall was specific to an area in the year 2 science curriculum. This included learning about plants, materials, habitats and humans. We also had a table exploring science apps to help with our learning out of school. The Woodpeckers really enjoyed their morning and spending time with their special person.

The children enjoyed eating their healthy fruit skewers that they made during the morning!

The Great Fire of London

As we come back to school in the new year, we are starting our new topic. This term, we will be learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’. Watch this space to see all the exciting things we learn! 


Beegu’s journey home


On our last day of school, we were curious to see Jingles the elf sat on Miss Langley’s chair. He had a note next to him along with another piece of paper and the Beegu story book. We had a letter from Jingles saying he was leaving and another letter from Beegu. We were thrilled to discover that Beegu’s parents received our letters explaining where Beegu was and they came to get her! When we first found the Beegu story, the last few pages were missing. However, when we checked the book yesterday, it had new pages! The missing pages from the story confirmed that she got home and the children also got a special mention in the book for helping her! The Woodpeckers were so excited that she got home for Christmas and were proud of what they did for her!

Christmas lunch

We all enjoyed our Christmas dinner! We pulled our crackers, enjoyed our prizes, wore our hats and some of us even ate our sprouts!

Christmas Jumper Day


We all wore our Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children. We had fluffy jumpers, light up jumpers, jumpers with bells on and even jumpers that sang to us! 

Christmas performance 


For our Christmas performance this year, woodpecker class’ play was called ‘Baubles’. This was a play set in our school where the children learn the real nativity story. We even had characters named after our head teacher and caretaker! We performed our fantastic play to our school then to our families and friends. The woodpeckers did amazing at learning their lines and singing our songs. Well done woodpeckers!


With Christmas approaching, we have been decorating our classroom. You will be able to see all our lovely buntin and paper chains displayed all around. We have also had a special visitor everyday called Jingles. He brought us a wonderful present and has also been helping us find Beegu!

Anti-Bullying Week

As part of Anti-Bullying week, woodpecker class attended an assembly which explained what bullying is and how this week raises awareness on preventing it. In class, we spoke about the different types of bulling. We spoke about the feelings that can be felt from being bullied or witnessing bullying. As a class, we went through different scenarios of people being bullied or witnessing when a peer may need support. The woodpeckers were extremely mature and caring when explaining how they would react in these situations. 

Water Focus Week


For our whole school focus week, we have been learning about water. We started our week by reading two stories to begin our learning. These were called ‘Turtle Trouble’ and ‘Saving Tally’. The two stories were similar because they were about turtles who went on beaches full of rubbish. We spoke about how to keep our environments clean and how to protect rubbish from going in the sea. We all created an information leaflet on water to inform people what water is used for, why it has to be clean and how you can clean it. Following this, we completed a water filtration experiment. We had 4 materials to test whether they could clean our very dirty water. We filtered the water with felt, netting, paper and a paper towel using a funnel and cup. We made predictions before we started and wrote our conclusions. We all found this very exciting and really interesting to do and it taught us the importance of having clean water. 

Beegu Updates


We have recently discovered Beegu again. We have only noticed parts of her hiding before she runs off and hides again! She left us a note explaining to us that she is lost and shy. She has also asked if we will help her look for her Mummy. We have accepted the challenge and have been extra careful to not scare her. We will post pictures of Beegu in her hiding spaces and will hopefully have her reunited with her Mother very soon!


Remembrance Day 

​​​​​​​For Remembrance Day, we attended the remembrance assembly ran by Clarissa. We listened to the reason why we remember people on this day and paid our respect with a 2 minute silence. We sang a hymn and said a prayer for remembrance. In class, you may notice our stain glass poppies on our windows. We have traditional red poppies but this year we have also added purple poppies. These are to show respect to the animals who fought in the war. 



On Thursday 7th November at 11.15am, the Woodpeckers discovered something unusual in our classroom. When returning from our habitat walk in the playground, we were approached by Mrs Tasker who seemed a little scared. She said she heard a strange noise coming from the classroom and wanted us to investigate with her. When we arrived, we were astonished to see a spaceship had landed in our classroom! We were all so surprised and excited. We didn’t know what to do at first but we stayed away from the ship in case we scared any aliens. A book called ‘Beegu’ was placed next the spaceship. We made some predictions about what the spaceship could actually be and who it could belong to, then we read the story.


We discovered that a little, yellow alien called Beegu had landed on our planet and was feeling very lonely. She wanted her Mummy but was yet to find her. We knocked on the spaceship door but no one answered so we believe she is hiding somewhere! We decided to help look for Beegu so that we can get her home to her Mummy. You will see our posters all around school. Please let us know if you find her! Keep an eye on our class page for updates!

UPDATE: Mrs Young has spotted Beegu in school! However, she has now disappeared again! You can see the evidence on the school Facebook page!

All about Orang-utans


To fit in with our whole school topic, water, we made our class topic about Rainforests. Our English unit was called ‘All about Orang-utan’s which suited our topic well because Orang-utans live in the rainforest.  We have been trying to convince a character called Ellie James that it is not a good idea to have an Orang-utan as a pet because they are wild animals and it wouldn’t be kind for them. We became experts by learning lots of facts which we put into our non-chronological reports. We have given our reports to the character to see if we’ve convinced her. We will find this out after half term! You will be able to see our reports on your child’s seesaw accounts. They all took great care with their presentation and included so many great facts! 

In class, we read stories including Orang-utans and also watched Orang-Utan Jungle School to see how people keep the apes safe. We named our class Orang-utan toy after a real Orang-utan from the programme called Big Benny. He was a greedy Orang-utan who liked to always steal food!


We all really enjoyed this topic and produced some great work from it. 

UPDATE: We received a message from Ellie James (The character we had to convince to not have a pet orang-utan) and we changed her mind! She was very impressed and called us experts!

Ted’s Big Day Out 


For Ted’s Big Day Out, we had lots of furry friends join us in class. We were raising money for the RUH in Bath by having fun with our teddies. We had all big, small, long, fluffy and soft friends join us for the day.  Whilst we did our brilliant writing, our teddies played in our role play area. They joined us for a picnic during our snack time and enjoyed lovely colouring activities in the afternoon. The teddies even enjoyed our house meetings. We had a great day!

Hello Yellow


We all wore yellow to raise awareness for the Young Minds charity. We had yellow t shirts, tights, socks and hair ties! As a class, we spoke about what to do if we are feeling sad and how to be kind to others. We made buntin where we all drew a picture of when we have been kind to someone to remind us of the good things we do. 

Harvest Festival

We attended harvest festival this year where we all brought along fruit, vegetables, canned products and flowers for the celebration. Clarissa ran our service where we all joined in with singing classic harvest songs. We spoke about the local charity we will be giving the donations from our food to and how it will impact the charity. Woodpecker class presented their harvest donations at the front of the hall to join in with the service.

Arts Week

We started arts week by creating our own orang-utans. We cut out the different pieces and coloured them in with orange pastels. We glued the parts together to form our orang-utan. We looked like orang-utans after making them because the orange pastel went everywhere!


The artist we looked at this week is called Henri Rousseau. He creates different pieces of art but we were especially intrigued by his paintings involving rainforests. Seeing as this is our topic this term, we thought it would be good to link our art with. We read a story called 'Katie's Picture Show' which talks about Katie jumping into different pieces of art. The book mentions that she goes into one of Henri Rousseau's paintings. So... we had a go ourselves. We put one of his paintings up on the whiteboard and we jumped straight into explore. We saw all sorts starting with orang-utans, parrots, leaves, butterflies and so much more! We then wrote down adjectives to describe what we could see, hear, smell and feel.  



Anjali Sahi came into visit us at Bishop Henderson. We enjoyed watching her traditional dance in our school assembly. Afterwards, she worked with our class in our own workshop.

Our class was split into two groups. One group worked with Mrs Tasker on our own interpretations of Henri Rousseau's painting. We started drawing our tigers by following step by step instructions. We then  coloured these in with oil pastels as our first material used. 

The other group worked with Anjali in the hall. First we started by learning some words from the dance alphabet and performed some sentences. We used our new dance moves to tell a story. 


After this, we tried on some traditional Indian clothes. We were able to explore a variety of clothes which come from the North and South of India. 


We then performed Indian dances with sticks which was complimented with music in the background.


Finally, we created our own sari print by using blocks. The blocks contained beautiful and detailed pictures of different animals, flowers and leaves. We had to be really delicate with the wooden printing blocks because this helped us to create beautiful patterns. 

Once we completed our workshop, we switched with the other group so that we could all take part. It was a really enjoyable experience having Anjali teach us about different varieties of Indian art. We learned a lot and found it very interesting.

We finished our rain forest pictures by cutting out different leaves and sticking them around our tigers. We added flowers as well to make our art similar to Henri Rousseau’s. 

Here you can see all the art work we  completed during arts week. Overall, we used many different materials to make our art more exciting.


We were lucky to have Liz and Mrs De Leeuw come into talk to us about all the different emotions we feel. We spoke about how we may become to feel happy, sad, angry, shocked or disgusted and which parts of our bodies we feel these in. We filled out our own emotions sheets to demonstrate what we had learned. We shared our experience and listened to a story at the end.